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The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Tickets

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New York City's skyline @fotolia

Looking for a free and fun NYC experience?  Then consider obtaining Jimmy Fallon tickets. The Tonight Show returned to New York City this year for the first time in 42 years!!  This iconic late-night show is the longest-running talk show in television history, and has been hosted in past years by Johnny Carson, Jay Leno […]

Parks in London

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Visiting London’s Best Parks

One of the greenest capitals in the world, London is home to some of the most beautiful parks in the country. Whether you’re looking to wander, settle down for a picnic lunch, or just wanting to feed the birds, take a peek at our list of London’s best parks – all of which are free […]

Katz’s Deli in New York City

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Katz's Deli Where Harry Met Sally

Katz’s Delicatessen 205 East Houston Street (corner of Ludlow), New York, NY 10002 Open: M-W:  8am-10:45pm, Thu: 8am-2:45am, Fri: 8am- all night!, Sat: All day!, Sunday: until 10:45pm. When it comes to Jewish delicatessens, Katz’s is the undisputed champion. Located  on the corner of Houston and Ludlow Street in the historic Lower East Side of […]

Berliner Dom – Berlin’s Cathedral

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Berlin Walking Tours

This post is about the ways to visit the Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral).  Right next to the “Lustgarten”, the open space on the Museum Island you see this enormous church building with its green cupola, crowned by a gilded cross. This is the Berlin Cathedral or “Berliner Dom”. It is the largest church building in […]

A Guide to Bay to Breakers

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Get your sunscreen and sneakers ready for San Francisco’s annual running of Bay to Breakers. The tradition began in 1912, making Bay to Breakers the world’s oldest consecutively run annual footrace and also one of its craziest. Combining a mix of elite athletes and elite partiers, Bay to Breakers fuses sport and fun as no […]

Is London Safe?

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London walking tours | Free Tours by Foot

London is a very safe city. However, just like any capital, crime does exist and it’s always best to take extra caution and be prepared when you come to town – whether you are a first time visitor, or even a Londoner! What follows is a handy guide filled with tips and tricks to keep […]

The NYC Mosaic Man Jim Powers

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New York The mosaic man

The Mosaic Man, whose real name is Jim Power, embodies the enduring, archetype of an artist who lets nothing stand in the way of his craft. Since 1985, through poverty, lack of funding for his craft, assisted living, periods of homelessness, and health problems which now confine him to a wheelchair, he has adorned the […]

Tiffany Glass in Charleston

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Rainbow Row in Charleston

Charleston’s beauty exemplified by the beautiful pastel color homes, like those seen along Rainbow Row, the overflowing window boxes and sculpted gardens, and the skyline of church steeples, but Charleston is just as beautiful in its indoor spaces as it is outside. Many of Charleston’s interiors bring the sunshine in through Tiffany glass windows. Yes, Louis […]

How to tip like a local in Paris

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Paris Tours

Figuring out how to tip in a foreign country can easily be the most stressful part of your vacation. Of course everyone wants to tip fairly or even generously, but over-tipping looks flashy and sometimes culturally insensitive. Luckily, in Paris the tipping etiquette is pretty straightforward. Unlike in other countries, e.g. U.S., service workers in France are paid a living wage, complete with benefits and vacation time. In addition, there is a 15% service charge attached to all food and drinks, although this does not go straight to the worker, it generally helps fund the benefits. All of this means that in Paris a tip is used purely as a thanks for good service. How to Tip in a Restaurant Tipping is not required by etiquette in restaurants, but if you enjoyed your meal, it’s a nice to leave 5-­10%. If you really enjoyed the meal, or plan on returning to the restaurant and want the wait staff to like you, 15% is a generous tip. Also keep in mind that if you put the tip on your card, the server will probably never see it. It’s always best to tip in cash. How to Tip in a Café/Bar For coffee or drinks, it’s usual to just round up the price, somewhere between 20 centimes and €1 per drink. If the place is particularly busy, or you want the bartender to remember you, bump it up to a few euros. And bartenders really do remember good tippers! How to Tip in a Taxi  For normal rides in Paris, a €1­-2 tip is appropriate. If it was a long ride (like from the airport), or you had heavy bags. If you weren’t satisfied with the trip, or had your suspicions that you were taken the long way round, feel free not to tip at all. How to Tip in a Hotel For a bellhop who brought up luggage, €1 per bag is the right amount to tip. It’s also polite to leave €1­-2 per person, per day for the housekeeping at the end of your stay. How to Tip a Tour Guide All of the Paris by Foot tours are pay­-what-­you­-want tours, but most other tour guides earn a fee for their tour. If you enjoyed the tour, it’s appropriate to leave about €5 per person.

The Real London Bridge

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One of the most well known bridges in the world, London Bridge rests on a site that has held a crossing over the River Thames for nearly 2,000 years! Although most London visitors often confuse London bridge with Tower Bridge, the current London Bridge is worth a visit on its’ own merits – even if […]