Day trips to Oman

Oman’s capital city, Muscat has transformed over the past decades but still retains a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere, as well as many reminders of its long and cosmopolitan history. The city carries its charm compared to other Arabian countries because of its unique culture and heritage. In this blog, we will let you know of the best day trips to Oman from Dubai and the details you would need to know.

In case you wish to drive to Muscat from Dubai or Abu Dhabi or take a day trip to the fascinating Arabian city of Muscat, here are the details you would have to keep in mind.

What is the distance from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Muscat by car and by flight?

Muscat is at a driveable distance from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it takes about 5-6 hours from Abu Dhabi and Dubai to cover 500km. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Oman and Dubai is 414 km and takes 1 hour and 10 mins. You would also need to consider the time to check in at the airport. Dubai operates daily flights from the Dubai International Airport to Muscat.

What documents do you need to enter Oman by Car from UAE?

Since you will be crossing the international border of UAE to enter Oman, you will need:

  • A valid passport (with 6 months validity)
  • Payment in AED for the exit tax from the UAE
  • Visa and fee to enter Oman (AED or Omani Royal)

If you are driving by your own car, you would additionally need:

  • Proof of ownership of the vehicle (or proof that you have permission to drive the vehicle if the owner is not present in the car)
  • Insurance that covers your vehicle in both the UAE & Oman

Where can you cross the border to enter Oman?

Ignoring Musandam and other enclaves, the main border crossings open to all tourists and non-GCC citizens from Dubai are:

Wadi Hatta – Al Wajajah – closest to Dubai & Sharjah. Note the E44 Hatta route is not an option for tourists, program Hatta Fort Hotel in your GPS/Google Maps/Waze for the most accurate route.

Kathm al Shukhla, Al Ain – note the Oman crossing is in Buraimi, some further 30km away! As this is a popular truck route option, it can be the quieter, easy route for cars.

Meyzad – Hafeet, Al Ain – closer crossing for Abu Dhabi residents and if returning from Nizwa / Jabal Shams direction.

Below are the day tours that you can take from Dubai to Oman:


  • Day Trip to Musandam and Dibba Port

Day trip to Musandam is a wonderful way to visit pristine natural beauty of Oman. Musandam has an unspoilt landscape with stunning views and water. Oman’s pristine natural beauty.


Dibba is a coastal town in Musandam, Oman and is home to some natural scenic beauty. Musandam is surrounded by sea on one side and the UAE on the other side. It takes about two and a half hours to drive from Dubai to Musandam through Ras al Khaimah, to get to Dibba. You don’t need to get your passports stamped if you are visiting Dibba from Dubai. The drive doesn’t feel long because you see a great view that adorns the route.


The Dibba fort, built during the time of the Portuguese still stands in Dibba. The landscape of Dibba is for those who love nature. This place is full of natural waters and fjords suitable for fun activities like snorkelling, hand line fishing, and swimming. A dhow cruise is essential to enjoy these emerald waters. Giant sea turtles are often seen on Hafa beach as they come out of water in the evenings to lay eggs in the sand.


In order to make the most of your Oman trip from Dubai, it’s also important to take everything you’ll need with you: swimming gear, sun lotion etc. and of course your camera.

Dibba is a wonder for the fact that such a place exists so close to the arid deserts of Dubai. It is a perfect weekend getaway for UAE residents because of its proximity and ease of access. You can go there driving or through a tour company.


We would recommend you take the Oman Khasab Tour, priced at AED 275 per person and is a highly reviewed tour or Dubai: Full-Day Sea Safari to Musandam.

  • Take a Guided Muscat City Tour from Dubai

A guided tour from Dubai is one of the ways to discover the city of Muscat and we recommend you take the Muscat Oman City Tour From Dubai. Your pick-up would typically be around 8:30am from your hotel in Dubai in a luxury car. Pick-ups can also be arranged from other parts of UAE as well.

After a 20-minute drive to the Oman border, you will finish the visa formalities with the help of your guide and then proceed with the tour, passing through different towns and villages like Sohar, Saham and Al-Seeb.

Your day trip will include several stops like Qurum Beach & Nature Reserve, Mutrah Corniche and Souk, Sultan’s Palace, the Royal opera House, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and many more! You will also stop at Haramel & Sidab Fishing Village. Lunch at a local restaurant is also included in the tour.

