What is the Weather in San Francisco in August?

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This post is a summary of the August weather in San Francisco, with tips on how to dress, what to pack and things to do.  While many cities in the U.S. are experiencing hot and sometimes humid conditions, San Francisco suffers none of these.  Far from ideal beach weather, San Francisco is very pleasant, even a bit chilly during the month of August.  It’s great for outdoor activities, such as a pay-what-you-like walking tour or visiting Alcatraz.  

Average Temperatures

What to Wear

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Skies are sunny and the weather is comfortable with afternoon temperatures tending to average around 70F (21C).  A few of the warmer afternoons could reach into the upper 70s F to low 80s F (26C-27C) while a few of the cooler afternoons will only in the mid-60s F (18C-20C).  


Average Daytime August Temperatures San Francisco


Late night and early morning low temperatures tend to average in the mid to upper 50s F (13C-15C) with a couple of the cooler mornings dipping down in the mid to lower 50s F (12-13C).  The all-time record low temperature in San Francisco during August is 48F (8.9C) while the hottest temperature was 98F (36.7C)


Average August Low Temperatures San Francisco



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Most of the time you will encounter either clear or partly sunny skies this month as only about 2-3 days will be cloudy.  August is a dry month with only 1 day this month likely to record any rainfall at all. San Francisco can be a bit breezy with the average wind speed mostly between 10-15 mph.


Average Sunny Skies August San Francisco



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What to Wear in San Francisco During August

August is a bit of a tricky month. Because on the days when it is sunny and the wind isn’t blowing, it can easily get into the mid 80s F (30 C). But if the fog is covering the city and the wind starts blowing, the temperature can quickly get down to 60 F (16 C) and very chilly!

The average wind speed in August is about 10 mph (17 kph). And it can frequently be even more windy than that!

The best idea for this month is to wear layers. Leave your hotel wearing at least a t-shirt and perhaps a light sweatshirt, as well as long pants. It is also a good idea to bring a light jacket to carry around with you, as well as earmuffs or a scarf if the wind bothers you. Make sure it’s light enough to carry around, because we do a lot of walking in the city!

Do I Need an Umbrella in San Francisco in August?

In a word, no. San Francisco averages 0.06 inches (1.5 mm) of rain all month in August. Bringing an umbrella will almost certainly be unnecessary. Obviously, you should double check the weather report before arriving, but you can be almost certain that it will not rain during the month.

Other August Activities: Get Outside!

Even though it can be foggy, there will be plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy our beautiful city. From August 11-13, there is the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival in Golden Gate Park. From August 24-27, there’s Eat Drink SF in nearby Fort Mason that will feature a number of local chefs, local wine, beer and food.

And for those who want a little more physical activity on their vacation, why not sign up for the Giant Race at AT&T Park on August 27th? The Giant Race includes a half marathon, a 10K distance, and a 5K distance. All the routes lead through the City of San Francisco streets and finish on the field at AT&T Park – home of the San Francisco Giants. You’ll get a different kind of tour throughout the city, and finish in the most beautiful baseball park in the United States.

And of course, you must also check out a couple of the Free Tours by Foot San Francisco walking tours to really experience what this city has to offer. Be sure to check out our new All-In-One Day tour!

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How to Ride San Francisco’s Historic Streetcar

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1. Milan Streetcar

One of the best ways to get around San Francisco is to take the Historic Streetcar. Sure, you can catch a modern Muni Metro train or the BART subway, but nothing can quite match the excitement and nostalgia of riding on an Italian streetcar from 1928, or an English “boat tram” from 1934. If you want a great experience, take the F Line Historic Streetcar during your trip to San Francisco.

To help you take a ride, we have put together an easy set of steps about how to ride San Francisco’s Historic Streetcar. Read on to learn more, and to see a great video about the cars!

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San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

How to Get from San Francisco Airport to Downtown

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Whenever you visit a new city, it can be daunting to try and immediately make your way from the busy airport into the main downtown area where you are staying. Thankfully, Free Tours by Foot San Francisco has put together this easy-to-use guide to show you exactly how to get from San Francisco Airport to downtown San Francisco.

We’ve also taken note of the many passengers trying to reach downtown San Francisco from Oakland International Airport. Our goal is to help travelers from all over the world find their way, so you can also expect to find a guide for visitors coming from Oakland as well. Although there are plenty of ways to get downtown, we’ll give you our suggestions and expert advice on the easiest ways.

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A Travel Guide for San Francisco on a Budget

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As visitors know, San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the country. But locals know that there are many ways to explore and enjoy this amazing city without paying the full “tourist price.” To make your trip easier, we have put together a guide, written by San Francisco locals, that shares the secrets to make your travel fun and exciting, without spending a fortune!

