Things to Do in Berlin in October

The Best 26 Things to Do in Berlin in October

The following post will cover some of the most interesting activities you can enjoy in Berlin during the month of October. We will also include sections with things to do either for free, with the family or at night.



TOP 10

This section will provide ten of the best attractions and events to enjoy in Berlin this October.

In addition to all of these activities, you may also want to consider exploring the city on one of the following guided excursions:

It’s also worth noting that several of the items below are already included for free or at a discount with the purchase of a tourist discount pass.

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Things To Do in Berlin

45 Things to Do in Berlin

Find information on all of the best things to do in Berlin, including free things, nighttime activities, the city’s top attractions, museums, and points of interest in one convenient location!


Best Things To Do in Berlin



Below are our suggestions for the top 10 things to do in Berlin. Follow each link to a much more comprehensive page on that particular topic.

For more ideas on popular attractions and tours, be sure to read our post outlining and combining the various tourist attraction discount passes available to you in Berlin.


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Best Currywurst in Berlin

Where to Find the Top 5 Best Currywurst in Berlin

No trip to Berlin is complete without trying the most popular local food: currywurst. But with thousands of currywurst shops in the city, how to decide which to try? We’ve made a list of our favorite currywurst shops and kiosks that will introduce you to the wonders of combining curry and ketchup on top of a great wurst.  


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Berlin Activities in September

The Best 25 Things to Do in Berlin in September 2020

Even though the summer is over, there are still a lot of fun events happening in Berlin during the month of September.  We’ll start off with our top 10 list and move on from there to include free attractions, things to do at night and family-friendly activities.




This top 10 list will help you narrow down your options in Berlin for the best concerts, events, and attractions to see and participate in during September. 

You can find even more ideas on our other popular Berlin posts: 

Be sure to check out our tours in Berlin post for activities any time of year.

1) Go to a Concert

Berlin is a popular location for live musical performances, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are several notable concerts and festivals taking place this September.



If you want to enjoy some great tunes while you’re here, consider one of the following options:

You can check out the rest of September’s events here

2)  Attend a Football Game

If you’re looking to check out some of the local sports, consider attending a football game in Berlin.

There are two 1st league teams that have games during September and both are sure to put up a fight. 



Even if you’re not a fan of this sport, you might want to see a live game just to experience how this city celebrates and supports their teams. Keep in mind that going to a game can be fun for the whole family!

See everything happening in September here.

And for more family-friendly activities, check out our suggestions below.

3) Enjoy a Drink During Oktoberfest

Despite the name, this beloved festival actually begins on September 20, 2019.

During this event, there will be food stalls, games, and even rides to enjoy. This means that while beer is a central part of the festival, there are plenty of other fun things to do.



Although you can come throughout the week, the party really starts to get hopping on Fridays and Saturdays.

TIP: If you want to find the best beer in the city, make sure to check our post about craft beer in Berlin.

4) Enjoy the Theatre

Berlin often has well-known theatre productions and musicals playing throughout the year.

In September, you can find two theatre productions running! Either one will make for an enjoyable evening out.  



Cirque du Soleil will have a show at Potsdamer Platz from September 17th – 30th, and tickets are selling out fast, so we recommend purchasing yours before it’s too late.

Alternatively, you can also see the hit film Joker live in concert on September 5th!

If you’re looking for other events in September, take a look at the full schedule.

If you’re looking for more nighttime activities, check out the section below.

5) Take a Walking Tour

No matter what time of year it is, our pay-what-you-wish walking tours are always a great option. We offer a few different tours per day which cover a variety of different topics and locations in Berlin.

Classic Berlin will take you to sites such as Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall, and Brandenburg Gate.

Alternative Berlin will reveal some of the more noteworthy street art and graffiti in the city. You’ll also see landmarks of rock, reggae, punk and electronic music.



If you’re looking to cover more ground, hop-on-hop-off bus tours are popular, as well as fun bike tours

Check our Berlin tours post for more information. 

6)Attend the Berlin Marathon

The 46th Annual Berlin Marathon will begin on September 29, 2019. With over 40,000 runners, this is one of the largest marathon events in the world.



In addition to the main event, there are also special activities for kids and families. You can also expect live musical performances and other fun things to do during the day.

The best thing about the marathon activities is that all the entertainment is free! 

For more details, check the Berlin Marathon website. For more free things to check out, we have suggestions below.

7) Check Out an Art Festival

As you walk around the streets of Berlin and see the graffiti on display in certain places, it will quickly become apparent that this is a very artistic city.

Berlin Art Week takes place from September 11 – 15, 2019, and its main focus will be on the fairs Art Berlin and Positions Berlin Art Fair, both of which will present their galleries in Tempelhof Airport.



TIP: If you’re interested in seeing some of the most famous artwork in this city, consider taking our Alternative Berlin tour.

8) See the International Stadium Festival

If you’re not interested in seeing a football game, consider attending this festival instead. During the event, 180 world-class athletes compete in 15 sports in the Berlin Olympic Stadium.



