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Coca Cola Arena

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If you have visited City Walk lately, you would have noticed a huge arena complex being built- the Dubai Arena now named as the Coca Cola Arena which is set to open soon. Who has built the Coca Cola Arena? Dubai Arena is being built by Meeras group, the group who is also responsible for […]

Free Holiday Tours (2018)

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This post lists all of our holiday walking tours offered by Free Tours by Foot. There is no better way to see the Christmas lights than with an expert guide to help navigate to the most elaborate displays and avoid the crowds.

Winter Travel Tips

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If you plan it well, you can travel between all of our cities and avoid winter, but then sometimes travelling to a new city in winter brings some great experiences. This post has winter travel tips to make sure you have the best things to do and some indoor activities for our more northern cities. […]

Tips for Traveling during the Holidays (2018)

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Here are our tips for holiday travel, from what attractions are closed to how to get around on public transportation. The winter holidays can be a great time to travel – whether it is experiencing a new city for Christmas or taking advantage of some good deals in the downtime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but […]

Orlando Tourist Attraction Discount Passes

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There are a lot of fun and exciting activities in Orlando, and you can save a lot of money on them by using a discount pass. This post will provide information about all of the tourist passes available in the area. We will explain how to use each pass and which attractions are included. Before […]

Did Taft Really Get Stuck in a Bathtub?

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Have you ever heard that the layout of DC was designed to confuse invaders? Find out if that is true or not on this week’s Should Have Asked A Tour Guide. Check us out on YouTube – Top Things To Do DC – for our weekly series, Should Have Asked A Tour Guide, every Tuesday […]

La Mer Dubai

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Dubai’s sparkling waters and golden sands make it the perfect destination for anyone hoping for a luxurious beach vacation. Knowing this, the a new development has come up in Dubai – La Mer. La Mer Dubai is a new beachfront development aimed at letting visitors to enjoy the city’s beautiful beaches. In this post, we’ll […]

Free Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

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One of the most attractive cities in the world, Rio de Janeiro, has various incredible sights. But unfortunately, to visit these sights might be a little bit expensive. But don’t worry, if you’re travelling on a budget, Rio is still full of places to discover! Read here about marvelous Free Things to do in Rio de Janeiro! Free Museum […]

Book Later

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