Tour ends at 10:30pm with a drop-off at your hotel. Cost for the tour is AED 999 (visa fee included) and tour duration is around 15-16 hours.

We are sure you will get a flavour of Muscat on this tour and see the contrast the city has with Dubai.

  • Go for a Cruise

Oman is reachable from Dubai by air and road, but if you’re looking for luxury and adventure, our favourite way to get there is via sea.

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is a family-owned company that has been operating for 45 years. They have a proud Mediterranean heritage and offer many cruises in that region. They bring this Mediterranean warmth to their Middle Eastern cruise as well. The stops on this 7-day cruise include Abu Dhabi, UAE; Sir Bani Yas Island, UAE; Muscat, Oman; Khasab, Oman and Dubai, UAE.

The cruise takes place on the MSC Splendida, a 138,000 tons ship that can welcome over 4000 passengers. In keeping with the UAE’s focus on clean energy, the ship boasts a variety of environmentally friendly technologies. The ship also promises great entertainment, with live music, a disco, a casino and a theatre.  If you’d prefer a more tranquil way to unwind, there is a relaxing spa offering massages, a sauna, a Turkish bath and the latest in advanced beauty treatments. The food is fantastic, ranging from authentic Mediterranean to trendy Tex-Mex. And to burn off the calories, you can make use of the state-of-the-art gym. The squash court or one of the four swimming pools can also be used by guests.

Costa Cruise

Costa Cruises is an Italian cruise line that offers a 7-day cruise with stops in the UAE and in Oman. This cruise is particularly noted for its excellent dining options, as the various restaurants pay homage to the company’s parent company of Italy. Whether it’s fine dining or a pizzeria, you can enjoy world-class cuisine from chef Bruno Barbieri, who boasts 7 stars to his name.

Costa Cruises is great for anyone who worries about possibly getting bored upon the ship. If you’re a sports fanatic, there are various sports pitches that allow for team sports. The ship has its own on-board shops if you’re a shopaholic and if you enjoy a spectacle, the ship hosts its theatre shows. If you love to dance, you’ll find that the ship has its own themed parties and discos. And if you just want to relax, the ship’s wellness centre offers a steam bath, sauna, Jacuzzi and hot stone massage.

  • Travel to Muscat by bus and Go for a self-guided city tour

Travelling to Muscat from Dubai has become a lot easier with the RTA Buses that run daily from the Abu Hail bus station (next to the Abu Hail Station MRT station. Tickets can be bought directly from the RTA stand (exit 2).

Alternatively, you can board the bus at Rashidiya bus station, buy a ticket before getting on the bus as you cannot buy one in the bus itself. Ticket costs AED 55 (one way) per person.

If you travel from Muscat to Dubai the price is 5.5 Omani Rial for a one-way ticket and 9 Rial for a return ticket.

There are 3 buses a day in both directions. The Mwasalat bus from Dubai to Muscat departs at 7.30am, 3.30pm and 11pm. The Mwasalat bus from Muscat to Dubai departs at 6.20am, 3.20pm and 11.20pm from Azaiba Station in Muscat.

Once you reach Muscat, you can roam around the city. We would recommend you use refer our blogs on Top 10 things to do in Muscat and Top free things to do in Muscat for a great tour.

Day Trip to Sohar

Suhar or Sohar is the capital and largest city of the Al Batinah North Governorate in Oman. An ancient capital of the country that once served as an important Islamic port town, Suhar has also been credited as the mythical birthplace of Sinbad the Sailor. You can easily take a day trip to Sohar from Dubai. Should you wish to drive, it will take you about 3 hours from Dubai to Sohar or alternatively you can take the bus. If you are heading to Oman for a day trip or a weekend getaway, you can also visit the Sohar town along with Muscat.

There is plenty to see and do in Sohar- the handicrafts markets, the fort and much more. If you are traveling to Oman, then you must experience shopping at the Sohar Handicraft Souq. You can find this in the region of Al Hajra. The Sohar Fort is one of the most exquisite historic landmarks in Oman where you get to truly understand the life of soldiers in the early 14th century. There is a museum inside so tourists can get a glimpse of the local life in Oman. You can also find a tunnel inside the tower, which was used as an escape route at times of a siege. Camel racing competitions have become a crucial part of the local life of Oman and when in Sohar, make sure to keep an eye on the camel racing events happening.

With proximity to Dubai, and an easy visa process, we are sure you include a day trip to Sohar in your travel list!