This is a great opportunity to see world champions and Olympic medalists competing against one another on a massive scale. Join 50,000 spectators at one of the best sporting events in Berlin on September 1, 2019.

Learn more about the International Stadium Festival.

9) Enjoy Berlin’s Best Classical Musicians

If you’re not interested in the typical rock concert and classical music is more your style, Musikfest Berlin will be a must. 



Several great musicians and orchestras will be on hand to perform memorable shows for their audience. Musikfest Berlin runs from August 30 – September 19, 2019. 

10) Save 50% Off Attractions with a Tourist Discount Card

 With so many things to see and do in Berlin, it can be easy to go over budget unless you have a tourist discount attraction pass.

These passes work by offering bulk discounts on multiple attractions when you purchase just one card up front. They often save you time as well, with skip-the-line passes that allow you to bypass the box office. 



Attractions Include: 

  • German Spy Museum
  • Jewish Museum of Berlin
  • The Wall Museum
  • Madame Tussauds Berlin
  • Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour
  • River Cruises

To see our in-depth guide to Berlin’s tourist passes, check out the full post. 


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This section will provide a few ideas for things you can do after dark in Berlin during the month of September. 



Visit our master post on things to do at night in Berlin for extra ideas. 

Visit the Reichstag Dome

Although you can visit this landmark pretty much anytime throughout the day, the Reichstag Dome looks even more impressive at night and provides a wonderful view of the city after dark.

The Reichstag and its incredible dome are open until midnight on most nights with the last entry being at 10 pm.

The best part about this activity is that it’s actually free. Unfortunately, you do need tickets and you must apply for them ahead of time.

We suggest filling out an application at least a few days prior to your trip, but you can also apply for tickets at the service desk up to 2 hours before your desired visit.

Read our post on getting tickets to the Reichstag Dome for more information. 

Go on a Pub Crawl

In addition to our more prevalent walking tours during the day, we also provide information about a selection of night tours you can take in Berlin.

There is a variety of pub crawls to consider and even a twilight tour which will reveal a side of the city that few travelers ever get to see.

For more details on the types of tours, you can take after dark, check our post about Berlin Pub Crawls and Night Tours.

Take an Evening River Cruise

Taking a river cruise in any city can give you a unique perspective, and Berlin is no exception. One of the more charming activities in the city is to take a sightseeing dinner cruise


Berlin Boat Tours
This photo of Berlin Boat Tour is courtesy of TripAdvisor


You can enjoy a multiple course dinner, including drinks while listening to live commentary about Berlin from English and German-speaking tour guides.

Jewish Film Festival

This festival, held September 8 – 17, 2019, takes place in multiple cinemas around Berlin and showcases the best of Jewish and Israeli filmmakers and directors.

Choose an afternoon or evening to attend a movie, premiere, or discussion with a producer or director to learn more about Jewish life.

To find out more about the two weeks of Jewish Film Festival events, check out their website.


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If you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids, this section will provide some ideas for interesting family-friendly activities taking place in Berlin during September.



Celebrate Heritage Day at the Monuments

In Berlin, Heritage Day is also known as the Day of the Open Monument, because several historic locations will open their doors to all visitors.

In addition to free guided tours of museums, memorials, theatres, churches and other locations, there are also bike tours and other activities.

If you’re looking for an educational experience for the whole family, head out to some of these monuments on September 9 and enjoy the benefits of this Heritage Day activity.

For more information, visit the Berlin Heritage Day website.

Take the Kids to the Berlin Zoo

This is probably a no-brainer, but there aren’t too many bad times to take your family to the zoo and September is a particularly good month for the activity. Not only will the weather be nice, but there are also a number of events you can attend.


This photo of Zoo Berlin is courtesy of TripAdvisor


One recurring event is an after-work tour which will allow you to see the zoo after the gates close, but there are also photography walks and other activities you can attend.

For more details on everything you can see and do, read our post about the Berlin Zoo.

Make a Trip to LEGOLAND

No matter how big or small your family members are, chances are they’ll all jump at the idea of visiting LEGOLAND. After all, who doesn’t love LEGO?

This amusement park features a number of fun activities for fans of all ages, including rides, playrooms, building workshops, and even a 4D cinema.

In 2018, older builders will also have the opportunity to celebrate these classic blocks during the adult fan evening event.

TIP: LEGOLAND tickets are actually included with the Berlin Pass. For more information, read our post about Berlin discount passes.

Attend the Fantasy FilmFest

If you have any older kids in your family, this film festival might be an excellent activity. Many of the movies included are intended for older audiences, but several titles are perfect for teens and young adults.

Filmmakers such as James Franco and actors like Nicolas Cage are featured in some of the movies that will be shown during the 2018 Fantasy Film Festival.

Needless to say, this is an excellent event for the movie buffs in your family.


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The following section will include activities that you can enjoy for free in Berlin throughout the month of September.

For even more ideas, read our master post on free things to do in Berlin.



