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David Bowie London Sights

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In 2016 the world lost one of music’s biggest icons: David Bowie.

However, even before his death, super-fans from all of the world would travel to London to seek out locations that were connected to the superstar.

Then, in the aftermath of his death, fans began converging all over London to pay their respects at places associated with one of the most famous Londoners of our time.

For those who would perhaps like to do the same, what follows is a list of London locations that have a connection to David Bowie -- some of which are featured on our Rock N'Roll Tour of London!

Also, be sure to check out our Free Tours by Foot London page for a full list of all of the pay-what-you-like tours that we offer!


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David Bowie was born and raised in the south of London, in the area of Brixton.

This district of London remains fiercely proud of their connections to Bowie and provide two places worth a visit.

1. 40 Stansfield Road, SW9

This was not only David Bowie’s childhood home, but also the place where was born on the 8th of January 1947. Bowie lived here until he was six years old.

2. The David Bowie Mural, Brixton Road Opposite the Underground Station



Created by artist Jimmy Cochran in 2013, this mural gained international notoriety after Bowie’s death as this became the central location for fans to come and mourn the loss of an icon.

Even today visits will find tributes left behind and messages to Bowie scrawled on the wall of the mural (with polite requests to keep these messages on the outer fringes of the art).


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Soho was the heart of London’s swinging 60’s, rebellious 70’s, and the excess of the 80’s. David Bowie was here for it all and it’s in the streets of Soho where he became a star.

3. Heddon Street Alley

If you only have time to visit one Bowie location while you’re here in town - this is the one!

In this small passage way off bustling Regent Street, David Bowie posed for the cover of his record-smashing album “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.”

There is a plaque here dedicated to Ziggy and the location has turned into a bit of a shrine these days.

4. Trident Studios, 17 St. Anne’s Court, Wardour Street

Behind these walls Bowie recorded some of his most iconic albums and singles. “Ziggy Stardust,” “Hunky Dory” and “Space Oddity” all came into being at the studios here.

[Also a small note to mention that Elton John, Queen and The Beatles also recorded here!]

5. The Ship, 116 Wardour Street

The Ship was a popular haunt of David Bowie’s and it was his preferred place to drink before and after his sets at the nearby Marquee club.

[Plus, what’s a list of London locations without a pub?!]

6. The Marquee Club, 90 Wardour Street

The Marquee Club launched the careers of dozens of musical acts, and David Bowie was one of them.

He began performing here in 1965 and quickly gained a following.

He would return to the Marquee club throughout his career, including the legendary Ziggy Stardust performance in 1973 - the last Bowie would ever perform as Ziggy.


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7. Wallace Collection, Manchester Square

Another site where Bowie sought creative inspiration. The Wallace Collection has a huge display of classical art dating from the 18th century.

Bowie would use this art as inspiration for his costumes and performances.

8. Pollock’s Toy Museum, 1 Scala Street

Just one look into the windows of the museum is all one needs to find the David Bowie connection to this small building.



In the 1960s, David Bowie lived nearby on Manchester Street and became a frequent visitor to this museum.

Stuffed to the rafters with odd dolls, clowns, victorian relics and bric-a-brac this museum provided the inspiration for many of Bowie’s iconic looks and acts.


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Updated: March 7th, 2022
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