Berlin Hitler bunker

How to get to Hitler’s Bunker

This post is a guide to finding the location of Hitler’s last bunker in Berlin with a brief history of the bunker, which today is a parking lot in the middle of unremarkable residential apartment buildings.  

This location is a part of just about every walking tour that covers downtown Berlin.  Read more »

Tempelhof Airport Tours Berlin

Tempelhof Airport Tours

This post covers how to visit Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, including guided tours and a tour highlights section.

We also include ideas for things to do before and after your visit.  Read more »

Reichstag Berlin – Tickets to Visit the Dome

This post is a guide to visiting the Reichstag in Berlin, including how to get tickets and how to plan your visit and things to do nearby. 




First, the good news: It is free to go to the Dome!  You will need tickets, however.

There are 3 ways to get tickets:


Reichstag Dome from Inside


Tip: To save more money during your time in Berlin, you might consider a tourist discount pass. There are several and we compare them in our detailed post, Berlin Pass vs Welcome Card vs City Tour Card

Advanced Reserved Read more »

Luggage Storage Berlin

Luggage Storage Berlin

This post covers luggage storage in Berlin, including lockers, left luggage facilities at train stations and airports, and the recent trend of leaving bags at certified shops, restaurants, and hotels.


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Disclosure: While our recommendations are always unbiased, we may receive a small share of sales through some of the links below at no cost to you. See the full text.


Stasher and the other companies below employ a system similar to Airbnb. Read more »

Things to Do in Berlin in June

Things to Do in Berlin in June

This post provides several interesting activities that you can enjoy in Berlin throughout the month of June, including a variety of family-friendly, nighttime and free things to do.

For more ideas, see our post on things to Do in Berlin at any time of the year. 



Disclosure: While our recommendations are always unbiased, we may receive a small share of sales through some of the links below at no cost to you. See the full text.


The following list covers some of the best ideas for fun things you can do in Berlin during the month of June, and it will include several concerts, sporting events, tours, festivities and more.

Wondering what to pack? Check out our post on the weather in Berlin in June

1. See a Concert

This June is an especially great month for concerts, with many top bands and performers scheduled to play. Below we list some of the best concerts to see this month.

You can see many more shows from StubHub’s June concert calendar for Berlin.



UPDATE: Almost all concerts for June 2020 have been cancelled in response to the pandemic, but that could change as businesses begin to open up once again.

For all the options available this month, see this list of concerts in Berlin.

2. Discover the Best Food in Berlin

There’s plenty of great food to eat in Berlin, but if you’re not familiar with the city or its cuisine, you might have trouble finding the best restaurants and dishes.

Thankfully, there is a Berlin Secret Food Tour which covers some of the best meal options you’ll find in the entire city.

During this 3 – 3 ½ hour tour, you’ll visit a total of 6 stops and try at least 6 samples.



You can expect to try a variety of dishes such as chicken shawarma, flammkuchen, homemade schnitzel and drinks like German wine or beer, as well as Fritz kola.

If you’re not a meat-eater, there is also a Berlin Vegan Secret Food Tour which includes healthier options such as summer rolls, coconut lemongrass soup, vegan sushi rolls and more.

Purchase tickets for Secret Food Tours: Berlin or learn more.

3. Take a Cruise or Boat Tour

Summer is the best time to get out on the water and enjoy the nice weather in Berlin, and there are several excellent cruises and boat tours to choose from.

In addition to traditional sightseeing cruises, there are also night and dinner cruise options you might want to consider.



If you want to save a few euros and you’re planning to take a hop on hop off bus tour as well, it’s worth noting that you’ll probably be able to save money on tickets by purchasing a combo package.

For more details about discounts and all of the best cruise options in this city, please read our post covering Berlin cruises and boat tours.

4. Visit an Observation Deck

There is likely to be an abundance of sunny days and clear skies in Berlin during the month of June, which makes this the perfect time to enjoy a great view of the city from an observation deck.

You’ll have several different options to choose from, including the Panoramapunkt, TV Tower and Reichstag Dome.

