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Dezember 8, 2014
New Year’s Eve in Berlin

You’re in Berlin over the holidays and don’t know what to do at New Year’s Eve? Celebrate the new year with Berliners eating their name-sake donut cakes, melting metal for good luck, partying till dawn, with fireworks and a lot of fire crackers in the streets. New Year's in Berlin's city center can be pretty […]

Dezember 5, 2014
Alternative Christmas Markets in Berlin

Germany has a reputation for celebrating Christmas with gusto. Traditional Christmas markets are popular throughout the country, and draw millions of visitors each year, but alternative markets are popping up all over Berlin. Though many tourists may associate the smells of sweet Glühwein (traditional mulled wine, literally translating to “glow wine” owing to the rosiness […]

Dezember 3, 2014
The City Palace (Berliner Schloss)

In the very center of Berlin, at the bank of the river Spree and right across the huge Berlin Cathedral or “Berliner Dom” is a very busy construction site. It’s the reconstruction of the City Palace as the so called “Humboldt-Forum”. The new name indicates that the exterior of the old baroque City Palace will […]

November 26, 2014
10 Top Christmas Markets in Berlin in 2023

There are roughly 100 Christmas markets in Berlin (no joke) and this post covers some of the top markets in Berlin for 2023. Bratwurst and roasted almonds – that’s the typical smell of a German Christmas market. The more Northern in Germany you are, the earlier dusk comes and a German Christmas Market is most […]

November 23, 2014
Spreepark Berlin

Every now and then, a bizarre and wonderful attraction lies just off the beaten track, seemingly existing only to beckon to the traveler who has seen it all. Berlin’s Spreepark is just that attraction – a massive, surreal amusement park opened in 1969 and abandoned in 2002. Famous amongst urban exploration aficionados and purveyors of […]

November 20, 2014
Jewish Museum Berlin

The Jewish Museum in Berlin is one of the most-frequented museums of Jewish arts, culture and history in the world, with nearly one million visitors per year. A visit to the museum is an opportunity to pay homage to over two thousand years of Jewish history in Europe, and to recognize both historical and contemporary […]

November 11, 2014
Bauhaus Archive

If you have ever gazed upon a modern cityscape and wondered why certain buildings, facades and gardens look the way that they do, you will want to head to the Bauhaus Archive for some answers. This museum and library, often referred to as “a temple of design,” is dedicated to the Bauhaus School, one the […]

November 4, 2014
Berlin Zoo

Consistently topping Berlin’s list of “must-see” attractions is the Zoologischer Garten, more commonly known to English speakers as the Berlin Zoo. This world-class institution is much more than an unparalleled menagerie of exotic animals – it is a historical landmark, a hive of scientific study and a chance for visitors and students to learn about […]

Oktober 26, 2014

Whether Berlin is just one stop on your travel itinerary or the sole destination for a weekend city break, escaping the metropolitan hustle and bustle and spending time in nature is good for your mind, body and soul. Thankfully, Berlin is home to one of Germany’s largest urban parks, the Großer Tiergarten, a 210-hectare green […]

Oktober 17, 2014
What and Where Is Potsdamer Platz?

Located in a coveted position near the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, and Tiergarten, Potsdamer Platz is a bustling hive of activity in central Berlin - the perfect place to catch a film, sip a latte, or shop for some designer duds. Once a cultural and social dead zone owing to its location in the shadow […]

Oktober 16, 2014
Checkpoint Charlie and Checkpoint Charlie Museum

This post focuses on Checkpoint Charlie, the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, and other historic locations you will find nearby. We will provide details about when to visit, how to get there, and what to expect. What is Checkpoint Charlie? Checkpoint Charlie was Berlin’s best-known crossing point between what was before 1990 communist East Berlin and the […]

September 11, 2014
The Best Berlin Flea Markets

No visit to Berlin is complete without experiencing the awesome vibes and great bargains of the city's colorful flea markets. Berlin's flohmarkts (German for flea markets) are the place to go to find everything from vintage merchandise to artisan crafts, from antiques to junk. Here is our take the Berlin's best flea markets! Trödelmarkt Straße […]

September 6, 2014
The Former Ministry on Aviation in Berlin

Between Potsdamer Platz and Checkpoint Charlie in the Wilhelmstraße, there is a large building in shell limestone with hundreds of windows - the former Ministry on Aviation.  The building opened in 1936 and is used today for the Department of Finance of the Federal Republic of Germany. It was conceived as the Ministry of Aviation, […]

August 31, 2014
Charlottenburg Palace

In the Berlin District of Charlottenburg, close to the River Spree, you find one of the most beautiful palaces in Berlin, Schloss Charlottenburg. It's the largest royal residence in Berlin dating back to the Hohenzollern family and a great destination for a half-day trip. The whole complex is about 500 meters/1,500 feet long, dominated by a […]

Juli 22, 2014

In Berlin Mitte, what was formerly called the “Friedrichstadt”-  close to the station Bahnhof Friedrichstraße-  you’ll find a beautiful square, the Gendarmenmarkt. The square features a concert hall and two large cathedrals. Throughout the year, there are markets and cafes to enjoy, street music and free concerts going on. You might just want to stroll around and take […]

Juli 1, 2014
Museum Island

Berlin doesn’t have one big museum like the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York or the British Museum in London. But Berlin has something similar: Museum Island, an ensemble of five museums right in the historic center of Berlin, next door to the huge Berlin Cathedral or “Berliner Dom” and the construction site for […]

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