A Tour of Nazi Berlin and World War 2 Sights

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This post is a tour of Third Reich sights in Berlin.  In addition to the self-guided tour below, we also list several companies offering both pre-paid and pay-what-you-like guided Third Reich tours in Berlin. 



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How is the weather in Berlin in May?

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The month of May in Berlin can be very pleasant with generally mild spring-like weather prevailing. You can expect to enjoy your outdoor time although there are plenty of great things to do indoors as well in Berlin. 

During early May morning temperatures will tend to be in the mid-40s F (6-8C) with afternoon highs in the mid-60s F (18-20C).  A couple of the cooler mornings can dip down to near 40F (3-5C).  By the end of May morning temperatures will more likely be in the low to mid 50s F (11-13C) while afternoon highs will usually reach into the lower 70s F (21-23C) with a few days possibly reaching up into the lower 80s F (26-28C).

Daylight becomes noticeably longer this month increasing from about 15 hours around May 1st to nearly 16.5 hours by the 31st which offers more time for sightseeing.  You can usually expect about 8-9 days with clear or at least partly sunny skies while about 14-15 days will see some rain. Thunderstorms can also occur this month with about 3 days, on average, reporting them.

What to wear outside in Berlin during May

During early May a light jacket, windbreaker or sweater will be needed for most days. By month’s end, however, a windbreaker or sweater may only be needed  during the morning or evening hours.  You might want to bring an umbrella in case of rain and as always… never forget good walking shoes!

Things to do in May

All times of the year, Berlin has so much to do from visiting its many museums on Museum Island, going to historic sites such as the the Reichstag, the Holocaust Memorial, remnants of the Berlin Wall and Berlin’s famous street art.

In May 2017, you can experience International Museum Day  on May 21st.  Many museums open their doors for special tours and activities in order to raise awareness of museums’ contributions to society and culture. 

For a general list of Berlin museums, see our post Gundula’s 5 Favorite Museums in Berlin!

While you are in Berlin, check out our Pay-What-You-Wish Walking Tours and really get to know this city with one of our very knowledgeable tour guides.


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Berlin Weather

How is the weather in Berlin in April?

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The month of April in Berlin is a month that offers changeable spring weather and tends to be cool and sometimes wet. Here is a breakdown of weather conditions:


Temperatures early in the month mostly range from the upper 30s F (3-4C) in the morning to the mid-50s F (12-13C) during the afternoon. A couple of the colder mornings will see temperatures dipping to the lower 30s (-1 to +1C).  Towards the end of the month, however, more spring-like temperatures prevail when morning lows tend to be in the mid-40s F (6-8C) with afternoons a more pleasant mid-60s F (17-19C). A few afternoons during the latter part of April could even see the mid-70s F (22-24C).


During April, skies will be clear or partly sunny on about 7-8 days with some rainfall expected on about 15 days. The risk for snow is very low this month, about 5% during the first week falling to nearly zero by the month’s end.

What to wear outside in Berlin during April

A medium-weight coat or jacket is required for the cooler days during early April but a windbreaker or sweater may be all you need for the warmer afternoons towards the end of the month. It is best to pack an umbrella for the rainy days and don’t forget some good walking shoes.

Things to do in Berlin in April 

All times of the year, Berlin has so much to do from visiting its many museums on Museum Island, going to historic sites such as the the Reichstag, the Holocaust Memorial, remnants of the Berlin Wall and Berlin’s famous street art.

In April, there are some special events going on.

Festival Days Berlin (Festtage)  7 – 16 April 2017

This is an opera festival with the ensemble of the Berlin State Opera. It is held at the Schiller Theater.

Gallery Weekend 28 – 30 April 2017

For two days and nights more dozens of art galleries open their doors.  Artists who are included focus on contemporary art.  Also, many new and experimental working galleries participate in the event. 

Achtung Berlin! – New Berlin Film Award  19 – 26 April 2017

This week-long festival only shows films that have been made in Berlin and Brandenburg. Both famous and young directors are showcased.

While you are in Berlin, check out our Pay-What-You-Wish Walking Tours and really get to know this city with one of our very knowledgeable tour guides.


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Berlin’s Best Pub Crawls and Night Tours

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Berlin is known for its nightlife and there’s no shortage of things to do after sunset. Taking a night tour or joining a pub crawl are great ways to see another side of Berlin while easing you into the city’s bustling night vibe. (Check out our Things to Do at Night in Berlin.) (en español)

Of course, we hope you will join us on our pay-what-you-wish Classic Berlin night tour, but if you are looking for other types of tours, here’s information, along with our analysis of reviews so you can choose what tour, if any, is right for you. Note that most of these tours require that you have an AB Transport card since you will move from locations throughout the city. See our post on using public transportation in Berlin — it’s quite easy once you know how!