You also might want to check out our “3 day budget itinerary” for people who want to go to the best museums and attractions in San Francisco without paying full price.

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How to Ride BART in San Francisco

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One of the easiest ways to get around the San Francisco Bay Area is by using the subway system, called BART (short for Bay Area Rapid Transit). The BART system is mostly used to get from the eastern part of San Francisco Bay and the suburbs of San Francisco into downtown SF. But people often find it difficult to use unfamiliar subway systems. So we have put together a guide on how to use BART for a first-time visitor to San Francisco.



Step 1: Find Your Closest BART Station

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What is the Weather in San Francisco in April?

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San Francisco Weather April Flowers

April is a great time to explore San Francisco! We’ve finally reached the end of the wet season, and we can expect to see a lot more sun. The average high temperature will be around 63 F (17 C). On a few of the warmer afternoons you may expect temperatures to reach at least 75 F (24 C). However, like other Mediterranean climates, late nights and early mornings will be a bit cooler, with temperatures dropping to 50 F (10 C).

What to wear in San Francisco during April

Layers, layers, layers! The weather can range from cool to warm, depending on the day and where you are in the City. Wind may also be a factor. Jeans and sweaters are standard clothing in San Francisco. For a bit more warmth, you can add a light jacket, will feel nice for the cooler and windy areas. For warmer days, or if you’re taking a trip up to Napa and Sonoma wine country where it’s warmer, you don’t need to wear quite as much. But as always, don’t forget to pack some comfortable walking shoes.

Do I Need an Umbrella in San Francisco in April?

April showers may bring May flowers in other parts of the US, but not in San Francisco. We may have one or two quick showers during the month, but for the most part, we’re out of the wet season. You’re much more likely to experience windy days than rainy days in April in San Francisco. So you can use the space in your luggage for a light scarf instead of an umbrella.

Check our our New Tour: San Francisco in One Day!

We are excited to announce that we have just launched our San Francisco in One Day walking tour! This tour takes you through all the best neighborhoods of San Francisco:

  • The oldest buildings in San Francisco
  • Backstreets and hidden alleys of Chinatown
  • Sunken Gold Rush-era ships buried underneath the city
  • Nob Hill mansions of the 1800s
  • The biggest cathedral in the city
  • Modern skyscrapers of Downtown San Francisco

Other April Activities: Flowers!

Some interesting events this month include the Macy’s Flower Show at Macy’s in Union Square. The 50th celebration of Cherry Blossom Festival has many free activities from April 8-16 around Japantown. Celebrate Earth Day with the Earth Day San Francisco Street Fest. And of course, you must also check out a couple of our walking tours to really experience what this city has to offer.

More Fun Things to Do in April

Five San Francisco Travel Tips from Game of Thrones

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The Sixth Season of Game of Thrones is approaching, and we here at Free Tours by Foot are eagerly awaiting it! So we decided to put together a few San Francisco travel tips for your upcoming trip to San Francisco. Enjoy the suggestions from the Starks, Lannisters, and other great characters!

1. Be Prepared for Cold Weather at Any Time of Year

San Francisco travel tips Winter is Coming shranken

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Top 10 Things to do in San Francisco

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San Francisco is one of the greatest cities in the world to visit. We have hundreds of great activities (and walking tours!) and you can spend months visiting this city without repeating anything. With only a few days in the city, your biggest problem will be choosing which of these great activities to visit! That’s why we created our list of the Top 10 things to do in San Francisco.

Whether you’ve been to the city before or if this is your first time, if you get through our entire top 10 list, we can guarantee that you will have had a real San Francisco experience!

Note: You can get great discounts on many of these activities by purchasing a San Francisco Citypass or a Go San Francisco Card.To help decide which pass will save you more money, check out our tourist pass comparison page.

1. Golden Gate Bridge

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Visiting San Francisco on a Budget

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Visiting San Francisco on a Budget Bay Lights

If you have read many of our posts on this site, you can pretty easily tell that our San Francisco walking tour guides think that San Francisco is the greatest city in the world. However, we also recognize that it is not a cheap city to visit! (Heck, you don’t have to tell us, we have to pay rent here!) That’s why we have put together this guide on visiting San Francisco on a budget. In this guide, we will show you all of the best things to do for people visiting San Francisco on a budget. Our San Francisco walking tour guides have visited each of these places and eaten at all the restaurants here, so we can vouch for everything on here.

Note: If you are coming to San Francisco on a budget, you should check out our page on the SF City Pass and GoSF cards. These cards offer great discounts on experiences, museums, and other adventures. We also put together a Three day itinerary for people who want to use the GoSF card.

Visiting San Francisco on a Budget

Day 1: The Waterfront

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