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Tour Fort Sumter in Charleston

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It took less than two days for Fort Sumter to surrender when recently seceded forces began to fire and for nearly four years the Union fought to get it back. Fort Sumter is known in elementary school basic history as the beginning of the American Civil War. While we talk about it on our Historic […]

Guidelines Going Through Security in Washington, D.C.

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Capitol Building No… liquids, gels, sprays, aerosols, sharp objects, food, weapons. They will let you bring in essential medication like epi pens or inhalers but saline solution in a medical kit will need to be thrown out. Any type of edible products – candies, unopened bags of chips, fruit will be tossed. Packets of gum […]

See, Watch, Be A Part of … Music, TV, Plays on BBC

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From Comedy Shows, Music specials, Book talks, and hit TV shows guests can watch them being filmed and recorded for FREE – and sometimes get to be a part of them! The more popular quiz shows and specials become fully booked weeks in advance so you’ll have to plan if you want to see some […]

Best Cheap Eats in DC

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Washington, DC is an expensive city, and can be tough to do on a tight budget. Even though there are amazing world-class museums and stunningly beautiful monuments to visit for free, finding cheap eats in DC that aren’t your run-of-the-mill national fast food chain can be very tough. We thought we would highlight some of […]

Public Pools and Fountains in DC

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It can get hot here and humid and then all the museums are crowded because they (unlike the Memorials) have air conditioning. So where do the locals go to enjoy the sun but not melt? Local Pools DC has a great resource of public pools and while they are free for us, they are accessible […]

Visit the Tower of London for Free | Ceremony of the Keys

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Torre de Londres Entradas y Descuentos

To visit the Tower of London for free requires some planning but you’ll be a part of a historic ceremony that has taken place every night, without fail, for the past 700 years. Yeah, that’s not a typo – 700! Each night after they kick the tourists out and the families who live inside the […]

Visit Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral for Free

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London Westminster Abbey fascade

Churches aren’t always a place of respite, sanctuary or escape – sometimes they are a tourist attraction and it costs £18 to get in. While the admission fees allow the upkeep and great services to continue, it’s not always within a budget travelers reach.   Our pay-what-you-like tour model and London blog were created so that […]