Desert safari Oman

Muscat has several companies that offer ‘desert safari’ experiences.  However, with desert safaris, one must be careful in choosing them as the definition, activities, and quality can vary dramatically.  We suggest that you look for a desert safari that focuses on highlighting the environmental and cultural aspect of the desert.  Many fly-by-night operators set up and sell desert safaris of dubious quality.  Be wary of very cheap rates for safaris.  Questions to ask will be: How large is the group?  What kind of food is served?  Are the animals and entertainment appropriate for the local culture?

Oman’s name is closely associated with desert, an extension of the Bedouin lifestyle with its ancient associations of traditional culture and authentic original customs. Set on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is as rich in natural beauty as in ancient heritage. From the green of wadis and endless rolling sand dunes to the impenetrably Rocky Mountains and ancient villages built into desert walls, Oman has much to offer. Your trip to Oman is incomplete if you do not venture out on the desert safari in the Wahiba Sands.


In this blog, we will let you know of the top desert safaris and experiences in Oman.

The desert safari tour is highly reviewed and a top selling tour on Viator. The safari will start with 4*4 adventure excursion, dune bashing, and some learning on the Bedouin culture as you will visit Bedouin villages. Post that, you will continue to the beautiful Wadi Bani Khalid with overwhelming views, clean and clear water.

Pick up and drop off from your hotel is included in the tour.

Tour Cost: OMR 150

Tour Duration: 9 hours (Approx.)

Tour Language: English

This safari will take you to the indigenous attractions of Oman and the Wahiba sands. Your guide will pick you up from the hotel in a 4*4, and you will start your journey to the desert. You will stop for some breath-taking photos at wadis. On your way to the Wadi Bani Khalid, you will spot large date plantations of villages scattered over the hills where you will sightsee the lush green waters of a deep pool. you will then head to the Wahiba Sands.

At the desert camp, you will experience dune bashing, and we are sure your excitement levels will be at its peak!

Once you have enjoyed the Wahiba Sands desert safari, you will savour the delicious lunch before heading back to your hotel.

Tour Cost: OMR 93

Tour Duration: 9 hours (Approx.)

Tour Language: English

On this safari, you will be picked up in a 4*4 by your professional driver-guide and you will visit the Wahiba Sands and gorgeous Wadi Bani Khalid on a private day trip from Muscat. You will pass the Hajar Mountains and plantations of Fanjah on route to Bani Khalid. You will get a chance to admire the paradise-like ‘wadi’ (river canyon), with its jewel-blue pools, boulders and palms; and savour a picnic lunch and swim before you head into the rolling dunes of the Wahiba Sands. The tour offers a sunset dune bash and a visit to a Bedouin camp.

Camel ride can cover at an additional cost.

Tour Cost: OMR 84

Tour Duration: 8 hours (Approximately)

Tour Language: English and Arabic

On this private desert safari tour, you will have a thrilling drive in the Wahiba Sands and pass the Hajar mountains, making your way into the delights of inland Oman. You will be picked up in your private 4*4 car with a private guide. As you cross the wadis and the canyons, tiny villages, you will stop over for your lunch before you hit the vast dunes of Wahiba Sands. Take an exciting dune bash and if you wish, a camel ride, before heading back to Muscat.

This private tour is well reviewed on Viator and we would recommend you take this.

Tour Cost: OMR 106

Tour Duration: 9 hours (Approx.)

Tour Language: English

This is a small-group camel safari from Bidiyah, with a group limited to 10 people or lesser, giving you the personalized attention as you ride your camel through the desert and learn about Bedouin culture. Arabic coffee and dates are included in this tour. You will ride a camel for up to four hours with a local guide and explore the desert. This will be a unique opportunity to meet the locals and see how their lifestyle is.

Please note that pick up and drop off is not included in this tour.

Departure Point is near the Park Mosque at 8 AM. Departure Time 8:00 AM.

Your tour will start from Bidiyah, where you will meet your guide.

Tour Language: English, Arabic or German

Tour Cost: OMR 30

You will set off a complete adventure on this desert safari. We highly recommend you take this tour as it is a well-reviewed and a top choice tour on GetYourGuide. You will understand the Bedouin lifestyle, stay under the star-lit sky at a campsite and experience and travel back in time as the life in desert would have been years back. You will get to witness falcons and participate in activities like henna tattoo, camel ride, sand boarding, sipping Kahwa (green tea), belly dancing and savour on barbeque delicacies before settling in for the night.