Visit Tempelhof Field

What was once an airport has since been transformed into a public park for recreation. Even if you don’t feel like taking a tour, this is a great place to visit if you want to celebrate the anniversary of the Berlin Airlift. 

In addition to celebrating that moment in history, this is also a great place to fly a kite, go skateboarding or enjoy a bike ride. Many of the companies who provide bike tours in Berlin will also offer bike rentals for much less, and you might want to consider renting a bicycle for a trip around Tempelhof Field.

Go to a Flea Market

There are several interesting flea markets throughout Berlin which reflect the culture and history of the city. 

In addition to a variety of fresh produce from local grocers, you’ll also find bookstores and cafes where you can relax and take a break from all the shopping. Some flea markets also include jewelry shops and second-hand clothing stores, as well as live entertainment in the form of karaoke shows.

For more information on this activity, make sure to read our post about the best flea markets in Berlin.

Take a Self-Guided Tour

If you don’t feel like joining a group of people for a guided tour, consider going on your own self-guided tour instead. We offer several free self-guided tours in Berlin which will allow you to explore and discover many different areas in this historic city.

For even more ideas, read our master post on free things to do in Berlin.


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Berlin boat tours

Best Berlin Boat Tours in English

This post compares various Berlin boat tours and cruises, including sightseeing cruises, night tours, dinner cruises, bus/boat combo tours, and special event cruises.



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Best Travel Deals for Black Friday 2020

This post will help you navigate through the myriad of discounts, specials and Black Friday deals for 2018 so you can continue to explore!Name Your Own Price Walking Tours

Keep in mind that our name your own price walking tours are always budget friendly in any of our cities and we have special blog posts to cover visiting on a budget or how to enter certain attractions for free with a tourist discount pass!

In addition to great savings on Black Friday, we’ll offer some Small Business Saturday savings to support local vendors we love, and keep an eye out through until next week for what some people are calling Travel Deal Tuesdays!

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How to Take a Tour of Olympic Stadium in Berlin

This post will give you an introduction to Berlin’s historic 1930s-era Olympic Stadium or ‘Olympiastadion.’ We will also include recommendations on tickets and how to plan your visit, along with some details about what you can expect to see on a tour of the stadium.




The original plans for the Olympic Stadium were spurred by Germany’s winning of the license to host the 1916 Olympic Games, thus ensuring plans would be set for a stadium in Charlottenburg, nestled within the area’s Grunewald Forest.

However the games were canceled due to WWI, and thus the foundations of a ‘German Sports Forum’ on the eventual building site were left untouched for years.
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How to Visit the East Side Gallery in Berlin

This post will help you plan your visit to the East Side Gallery, an outdoor section of the Berlin Wall covered with murals by world artists. We include directions, the best times to visit, what to expect and more.  




The East Side Gallery is not an actual art gallery, rather it is a 1.3 km (.8 mile) section of what remains of the Berlin Wall. This outdoor ‘art gallery’ runs along Mühlenstraße and the Ostbahnhof, very close to the River Spree

When a divided Berlin was unified in 1990, artists from all over the world came to paint murals on this segment of the Wall. (For a brief history of the East Side Gallery, see the section below). 

There are over 100 murals created by artists from 21 countries, reflecting the political changes in Germany and the world at that time. The murals are painted in a wide range of styles, from New York-style graffiti to classic Japanese paintings. Here are just a few murals you may see.


TIP: If you are interested in the Berlin Wall, its construction, political implications and history, then we recommend also visiting the Berlin Wall Memorial.

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Panoramapunkt Berlin Tickets

Panoramapunkt Berlin Observation Deck

Providing one of the best views in the city, Panoramapunkt is one of the most popular attractions in Berlin. This post will help you plan out a trip, including ticket prices, the best times to come, what to expect and more. 




The following section will include all of the details you should consider before visiting Panoramapunkt. In addition to information such as operational hours, we will also give you information about how to find the observation deck, what to expect and some of the best times to visit.

What is Panoramapunkt?

Panoramapunkt is an outdoor viewing platform which gives you a 360° perspective of Potsdamer Platz. You’ll find this observation deck at the top of Kollhoff Tower, roughly 100 meters (328 ft) above the city streets. From the top, you’ll have the opportunity to see famous sites such as the TV Tower, Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island and more. Read more »

Berlin Wall Memorial Guide

This post is a guide to the Berlin Wall Memorial (Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer), with tips on how to get here, planning your visit, as well as a self-guided tour of this large memorial. 




Stretching over 1.4 kilometers (roughly 1 mile) of the Berlin Wall’s foundations, this entirely free memorial is the first stop anyone interested in Berlin’s separated past should visit, boasting a variety of fascinating exhibitions along with an opportunity to experience the Wall as it would have felt from those living on both sides of Bernauer Strasse (and Berlin).

This moving memorial honors the victims of the GDR regime. It also explains the many ways that its citizens tried to escape, including tunnels, and particularly for Bernauer Strasse, jumping from windows and roofs.

The memorial also explains the varied methods that the GDR regime cruelly used to keep its citizens from escaping. Read more »