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Harvard Natural History Museum || Family Activities in Boston

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Picture this: you are in the Cambridge/Harvard University area in Boston, one of the most amazing and culturally rich in all of Boston, you’ve just finished taking Free Tours By Foot’s Cambridge/Harvard tour  with your family and you are wondering what to do next.  A great place to visit is the Harvard Museum of Natural […]

Charleston Festivals for Spring 2014

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Charleston Tours

After the busy holiday season Charleston takes the whole month of January to relax and gear up for the year ahead. Then, BOOM!, the event season begins and Charleston comes alive and jams and jives all spring.  We have compiled a list of Charleston festivals for Spring 2014 and we will update in time. February […]

Self Guided Greenwich England Walking Tour

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Greenwich London

Welcome to Greenwich, the place where time began and where kings are born!  Located in the south-eastern part of London, Greenwich is like a little village all on its’ own. Whether you are a fan of military history, nautical tales, Kings and Queens, keeping time or just a good story, Greenwich has you covered. What […]

Rest in Peace Pete Seeger; You have earned it

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Folk musician, song writer, environmental and political activist Pete Seeger passed away on Monday, January 27, 2014 at the age of 94. Seeger was a regular face in the Greenwich Village scene of the 1950’s and 60’s, playing at the Village Vanguard as well as local coffee houses. Seeger lived at 129 MacDougall Street  for many […]

Guide to Tipping in London

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Guide for tipping

Should you be tipping in London?  One of the most interesting things about travelling throughout the world is visiting new countries and learning and experiencing their unique customs. Oftentimes, language isn’t the only barrier between a visitor and a local – many times social interaction between the two can lead to awkward and accidental faux pas […]

Gospel in New York – Besuch einer Gospelkirche

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Gospel Music Harlem

Der Besuch einer Gospelkirche in New York ist wahrscheinlich für viele Besucher ein einmaliges und unvergessliches Erlebnis wenn sie in New York sind. Anstatt an einer teuren Gospeltour teilzunehmen, genügt oft schon die eigene Recherche, rechtzeitige Planung und Zeit. Hier sind einige Tipps für einen Besuch einer Gospelkirche in New York. In der Nähe des […]

Philip Simmons Ironwork in Charleston

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Charleston Philip Simmons

Charleston is a charming city.  That is the adjective most often used to describe this seaport town. The charm of the city comes alive in the friendliness of the locals, the bright pastel colors of the homes, the overflowing window boxes and tended gardens and the wrought iron gates and fences that allow visitors and […]

Tower of London Ravens | Honored Members of the Royal Family

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Raven at London Tower

“If the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it.” Or so the legend goes! Truth be told, nobody knows exactly where this tall tale originates, but what we do know for sure is that at the Tower, they take this folklore very seriously. 7 ravens […]