The tour includes pick up and drop off from your hotel, as well as Lunch and Dinner in the desert.

Tour Language: English

Tour Cost: OMR 175

Pick up can be done at 9 AM or 10 AM


On this safari, you will be picked up in a 4*4 by your professional driver-guide and you will visit the golden sands- Wahiba Sands and gorgeous Wadi Bani Khalid on a private day trip from Muscat. You will pass the Hajar Mountains and plantations of Fanjah on route to Bani Khalid, where you will see date plantations. You will discover the ruins of Al Mansfah, an old community near Ibra.

You will be amazed by the scenic views at the Sumail Gap, a natural break between the western and eastern Hajar Mountains

Enjoy an exciting dune bashing session and you will feel the rush of adrenaline as your vehicle climbs the tallest dunes. Afterwards, you will enjoy a delicious lunch before heading back to Muscat. You’ll be dropped off back at your hotel.

Tour Duration: 8 hours (approximately)

Tour Language: English

Tour Cost: OMR 96

On this tour, you will enjoy Wadi Shab, on the coastline of Sur, a 90-minute drive from Muscat. You will take a boat across the Wadi Lake, walk to the Wadi Canyon and enjoy the spectacular rock formations and cliffs, pools along the way. The walk will be around 45 minutes before you reach the framed pools. Here, you can enjoy a swim in the smaller canyon. At the end of the pool, you will reach an enchanting cave with a waterfall inside.

After soaking in the captivating views of the cave, you can swim back. During the return drive, you will make a stop to take photographs at the Bimmah Sinkhole Lake Park.

Tour Duration: 7 hours (approximately)

Tour Language: English

Tour Cost: OMR 96

This private tour takes you through the desert dunes in a 4*4 into the Wahiba sands, the home of the Bedouins

Keep a look-out for the nomads as they move through the desert with their camels. You will also visit a Bedouin home in the middle of the desert, and contrast the arid landscape with the clear, blue waters of Wadi Bani Khalid.

Tour Duration: 8 hours (approximately)

Tour Language: English

Tour Cost: OMR 141

Traveling Oman gives a rare chance to experience the Arab kingdom without the distorting lens of modernization. In the face of modernity, Oman’s sleepy fishing towns, spectacular mountains and wind-blown deserts remain at the heart of the Omani spirit.




Things to do in Muscat

Oman’s capital city, Muscat has transformed over the past decades but still retains a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere, as well as many reminders of its long and cosmopolitan history. Here is our list of the Top 10 things to do in Muscat.

  1. Take a City Tour by Car in Muscat or take the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour
  • City Tour by Car

Spend a lovely day exploring Muscat with an expert guide. Walk through the Old Town and learn of its fascinating history. Discover the history and culture of Muscat at the Bait Al Zubair Museum. By taking a city tour either by a bus or by a car, you will explore Muscat and discover the heart of this vibrant capital city. From the towering mosques to quaint Portuguese side streets, you will visit the historic old Town as well as the new City.

We would like you take a tour with the best and the highly reviewed, hence we would recommend you take the city tour by Sunshine Tours. Trip duration can be half day (4 hours) or a full day. They will cover all the major attractions in Muscat. You can also take a tour by Gray Line who also offer a GPS enabled multilingual audio guide in five languages with the tour. On this tour, you will explore Muscat on a half-day tour of the traditional markets and city landmarks, such as the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and learn about the history and modern-day culture of the cosmopolitan city.

  • Hop On Hop Off by Big Bus Tours

Big Bus Tours is the largest operator of open-top bus sightseeing tours in the world, providing sightseeing tours in 22 cities across four continents.

You can hop on the bus to discover all the must-see monuments, landmarks, and architectures from the open-top Big Buses. You would have generally seen the buses in their maroon color. You can then hop off to explore the rich tradition at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque or the Mutrah Souk. You can easily spend the full day to travel and explore the city. Muscat has various pick-up and drops off points near all major attractions.

We will cover important details such as prices, what to expect, what you will see on your journey and additional activities that may be included.

You can opt for a classic or a premium ticket option.

  • Classic Ticket

Includes a 1-day ticket, goes through a comprehensive route and covers all major attractions.

Cost: USD 77.10 for adults and USD 44 for children

  • Premium Ticket

Includes a 2-day ticket, goes through a comprehensive route and covers all major attractions.