Each of these viewing locations offers a different experience of the city.




While the TV Tower is the highest of the bunch at 203 meters tall, Panoramapunkt offers a similarly excellent view roughly 100 meters above the city.

You may also want to consider heading to the Reichstag Dome. Even though it’s only 47 meters high, it’s still one of the best views in Berlin, and it’s entirely free to enjoy!

Read about all three from our posts:

5. Save Money With a Tourist Pass

If you’re planning to visit several popular attractions while exploring the city, it’s important to note that many of the best sites and landmarks are actually included with some Berlin tourist passes.

Depending on how you use these services, you can expect to save anywhere from 20% – 50% off general admission prices by using a tourist pass.


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Here are a few of the most popular tickets included with various Berlin Tourist Discount Passes:

For more details about how to use these services and how much money you can save, please read our post covering Berlin tourist attraction passes.

6. Explore Berlin By Foot or Bike

Weather in Berlin in June is a really nice time to be outdoors. You can see the city and learn about its culture and history on a guided pay-what-you-like walking tour

There are also bike tours that allow you to see more of the city, while getting a bit of a workout!



If you prefer to explore at your own pace, you can use our self-guided tours or a GPS enabled audio tour which can be used day or night.

Also, Berlin tourist passes typically include multiple tours, so if you’re planning to use one of those services, you could easily save some money on this activity.

7. Celebrate the Fête de la Musique

Even if you can’t make it to a concert, you may still have an opportunity to enjoy some live musical performances all over the city.

Every June 21st, the open-air music festival Fête de la Musique welcomes musicians to perform in the streets of Berlin. 



During this event, bands, orchestras, choirs and even DJs will set up shop in public squares and other areas to provide music for the masses.

As you may have guessed, since this event takes place in public and on the streets, it’s entirely free to walk around and enjoy all the live music during Fête de la Musique.

This is an excellent idea for a family-friendly activity, and it’s probably the most affordable option on our list!

8. Drink the Best Beer in Berlin

There’s no shortage of beer to drink in this city, but if you’re new to Germany, you might have some trouble finding the best brews. Thankfully, you can get some help by taking a Berlin Secret Beer Tour.

This tour provides several interesting stops, including at least one local nano-brewery. Along the way, you’ll sample 8 different beers – the most of any beer tour in Berlin!



Since you’ll be drinking a lot of beer, it’ll be important to eat something as well, which is why this tour also includes at least one snack.

Purchase tickets for the Secret Beer Tour or learn more.

9. Attend Berliner Volksfestsommer 

Every year in June & July, Berlin hosts the Berliner Volksfestsommer (formerly the German-French Fair) that you can attend for free!

There are currently about 150 different performers, rides and rollercoasters, a ghost train, the Rock & Roller Coaster and many more.



In addition to all the activities, there will also be plenty of delicious fair food to eat. 

Rides and food purchases will cost some money, but there are other on-grounds activities to see and do without any cost.

This is a fantastic activity for the family, a fun way to spend an evening, and a budget-friendly event! 

10. Visit the SEA LIFE Aquarium

If it’s an especially hot day, you can always beat the heat by visiting the SEA LIFE Aquarium in Berlin. 

This location houses more than 1,500 fish and other aquatic animals, so you probably won’t run out of things to see while you’re here.

In addition to a variety of fish, this aquarium also houses sharks, octopuses, lobsters, rays, jellyfish, and many other beautiful life forms.


SEA Life Berlin


Among all of the other popular fish here, your children probably won’t have much trouble spotting Dory and Nemo from the Finding Nemo movies, which certainly makes this an excellent family-friendly activity.

Admission to this attraction is included with at least one major Berlin discount pass, so you don’t even have to pay full price!

11. Take the Kids to LEGOLAND

For even more family fun, consider taking your children to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Berlin.

This attraction features 2 rides, 10 build & play zones, a 4D cinema and many other fun activities.



Not only will your kids have an opportunity to build a lot of LEGOS and potentially even learn a few tricks of the trade, but there is also a LEGO factory tour, a LEGO-themed cafe and even a LEGO shop!

