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Chicago Field Museum

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Chicago Field Museum banner

Check out our Chicago Visitors Guide, with budget advice, travel guides, and information about local Chicago attractions “The Field Museum inspires curiosity about life on Earth while exploring how the world came to be and how we can make it a better place.” Have you ever seen a dinosaur skeleton?  How about a mummy?  Have […]

Washington Square Park

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New York Washington Square Park fotolia BrunoBernier

This park may be on the small side, at 9.75 acres, but it is one of the most easily recognizable spots in all of New York City.  The park is often bustling with both locals and tourists, and it is located right in the heart of one of New York’s great neighborhoods, Greenwich Village. Where […]

Topography of Terror

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Berlin Topography of Terror

This post is a preview of the Topography of Terror Museum.  Berlin is a city with an extremely troubling past. As the location of the Nazis rise to political power, Hitler’s command center during World War II, and a fractured city split into two by the Cold War-era Wall, modern Berlin has many difficult tales […]

The Palace of Whitehall – Banqueting House

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London river thames

The Palace of Whitehall, lost in a fire in the 17th century, was one of the largest and grandest palaces London had ever seen. Built nearly entirely out of gleaming white stone, the Palace of Whitehall was the site of celebrations, political manoeuvrings and even an execution. One part of the original palace still stands […]

Which Miami boat tour is right for you?

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As you can no doubt imagine, a city located near the ocean is going to have a lot of different boat tours. This is definitely true for Miami, but you might still be surprised at the wide variety of boating tours you can expect to find in the Magic City. In addition to several airboat […]

Top Ten Things To Do In Miami At Night

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Miami beach

Miami is a beautiful and vibrant city with many different sights and activities to enjoy. While it’s true that a lot of the most beloved attractions in the Magic City are only available during the day, the nightlife in Miami offers an entirely different experience. If you’re not interested in the typical tourist traps and […]

New Orleans Riverboats, Paddleboats and Cruises

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New Orleans Riverboat Tour and Paddlewheel

This post compares the various different riverboat tours, paddleboat tours and cruises available to you in New Orleans to help you choose the right one from you. The two most popular cruises are aboard the Creole Queen Paddlewheeler and Steamboat Natchez (details below), but you can hop a ferry for just a few dollars. Each offers […]

Top Things to do in Berlin at Night

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This post lists some of the top things to do in Berlin at night.  Since the fall of the Wall, Berlin has established itself as one of Europe’s cultural and party hotspots. Unsurprisingly, the city lights up at night, with areas like Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Mitte at the center of the busy nightlife. However, Berlin’s […]

Tips for Visiting Chicago

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Let Free Tours by Foot Chicago by your guide to visiting the Windy City, use our guide for our local guides recommendations when planning a trip – in addition to taking some of our great Chicago walking tours, of course!

Monday Nights in Chicago

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Wondering how to spend your Monday night while in the Windy City?  There are countless delicious restaurants and bars to choose from, of course, but what about after dinner?  Most theatres are dark on Monday nights- meaning the lights are quite literally off and “dark” since there aren’t any shows.  Luckily, there are plenty of […]