Cost: USD 81 for adults AND USD 53 for children

You can also buy ticket options with combos for Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Visit their website for more details.


       2.  Visit the Souks

  • Mutrah Souq

One of the oldest souks in Oman, Muttrah Souk is the most famous Souk and makes itself a must-visit and top attraction in Oman. The souk stretches within the city of Mutrah and is located on the harbour of the old town of Muscat. Based on a traditional ancient Arab architecture style, the souk has narrow lanes and alleys with small shops and kiosks under a wooden roof, these stores selling typical Omani products like Omani sweets and Halwa, clothes, handicrafts etc.

  • Gold Souk

Just like the Gold Souk adorning Old Dubai, the Gold Souk is also a top attraction point in Muscat and is a five-minute walk from the main souk entrance through the Mutrah Corniche. The covered lane leads through textile shops, and the gold souq is a left turn just before re-entering the Corniche. If you feel comfortable getting lost, the alleyways behind the main gold souq are home to shops selling precious stones and silver, where artisans sit in a muddle of uncut, semiprecious stones, making rings and pendants in various designs.

  • Nizwa Souk

Nizwa Souk is located within the walls of the famous Nizwa Fort, which makes its design a combination between ancient and contemporary Omani architecture. The souk consists of several small stores that mainly sell traditional and local Omani products and crafts like Omani daggers, traditional clothes, silver crafts and jewellery, pottery and local food. Some of these stores don’t only sell their products, but they also manufacture them, and most have been doing so for many years as a family business. Walking through Nizwa Souk is an unmissable opportunity to buy amazing souvenirs and take splendid pictures.

  • Sohar Handicrafts Souk

The Sohar Handicrafts Souk is located near the Sultan Qaboos. The souk is distinguished by its exceptional Arab and Islamic architecture. It was established to encourage Omanis to work in and protect local ancient Omani industries like silver, leather, ceramics and palm leaf handicrafts, making traditional Omani weapons like the Omani Khanjar (dagger), honey and Halwa fabrication (traditional Omani sweets), making wool and cotton textiles and crafting perfumes and herbal medicines.

  1. Visit the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

This stunning mosque is an absolute must-see for any visitor to Muscat. It lives up to its royal name. The chandelier is plated with 24 carat gold and made with over 600,000 Swarovski crystals. Furthermore, the Persian carpet is one of the largest in the world. The entire building is massive, capable of hosting up to 20,000 worshippers, and the walls are adorned with intricate mosaic designs. This is one of the few mosques in the city that welcome non-Muslims to enter and tour. The mosque is open to tourists from Saturday to Thursday, from 8:00 to 11:00.

  1. Have a long delicious Omani meal at Orient Restaurant & Café or Al Angham

Eat like a local wherever you go!

Omani Shuwa is considered as one of the main dishes in Oman. It consists of tender, spiced, delicately cooked meat or you can have a delicious dessert such as Omani luqaimat, a crispy fried dough dumpling soaked with date syrup!

You can taste these two delicacies along with other traditional local favourites at Orient Restaurant & Café or Al Angham (next to the Royal Opera House).

You can also take a food tour to sample the delicacies in Muscat. We would recommend you take Omani Food Tour or feel like an insider on the Authentic Omani Home Dining.

  1. Explore the Museums or a Perfumery


  • Bait Al Zubair

This is a private museum, funded by the prominent Zubair family of Oman. This local heritage infuses the museum’s collection – in fact, many of the artefacts on display are from the family’s private compilation. Some of the items on display include ancient weaponry, fabulous jewellery, historic stamps, household implements and traditional costumes. Outside of the museum, there is a garden that features an Omani village, a souk, a boat display and a traditional water distribution system. Getting to wander around this environment truly helps visitors immerse themselves in the traditional Omani way of life.

  • Ghalya’s Modern Museum of Art

Interestingly, this is not a modern art museum in the traditional sense. There is a section of the museum dedicated to modern art as we currently understand the term. But the bulk of the museum is about exploring Oman’s past, particularly between the years of 1950 and 1975. The museum reconstructs what a house would have looked like during that time period. It shows an authentic layout featuring a majlis, women’s room, child’s room, kitchen and guest room. The artefacts within are also authentic to the time period, so visitors can really feel like that they have stepped backwards in time and have been invited to the home of an Omani gentleman. The museum is open Saturday to Thursday from 9.30am to 6pm, and the entrance fee is only OMR 1.

