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The Best Oldest Pubs in London

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London Historic pubs

There’s no greater experience than having a drink in one of the many historical pubs dotted throughout the city. No matter which part of town you’re staying in, or what kind of drink you want to have, there’s always a great local boozer just around the corner. So check out our list of some of […]

Harvard Museum of Natural History

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After taking our Cambridge/Harvard University Tour, a great place to visit  is The Harvard Museum of Natural History was created in 1998 as the “public face” of three research museums — the Museum of Comparative Zoology, the Harvard Mineralogical and Geological Museum, and the Harvard University Herbaria. Its exhibitions draw on Harvard University’s natural history […]

Bode Museum

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Berlin Bode Museum

Museum Island is a top destination for visitors to Berlin and locals alike, a culture-lover’s paradise where a ticket costing only eighteen euro buys you access to five of the most esteemed collections of antiquities in Europe.  Each of the massive museums located here has a theme based on the era, region and purpose of […]

Chinatown in London

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London Chinatown

Tucked away in between Leicester Square and Shaftesbury Avenue/Soho, London’s Chinatown sits right in the heart of the city. A popular location for tourists and locals alike, Chinatown is filled to the brim with interesting shops, restaurants, bars and bakeries. Bustling during the day and with an extremely busy nightlife, any time is a good […]

Visiting Highgate Cemetery

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London Highgate cemetery

Not just a cemetery but in fact classified as a nature reserve, Highgate Cemetery is one of the most beautiful resting places in the world. Visited by locals and tourists alike, the cemetery is known as a burial place for well-known names as well as a quiet place to spend some time outdoors. Read below […]

Bridges to Gentility – Driving Tips around Charleston

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The truth is if you’re afraid of bridges, don’t rent a car in Charleston! You really cannot get anywhere in the Charleston area without going over a bridge. Knowing the local lingo for which bridge is which also helps you navigate the area. Here’s a quick run-down of the local bridges and roadways and what […]

Altes Museum

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altes museum berlin

Museum Island is one of the top tourist attractions in Berlin, a museum-lovers paradise that houses five of Europe’s most impressive collections of antiquities, art and culture. While the Pergamon may draw in hordes of adoring travelers to marvel at its monolithic treasures and the Neues Museum is a favourite of those who want to […]

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

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Berlin Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

One of the most unexpected features on the busy landscape of central Berlin is the bombed out spire of an 1890’s era church – The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Rising tall into the sky near Zoo Station, the wreckage is incongruous with the modern city around it, a visible reminder of the destruction in Berlin’s […]

Happy Hour in New York

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Craft Beer

Those of you who are familiar with Happy Hour, you know why we call it ‘happy’.  For those of you from who aren’t familiar and like a good beer or drink and are on a budget, Happy Hour is a must-know activity in New York City. Happy Hour is a time of day when many […]

Visit the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA)

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The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Boston is the main art museum for Boston.  It is one of the largest museums in the United States with over 450,000 works of art in its collection.  It was founded in 1870 and opened its doors in 1876.  The MFA moved into its current location at 465 Huntington Ave. in […]