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Updated: January 19, 2023

Professional Tour Guides in Washington DC with DC by Foot share the true and sometimes scandalous stories from history, DC travel tips and hacks, hidden gems and hilarious stories of what we've heard on tours.

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We are professional licensed tour guides in Washington DC with a combined almost three decades of experience. We are former history teachers, museum educators but most importantly we are great storytellers and huge history nerds.

Our jobs have us keeping the attention of large groups of middle schoolers who would rather be at the museum gift shops - and we're really good at it.

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About The Author

Canden Arciniega

Follow On Instagram | Canden is a historian & tour guide in Washington DC with 4 published books about the city. She has written for HuffPost Travel and has been featured in the Washington Post, WTOP, and numerous other DC papers. She's also been interviewed by the BBC, NPR, Travel Channel and Discovery Family Channel. Canden is the producer of the podcast, Tour Guide Tell All. She is an authority on D.C. history, and has led tours in the city since 2011. She currently resides in DC, but has also lived in London and South Korea, and has traveled to over 28 countries and every US State but Hawaii. She homeschools her 2 children by exploring the plethora of museums in DC.
Updated: January 19th, 2023
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