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London’s Free Art Galleries

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Free London Art Museum

Art Lovers from around the world travel to London specifically to see some of the most extensive, famous, and fabulous collections of art to be found anywhere in the globe. What makes London’s galleries even more impressive is that the majority of them are entirely free to visit! So for art lovers or those just […]

What is the weather like in Paris in October?

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Paris Tours

The weather in Paris in October starts out partly sunny and mild but temperatures fall steadily during this month and will tend to be a bit chilly with mostly cloudy conditions by the month’s end. Afternoon temperatures early in October tend to be around 18-19C (in the mid-60s F) falling to around 12-13C (into the mid-50s) […]

Coit Tower | San Francisco’s Observation Deck

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Coit Tower San Francisco

This post is a visitors guide to Coit Tower in San Francisco with tips on when to come, how to get here, how much you will pay and what you will see.  Coit Tower is one of San Francisco’s most recognizable landmarks and a place everyone should add to their list, if only for the […]

How is the weather in Berlin in October?

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Brandenburger Gate Berlin

October finds the temperatures falling fairly rapidly in Germany’s Capital City with mostly cloudy skies and fairly frequent rainy days; however, there are still nice days here, especially early in the month. Average October Weather in Berlin What to Wear Things to do in October

How’s the Weather in Charleston in October?

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Driving a car in Charleston

The weather in Charleston in October is ideal for visiting this historic city in South Carolina as temperatures remain warm but with less of the humidity than during the summer months. Early in the month the afternoon temperatures are mostly in the low 80s f (27-28C) with early morning lows in the lower 60s f […]

The Ramble

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Central Park Ramble

Between 73rd and 78th streets, located just north of The Lake and south of The Great Lawn, The Ramble is a 38-acre get-away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One of the main features of Central Park, it was also one of the first parts of the park to be built. With winding, […]

Discount Broadway Tickets | TKTS Booths

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Where to buy Discount Broadway tickets banner

Both tourists and locals alike want to see Broadway shows.  Some get “sticker shock” when they are confronted with the retail ticket prices.  All of a sudden, a night out at the theatre for two looks like it might run you $400 or more.  Never fear, there are multiple ways to get discount Broadway tickets and […]

Bourbon Street in New Orleans

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Bourbon Street, one of the thoroughfares to not miss in the United States.  Many people wouldn’t realize it is not named after the whiskey, but after the royal french house, because so much of that liquor is consumed on this infamous 13 block long street. There is more to do than just consume alcohol on […]

Weather in Philadelphia in October

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Philadelphia October

October  is a good time to visit Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as the summer heat is gone and the winter cold has not yet arrived. The autumn colors usually peak here from mid-October to early November and the weather is ideal for most outdoor activities. Early in the month, the afternoon temperatures are very pleasant, averaging in […]