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August 25, 2015
Things to See in Berlin Mitte | A Self Guided Tour

Berlin-Mitte East START at Alexanderplatz (A) with the S-Bahn, several subways (U-Bahn), streetcars and buses. The square had been used as a market for livestock and was named Ochsenmarkt (oxen market) before it was named Alexanderplatz in 1805 on the occasion of the visit of the Russian Tsar Alexander I. Most of the buildings are […]

Februar 26, 2015
Holocaust Memorial Berlin Guide

Just 300 meters south of the Brandenburg Gate is a field of stelae, dark grey blocks that stand out in the urban landscape. Officially, this is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas), however, it is more commonly referred to as the Holocaust Memorial.   Location The Memorial […]

Februar 11, 2015
The Oberbaum Bridge

Berlin’s most beautiful and most photographed bridge is the two storied Oberbaum Bridge across the Spree.  It links two former boroughs that are now one: Friedrichshain in the former East Berlin and Kreuzberg in the former West. Both districts are known for their interesting nightlife. Check out our FREE self-guided Friedrichshain tour and the self-guided […]

Januar 26, 2015
The Memorial for the Uprising of June 17, 1953

At the intersection of Wilhelm- and Leipziger Straße there is the  “Platz des Volksaufstandes von 1953” (Square of the Uprising of 1953) at the forecourt of the huge building that used to be Hermann Goring’s Ministry on Aviation during the Third Reich and is now the German Department of Finance. What was that uprising about […]

Januar 9, 2015
Craft Beer Berlin

Looking for Craft Beer in Berlin? Craft Beer excites us. But not only us: many other people, too. Beer having character, handcrafted beer, honest beer. Beer from the underground, wicked beer. This is the motto of Berlin’s Braufest, a craft beer festival that was held in the capital in May 2014, an event poised to […]

Januar 2, 2015
Alte Nationalgalerie

Museum Island is one of the main tourist attractions in Berlin for culture vultures, antiquity appreciators and heritage fanatics – but what about those of us who just love a good painting? Four of the five museums on the Spree (The Pergamon Museum, The Neues Museum, the Altes Museum and the Bode Museum) focus on […]

Dezember 30, 2014
Bode Museum

Museum Island is a top destination for visitors to Berlin and locals alike, a culture-lover’s paradise where a ticket costing only eighteen euro buys you access to five of the most esteemed collections of antiquities in Europe.  Each of the massive museums located here has a theme based on the era, region and purpose of […]

Dezember 26, 2014
Altes Museum

Museum Island is one of the top tourist attractions in Berlin. It's a museum-lovers paradise that houses five of Europe’s most impressive collections of antiquities, art and culture. While the Pergamon Museum may draw in hordes of adoring travelers to marvel at its monolithic treasures and the Neues Museum is a favourite of those who […]

Dezember 24, 2014
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

One of the most unexpected features on the busy landscape of central Berlin is the bombed-out spire of an 1890’s era church – The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche). Rising tall into the sky near Zoo Station, the wreckage is incongruous with the modern city around it, a visible reminder of the destruction in Berlin’s […]

Dezember 22, 2014
Neues Museum

Berlin is a museum-lovers dream. Not only does the city boast unique, small museums like the Bauhaus Archive, the Currywurst Museum and the Museum of Things – it also home to some of the largest, most well-respected institutions in Germany, many of them located on the world renowned Museum Island. Museum Island’s sheer scale can […]

Dezember 20, 2014

Walking around Berlin, you will encounter dozens of lovely city squares – but few can rival the fascinating and disturbing history of Bebelplatz. From magnificent opera, stunning architecture, a prestigious college and a unique memorial to a dreadful Nazi book burning, a short visit to Bebelplatz is worth straying from the main Mitte (Central) thoroughfare […]

Dezember 18, 2014
Top Five Biergartens in Berlin

As soon as the winter weather warms up and the first temperate days of spring emerge, Berliners flock to the hundreds of biergartens in the capital to enjoy the sun, meet with friends, and of course – drink steins of Germany’s best beer. Originating in Bavaria, beer gardens (translated from biergarten) are large outdoor areas […]

Dezember 17, 2014
Shopping in Berlin

Shop till you drop – this motto, designed for New York City, could be Berlin’s motto as well. Beautiful boulevards, huge department stores, shopping malls and fancy little shops – better arrive with an almost empty suitcase. Here are some tips on where to go shopping in Berlin. If you are more looking for the […]

Dezember 16, 2014
Live Music in Berlin

Live music flourishes in Berlin, with hundreds of venues showcasing every genre of music imaginable on a nightly basis, often with much cheaper cover charges and tickets than in other European cities. Here are our top five choices for unique live music venues where you are guaranteed to have a good time, whether you live for […]

Dezember 14, 2014
Best daytrips from Berlin

There are more than enough activities and attractions to keep you busy in Berlin for years, but if you are visiting for more than a few days, you may want to take a short journey out of this bustling metropolis to see some of the surrounding areas. Here is a list of five suggestions for […]

Dezember 9, 2014
Pergamon Museum

Often listed as one of the most impressive collections of antiquities in the world, Berlin’s Pergamon Museum is well worth a visit - whether you are a seasoned archaeologist, a complete classical arts novice or any interest level in between. Filled with breathtaking monuments of massive scale, a trip to the Pergamon will humble you […]

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