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23 noviembre 2013
Belmont Avenue - Chicago

Every visitor to Chicago should take a ride on the El. But where to? One great destination is Belmont Avenue, on the Brown line. Board the KIMBALL train at any station on the downtown el structure, ride about 20 minutes, and there you are! Look for the huge mural of St. Vincent as the train […]

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15 noviembre 2013
Jewelers Building - Chicago

Take in the sweep of the buildings along the Chicago River! You'd be a rare person, indeed, if your eye weren't drawn to 35 East Wacker Drive. Vintage 1927, this building screams character. High art deco, the ornamentation is bound to bring a smile to your face. Originally named the Jewelers Building, this beauty housed […]

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1 noviembre 2013
NYC Subway Art: Life Underground

Of all the MTA-Art for Transit's artworks visited during The NYC Subway Art Tour consistently the most popular one among attendees is Tom Otterness' Life Underground installed in 2001. Taking 10 years to complete, 130 eye-catching bronze figures are scattered throughout the immense 14th Street station. Many are in plain sight and many have to […]

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25 octubre 2013
Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Check out our Chicago Visitors Guide, with budget advice, travel guides, and information about local Chicago attractions Where to get the best deep dish pizza in Chicago, is a repeatedly asked question our tour guides get from their guests after their tours. Pizza may be Italian by origin, but it's internationally known as an American food. […]

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11 octubre 2013
Public Art in Chicago

The art in Chicago isn't always in museums - though Chicago has a great art museum centrally located near the Loop - but much of what you can find in the city is public art. No entry fee, no docent - in fact, no walls. They are outside in parks and plazas! With help from […]

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6 octubre 2013
Moving to New York City

Over 200,000 people move to NYC each year and moving to a city this diverse and large can be overwhelming. Where should I live? Or more importantly, where should I NOT live? Where can I find full time employment or a part time job? Where's the best place to eat out, make friends, do laundry, […]

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27 septiembre 2013
Visit Graceland Cemetery in Chicago

Known as the Cemetery of Architects, Graceland Cemetery in Chicago has been a private cemetery since the 1860s. Graceland has a park feel as you wander through the beautiful landscaped grounds and around the lake on the property. The 1888 arts and craft style chapel doesn't seem out of place in this view. The Cemetery is open to […]

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