If you’re worried about paying for both tickets and LEGOS, it’s worth noting that this LEGOLAND is actually included with some Berlin tourist passes.

12. Attend the WTA Grass Court Championships

For the first time since 2008, Berlin will host an international tennis event, the Grass Court Championships. 

The event will be held from June 13th – 21st at Steffi-Graf-Stadion. Expect to see some of the best names in the game, as this is a preparation tournament for Wimbledon.



This is one of the largest women’s tennis tournaments in Germany, so it’s definitely worth getting a ticket to see several top 10 players compete if you’re a fan of the sport.

Tickets are selling out fast, so we recommend purchasing them as soon as possible if you’re interested in attending the Grass Court Championships!

13. Visit a Museum

There are a lot of fantastic museums to see in Berlin. No matter what you’re interested in learning about, chances are there is a museum in this city that focuses on that subject.

Among the top museums to visit are the DDR Museum, Checkpoint Charlie Museum and the Pergamon Museum. All three of these are included for free with at least one of the money-saving Berlin attraction discount passes



Some of the other great museums to visit are:

Each of these locations is included with at least one Berlin attraction discount pass.

If you’re interested in visiting multiple museums, consider using one of these passes to save some money on admission.


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tour Berlin Friedrichshain

Self Guided Tour Berlin Friedrichshain

Berlin’s district Friedrichshain is trendy and rough, with lots of graffiti and a distinct East German charm and an off-beat alternative culture. It’s very low key, and not yet as commercialized with a big student population, low rents, but also a rich history in working-class roots.

Come and explore this district on a self-guided tour of Friedrichshain. You can follow the tour via Google Maps.

Save more money with the Berlin Pass, and be sure to check our full list of self-guided tours of Berlin.


map friedrichshain

Start: At the S-Bahn train station Ostbahnhof. Read more »

Berlin's Best Pub Crawls and Night Tours

Berlin’s Best Pub Crawls and Night Tours

This post lists and compares the various night tour options in Berlin, including pub crawls and craft beer tours as well as bus, bike, boat, and walking tours.  

Taking a night tour or joining a pub crawl is a great way to ease you into the city’s bustling night vibe. Check out our post, Things to Do at Night in Berlin


Disclosure: While our recommendations are always unbiased, we may receive a small share of sales through some of the links below at no cost to you. See the full text.


If you’re interested in trying a bunch of different brews while visiting Berlin, one of the following pub crawls is sure to please.

In addition to providing free samples, you’ll also have the opportunity to experience the different cultural scenes at each pub.

This section will include all of the information you need to pick a great Berlin pub crawl. If you’re still not sold on the options below, check here for additional pub crawls in Berlin.

Berlin Pub Crawl

This 5-hour pub crawl begins at 8 p.m. in a central Berlin location. Your guide is there to take you to four different bars, each with a different scene – cocktail lounges, bars, pubs, and clubs. 

Your guide will facilitate mingling and be mixing with other guests.

Drinks, however, are not included in the price. You will get a free welcome shot at each stop and drink specials all evening.  This company tends to attract the backpacker crowd.

Reviews are mixed  – overall they have a review rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor and Get Your Guide (see the reviews). 

Comments range broadly from “Don’t bother” to “This is a must-do in Berlin!!!”

Depending on what kind of night you are looking for, this may suit your needs. The emphasis appears to be on drinking and dancing and more drinking – but it is a pub crawl after all!

  • When: Monday – Sunday at 20:00
  • Meeting Point:  on the steps of the entrance to Oranienburger Strasse S-Bahn station
  • Cost: €12  per person and includes 4 shots, drink specials at each stop and VIP entry to the Matrix nightclub.
  • You will need an AB transport ticket
  • More information or to book.

Read more »

Berlin in May

Things to Do in Berlin in May

This post provides a list of top things to do in Berlin in May, a variety of events and attractions that are either family-friendly, take place after dark, or are free to attend.




This list gives you a great starting place for planning your trip to Berlin. We also recommend reading the following posts for information about visiting this city in May (or throughout the year): Read more »