Dubai Emaar Public Art Work

Dubai has a fine collection of art galleries, displaying luxurious works of art from all corners of the globe. Visitors to Dubai can wander their polished halls or take a more in-depth look through one of our Art Tours. However, for visitors who want to see the art of the city as a part of the city, they should look no further than Downtown Dubai’s Emaar Boulevard. The area is host to a collection of fine public artworks specially commissioned to truly capture the spirit of the city. In this post, we’ll describe some of the most eye-catching pieces of Dubai Emaar Public Art Work.

100 colours

This is one of the newer pieces on the boulevard and certainly one of the biggest. It was created by French artist Emmanuelle Moureaux and it spans across 1km of the boulevard. The installation consists of 300 gates, each stretched over with hand-dyed fabric that together encompass the entire colour spectrum. The bright hues and the length of the chain make this piece perfectly Instagram-worthy. And if you do make the opportunity to sneak a selfie with this breath-taking piece of public art, know that you’ll be in good company. 100 colours has previously been displayed in cosmopolitan cities all over the world, like Tokyo, Osaka, Brussels and Buenos Aires.

Life Size Andalucian I

The Arabian Peninsula has a strong history of horse rearing and racing. Life Size Andalucian I, by sculptor Vincent Da Silva, is a tribute to the city’s illustrious equestrian heritage. The piece was cast in bronze and stands at 1.8 meters high and 2.6 meters long. The figurative piece represents the fluidity of a horse in motion and carefully captures the feeling kinetic energy and wild power found in these majestic beasts.



This simply named sculpture represents the animal that is truly a symbol of the Arabian Gulf. Camels, by Donald Greig, is a series of three life-size sculptures of the humble beasts. The trio includes a standing camel, a seated one and a camel calf. Greig is an artist known for his sculptures of wildlife and he created Camels after spending hours observing and riding camels. The sculptures were then melded into silicone and cast into wax. After, they were dipped to add 15 layers of ceramic and finally finished off with molten bronze. The tallest of the camels stands at 3 meters and weights about 800 kilograms.

Al Sidra

Al Sidra is a free-shaped bronze sculpture. Kuwait sculptor Sami Mohamed Al Saleh has created this beautiful sculpture. It is located on the boulevard next to Al Manzil Hotel. The sculpture’s inspiration comes from the humble Sidra tree. It is a native species of plant life known for its ability to grow in the harshest of conditions. According to the artist, the piece is also meant as a tribute to the resilience of Arabian women, with their ability to thrive despite any challenges they may face along the way.



Syrian artist Lutfi Romhein has created this striking piece. It consists of two tall figures standing side by side. One is made of white marble and features a man dressed in a khandoura. The other is made of black granite and depicts a woman wearing an abaya. The marble for the male figure is from Carrara, Italy while the granite for the female hails from Sweden. The two figures are quite imposing, standing at 4.25 meters high. By positioning them together, the piece depicts how one cannot exist without the other and how together, they are stronger than they are apart.


Gathering is a cluster of ten basalt sculptures created by Spanish sculptor Xavier Cobero. The ten figurines weight over 20 tonnes and are meant to be artistic renderings of the human form. They stand with the Burj Khalifa as a backdrop and according to the artist, he feels there is a special connection between his work and the famous skyscraper, as both invoke feelings of ‘nature, imagination and reality.’


Art in Dubai is not locked away – it’s a part of the city itself. A simple stroll along Emaar Boulevard will lead you to a trove of stunning works of public art. We hope you’ve found our guide to the public art on Downtown Dubai’s Emaar Boulevard useful. Make sure to take some pictures the next time you are by!