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Cheap Ways to See the Berlin Skyline

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Berlin panorama bershutterstock_113558032

Berlin is a big city and many visitors are looking for ways to get a great bird’s eye view of the city. There are many options and cheap ways to see the Berlin skyline  depending on your budget and sightseeing expectations to be on top of the clouds.  For many Berliners and visitors a visit to […]

Getting Tickets to a Baseball Game in San Francisco

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Baseball game

Go Giants! Hey baseball fans, spring training is over and Giants games are back in San Francisco! If you’re in town for a few days, or if you live here, taking in a Giants game is a great way to spend a day or evening. Dress in orange and black those are the team’s colors. With […]

Where to Stay: Best Budget Hotels in Paris

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If you’re planning a trip to Paris, you’ve probably already figured this out, but the city can get expensive. Really expensive. You’re just not going to get the same value for money as you will in other European cities. Luckily, Paris is worth the extra cost. If you adjust your expectations, there are some good […]

Guide to the Musee d’Orsay

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Because Paris is home to one of the most famous museums in the world, the Louvre, it’s easy to forget the other museums in the city. But it would be a big mistake to overlook the Louvre’s little sister, the Musee d’Orsay. Located just across the river from the Louvre, the Orsay houses artworks created […]

Directions Charles de Gaulle-Paris

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After a long day of traveling, the final trek from the airport to your hotel can seem interminable, especially when you’re expected to navigate it in a foreign language like French. Luckily, if you’re arriving in Paris’ main airport, Charles de Gaulle, you have quite a few options for getting from the airport to the […]

Cheap and easy ways of getting to and from the Berlin airports

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New York Airport Transportation Guide

Are you looking for cheap and easy ways of getting to and from the Berlin airports Schönefeld (SFO) or Airport Tegel (TXL) by public transportation? Berlin currently has 2 airports and both are connected to the public transportation system, so there is really no need for you to order an expensive taxi. Yes, taxis might seem more […]

Visiting Covent Garden

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Covent Garden is a well-known and much visited area of London. In the 1200’s, the land here was owned by Westminster Abbey and was known as “the garden of the Abbey and Convent.” (The second ‘n’ being dropped some centuries later) Eventually the land was given to the Earls of Bedford who hired architect Inigo […]

U.S. Air Force Band: Spring Performances in D.C.

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A special treat for visitors to DC during the Spring season is to see a performance of the U.S. Air Force Band. Founded on September 24, 1941, the United States Air Force Band has now been entertaining and inspiring people for over 70 years.  Today, there are 177 active-duty airmen and women who are members […]

Tips on the public transportation in Berlin

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Berlin Alexanderplatz

Getting around in Berlin is easy thanks to the great public transportation system. The city is quite spread out, and while you can walk just about everywhere, you will be riding the S-Bahn, U-Bahn, tram, or bus at least once while you are there. Using public transportation is relatively easy, but here are some tips […]