Pub Crawls

Craft Beer Tours

Seasonal Night Bus Tours




Berlin Pub Crawl

This 5-hour pub crawl begins at 8 p.m. in a central Berlin location. Your guide is there to take you to four different bars, each with a different scene – cocktail lounges, bars, pubs, and clubs. Your guide will facilitate mingling and mixing with other guests. Drinks, however, are not included in the price. You will get a free welcome shot at each stop and drink specials all evening.  This company tends to attract the backpacker crowd.

Reviews are mixed  – overall they have a review rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor and Get Your Guide (see the reviews). Comments range broadly from “Don’t bother” to “This is a must do in Berlin!!!” Depending on what kind of night you are looking for, this may suit your needs. The emphasis appears to be on drinking and dancing and more drinking – but it is a pub crawl after all!

  • When: Monday – Sunday at 20:00
  • Meeting Point:  on the steps of the entrance to Oranienburger Strasse S-Bahn station
  • Cost: €12  per person and includes 4 shots, drink specials at each stop and VIP entry to the Matrix night club.
  • You will need an AB transport ticket
  • More information or to book

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Berlin Bus Tour Featured Image

Which Berlin Bus Tours Are Best?

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This post compares the various Berlin bus tours available and will help you decide which bus tour, if any, is best for you or your family.  You will see lots of tourist buses circling Berlin, not all were created equal. We’ve laid out the different bus tours, pricing and what you get for your money to help you choose the best tour for you.  We’ll point out the pros and cons of bus tours. We’ve also included information about one of Berlin’s best-kept secrets, an “almost-free” self-guided bus tour of Berlin.  (en español)

Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tours of Berlin

Pros and cons of taking a hop-on, hop-off tour


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Brandenburger Gate Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

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The Brandenburg Gate is the symbol of Berlin and the reunited Germany as well. The six columned gate with the quadriga (a chariot drawn by four horses abreast) on top is situated at the “Pariser Platz” in the center of Berlin, next door to the American Embassy. The Reichstag is close and the avenue “Unter den Linden” connects the Brandenburg Gate with the site where the Berlin Castle is being reconstructed. The Brandenburg Gate is near the big park called the Tiergarten, as well as in walking distance to the Holocaust Memorial and former Hitler bunker.

This post is a part of our Berlin-in-a-in a day-Walking Tour, the Berlin Wall Tour and the Third Reich Tour.


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Berlin Topography of Terror

Topography of Terror

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This post is a preview of the Topography of Terror Museum.  Berlin is a city with an extremely troubling past. As the location of the Nazis rise to political power, Hitler’s command center during World War II, and a fractured city split into two by the Cold War-era Wall, modern Berlin has many difficult tales to tell. Any visitor to the German capital would be remiss if they failed to take in at least one museum or memorial to the horrors of the recent past, and the Topography of Terror aims to provide a comprehensive and clearly organized account of the factors that led to Nazi military aggression, the Holocaust and the Berlin Wall.

Visitor Information

Permanent Exhibits

History of the Museum


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Top Things to do in Berlin at Night

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This post lists some of the top things to do in Berlin at night.  Since the fall of the Wall, Berlin has established itself as one of Europe’s cultural and party hotspots. Unsurprisingly, the city lights up at night, with areas like Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Mitte at the center of the busy nightlife. However, Berlin’s cultural side is not to be written off after dark either! Live music and never-ending special events provide a fun alternative to the vibrant club scene. (en español)



Berlin has multiple landmarks that can be climbed by night (and day) and may offer a stunning view of the city from above.

  • Reichstag (Free)

The Reichstag, the German parliament building, was adorned with its modern cupola in 1999 and has since provided an excellent view of the Brandenburg Gate and downtown area. Entrance is free and the dome is open until midnight every day, but tickets but must be reserved at least two hours in advance. For tips on how to get tickets and prepare for your visit, click here. Read more »

Gay Berlin Featured Image


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Berlin is the self-proclaimed gay and lesbian capital of Europe. Given thGay Pride parade Berline large number of gay bars and parties, gay-friendly hotels, street festivals and large scale Pride events year round, Berlin is a mecca for LGBT travelers.  With so much to see and do, who has the time to go hunting around the internet? Once you have arrived in Berlin, you want to get out and about quickly. We’ve gone through the many websites out there and created a short-list of user-friendly, informational and actually useful websites to check out.


The official Visit Berlin website offers a concise 2 page list of LBGT bars, cafes, bookshops. There is a section, Berlin for Women, that includes straight and lesbian information. The site also has an easy to read map of recommended places to go. Also a great resources for all things Berlin, regardless of your sexual orientation.

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