New Orleans Jackson Square

New Orleans July Festivals and Events

July 4th – Celebrate America’s independence along the shores of the Mississippi.  Join locals at Waldenburg Park and watch the annual fireworks display.  Another cool option is to ride the ferry across to Historical Algiers Point where you can watch the works and beat the crowds.  After the show, you can catch some live music at the Historic Old Point Bar.

July 3rd-6th – Essence Music Festival: This year, the annual Festival will be celebrated for the 20th time this July.  The fest always touts big name acts.  This year Prince, Nas, Janelle Monae, Mary J. Blidge, and Jill Scott will grace the stage.  There are a lot of non-sanctioned parties that occur.  Info can be found on their website.

July 11th-14th– Bastille Day Fete: You can celebrate this quintessentially New Orleans holiday several places throughout the city. The Bayou St. John celebrates on the 12th with a costume contest, food, music and children’s activities.

July 12th – San Fermin en Nueva Orleans (Running of the Bulls):  Come get beat by a Roller Girl.  In the early morning heat of every summer, one day is dedicated to The Big Easy Roller Girls donning bull attire and skating through the CBD dramatically chasing the locals dressed in Red and White Garb.  Even if you don’t dress up, it’s something to see!

July 16th-20th – Tales of The Cocktail:   The five day event is a favorite with locals and visitors alike. Ever wanted to be educated on Applejack?  At Tales you will learn that also how to make the perfect Ramos Gin Fizz.  The best Mixologists and in the world travel to NOLA to celebrate everything Cocktail.

July 31st – Satchmo SummerFest:  August’s Free Music Festival celebrates the life of one of our won trumpeters.  Louis Armstrong is the inspiration for world renowned local musicians to take over the French Quarter and play for free.  A list of the artists and events can be found here.


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New Orleans Bike Tour

The Top 3 Reasons to Take a New Orleans Bike Tour

The Top 3 Reasons to Take a New Orleans Bike Tour

New Orleans is a great place to bike.  It’s compact.  It’s checkerboard-flat.  The traffic is extremely mild.  It’s not as hot as walking.  You get the wind blowing in your face, and there is a lot of shade from the live oaks overhanging the streets.  Most of the city is beautiful, and where it’s not, then it’s at least interesting and foreign.  The city really opens up to you when you have a knowledgeable guide showing you around by bike.  Here are best reasons you should find that guide and take a bike tour:

1) Bike tours get you out of the French Quarter.

Make no mistake, the French Quarter is a gorgeous, exotic place.  However, New Orleans is so much more than just the French Quarter. One mistake that so many visitors do make is getting caught up in the French Quarter, never seeing what the rest the city is about.  Just about every neighborhood has unique architecture, beautiful flora, curious history, and delightful dining and drinking destinations that you should know about when you come to the Big Easy.  On our bike tours, you can several of the most interesting neighborhoods in the city: the Garden District, Treme, the Marigny, and the Bywater.

2) Bike tours let you see New Orleans more efficiently.

People come to New Orleans, and they walk a lot.  It’s great to be in a walking city, but when you’re used to driving everywhere and having AC, you can get really worn out on your vacation.  On the other hand, bus tours fly through the city, removing you from everything and leaving no time to share the great stories behind the places you’re seeing.  Driving is more appropriate for the Serengeti than the Crescent City.  Bike tours let you take in the sights, sounds, and smells of New Orleans at a smooth pace. There’s plenty of time to stop, take pictures, hear the depth of history behind the city, and maybe even get a literal taste of the culture.

3) You see a lot of New Orleans on a bike tour.

In about 3 hours on a bike tour, you get a nice sampling of the neighborhoods around New Orleans.  We cover about 7 miles of the most interesting and historically significant places in the city.  It would take a few days to do that on foot.  Once you go on a bike tour, you’ll know what’s out there, and you’ll be able to decide if you want to do a little more exploring in an area.  It’s a great introduction and a great way to round out your trip.

So what are you waiting for.  Sign up now for our New Orleans bike tours.

Budget friendly travel options throughout the US

Free Tours by Foot offers pay-what-you-like walking, bike, bus, food and theme tours for every budget, because we believe that everybody should be able to explore the stories, history, and hidden gems of the city they are visiting.  We offer tours of U.S. cities such as BostonChicago, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Charleston and New Orleans and we often have visitors exploring our tours in different cities. We frequently get the question, what we suggest are the best ways to get around the U.S. and while most travelers have a car or rent a car, that option does not always suit everybody. Here are some budget-friendly ways to travel from city to city without car.

Connecting New York – Boston – Philadelphia – Washington D.C.

A great, easy, and budget-friendly option to travel between the big cities of the northeast is by bus.  There are several different bus companies that are connecting the Northeast cities; and depending which route you take, tickets can be as cheap as $12 one-way. Thanks to the increased number of bus companies, there usually is enough time to book your ticket online 24 hours in advance, unless you are set on a specific time schedule or travel with a larger group.  Also, bear in mind, rush hour departures/arrivals around 9am and 5pm can add another hour to your trip if your bus gets stuck in traffic.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Boltbus – a crowd pleaser with guaranteed seating, and easy boarding process, they usually book out last minute, so book early.
  • Megabus – offers a lot of departure time options, as their fleet departs more often than the others
  • Peter Pan – another great budget option and especially popular for Boston trips
  • Greyhound – the classy and a little more pricy option with more flexibility for refunds; make sure you arrive 30 minutes early for boarding to grab a good seat
  • DC2NY – as the name suggests they operate between NYC and DC; if you like a little more upscale bus ride experience; only rides twice a day; during the summer months, they also offer travel to Rehoboth Beach in Maryland
  • Washington Deluxe – operates between NYC and DC; great if you want to be dropped off in Brooklyn

Connecting Washington DC – Chicago – New Orleans – Charleston

First, check with your airline or flight search engines, such as Kayak, you might be surprised to find a sweet deal for a flight.  If flying is not an option, your best bet to connect these longer distances might be by train.  Going by train will certainly feel like an adventure itself and it is a more relaxing way to see the country compared to sitting in a bus, because you can walk around, read a book, etc. and let’s face it, sometimes the journey itself is the reward of travel.  Make sure you book your ticket at least 3 weeks in advance, because last minute travel by train can get really pricy. Check with Amtrak for times and prices. Here are the current estimates:

  • Washington to New Orleans – 26 hours; $147 one-way
  • New Orleans to Chicago – 19 hours; $127 one-way
  • Chicago to Washington – 17.5 hours; $94 one-way
  • Washington to Charleston, SC – 9 hours; $97 one-way

Greyhound also connects these cities, though you might have to add on some extra travel hours and transfers.

Free Tours by Foot is looking forward to seeing you soon at one or more of our many tours. Save travels!

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