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Guidelines Going Through Security in Washington, D.C.

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Capitol Building No… liquids, gels, sprays, aerosols, sharp objects, food, weapons. They will let you bring in essential medication like epi pens or inhalers but saline solution in a medical kit will need to be thrown out. Any type of edible products – candies, unopened bags of chips, fruit will be tossed. Packets of gum […]

Panda Baby!

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Many guests to DC elect not to visit the Smithsonian National Zoo. It’s outside city center and if you have a zoo in your hometown, it might not rank high in comparison. But we have something not a lot of other zoos have – Pandas. The large, cuddly (well, theoretically, don’t try to hug them) […]

Weekend Trip to Charleston

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How to spend the perfect weekend in Charleston Charleston, one of America’s oldest cities, center of arts and culture and birthplace of the Civil War has a lot to offer for its visitors.  If you are short in time and want to make the best of your visit to the Holy City, here are some suggestions for […]

A Beach in London? Free Day Trip to the “Coast”

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This weekend you can have a coastal getaway for the day and get there via Tube! London’s Indian Summer may have missed us this year, but you can still enjoy a relaxing day with some coastal entertainment! Installed on the venue’s terrace, the free Camden Beach 2013 comes complete with deck chairs, beach huts and, […]

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the “I Have A Dream” Speech

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Did you know that the first lines of Dr. Martin Luther King’s most famous speech was NOT “I Have A Dream”? If you’ve been on our National Mall tour you might! He started the speech with “Five Score Years Ago…” similar the the beginning of Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address! August 28, 2013 marks the 50th […]

The Top 3 Reasons to Take a New Orleans Bike Tour

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New Orleans Bike Tour

The Top 3 Reasons to Take a New Orleans Bike Tour New Orleans is a great place to bike.  It’s compact.  It’s checkerboard-flat.  The traffic is extremely mild.  It’s not as hot as walking.  You get the wind blowing in your face, and there is a lot of shade from the live oaks overhanging the […]