  • Amouage Perfumery

This perfume factory is not some harsh workhouse with cold machines. Here, the perfumes are the works of craftsmen and visitors can examine the delicate individual scent components that go into making some of the world’s most luxurious perfumes. Those on a tour have the opportunity to take home free samples, but anyone looking to purchase a proper bottle better have their wallet ready- these high-end perfumes can be quite dear. Perfumes are a huge part of Arabian culture, used to mask the sweat from the sun and provide allure for someone modestly covered up. Furthermore, learning more about Arabian perfumes provides insight into Muscat from a unique point of view.

  1. Visit the Sultan’s Palace

The Sultan’s Palace, or Al Alam Palace, is the ceremonial home of the Sultan, which he uses to welcome state dignitaries. It is one among the six royal residences of Sultan Qaboos located in Muscat, looking out to the Gulf of Oman. The building is certainly eye-catching, with tall trumpet-shaped pillars painted in gold and turquoise. The palace is known for its flamboyant Islamic architecture which is surrounded by lush green garden and the Mutrah Harbour. The interior of the palace is not open to the public, but the grounds are beautiful enough to compensate. Visitors can take photographs from the outside only.

The entire area is home to government buildings, many of which have unique architectural features that are interesting in their own right. The Ministry of Finance, for example, boasts a set of beautiful carved doors painted with phrases from the Quran.

In the words of author Peter J. Ochs, “When you visit the main gates of Al Alam Palace, it is unlike any other capital you will ever visit. The palace itself is elegant but humble in design, unlike the grandiose structures of other capitals”.

The palace is open for 24 hours and entry is free. This definitely is our list of top 10 things to do in Muscat.

  1. Take a walk on the Mutrah Corniche

This lovely corniche is perfect for a leisurely walk or bike ride. The softly lit buildings along the shore, with their latticed windows, make for a perfect backdrop.  For most visitors, however, the corniche’s greatest attraction is its souq, which sells wares from all over the world and recalls the traditional Arabian bazaars. One can find antiques, textiles, hardware and jewellery in the stalls and haggling for a better deal is simply part of doing business there. Furthermore, it is a great place for a tourist to find souvenirs.

  1. Go for a musical at the Royal Opera House Muscat

Seeing an opera is always a grand cultural event. But the splendour of Muscat’s royal opera house makes it well worth a visit just to see the beautiful building. The Royal Opera house is the leading arts and culture center in Oman. The style of the building pays homage to Eastern, Islamic and Western influences, in a nod to the different cultural events hosted here. The building also makes use of clever methods of sound projection, to ensure a vivid concert experience. For only 3 OMR, visitors can book a tour of the building to learn all about its construction.  You’ll also get a chance to admire the Opera House’s collection of instruments, which spans across different decades and regions.

  1. Visit a Wadi or spend a day on the beach
  • Qurum Beach

This is a quiet, charming beach in Muscat that’s great for a day of relaxation under the sun. It’s very easily accessible and boasts golden sands and crystal-clear water. One of the main advantages of this beach is the tranquillity – it’s not excessively crowded, which allows for a peaceful visit. However, there are still opportunities for a bit of excitement, via the nearby cafés and restaurants.

  • Wadi Al Arbaeen

Technically speaking, this wadi is about 90 minutes outside of Muscat. However, it is well worth the trip. The oasis is a real treasure, with fresh water, craggy rock formations, singing birds and local plant life. You’ll need a minimum of three hours to explore the area, and longer if you really want to take it in. It’s a great way to see Oman beyond the sandy dunes and intricate architecture.

  1. Explore the Jabal Akhdar Mountains.

A lush green area on the Sayq plateau, Jebel Akhdar in Oman is considered as the top places to visit in the Oman Sultanate, especially by the locals. It is also known as Al Jabal Al Akhdar or Jabal Akdhar or the Green Mountain Oman. Now accessible via a steep modern road, the plateau offers wadis, terraces and stunning mountains views.

The journey used to take 6 hours but now a road has been built all the way to the main village making. It easy to climb to Jebel Akhdar. This is why it has become a top touristic destination for tourists and locals. It offers cool weather (to escape the Summer heat), old villages, canyons and terrace plantations.

There’s a lot to see in Muscat- The city has its own unique charms that make it special. We hope you’ve found our guide on the Top 10 things to do in Muscat helpful!