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26 mayo 2022
Boston to Salem Ferry | Schedule and Tickets

This post provides details about how and when you can take the ferry from Boston to Salem. We include information about the Salem Ferry schedule and ticket prices for the service. How to Use Schedule Tickets Things to Do in Salem Best Day Trips From Boston Boston Boat Tours and Cruises How to Use the […]

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25 mayo 2022
Things to Do in Gamla Stan

This self-guided tour will take you to some of the most notable sites in Old Town Stockholm, covering the history of the oldest parts of the city in great detail. Overview Self-Guided Tour Audio Tour Free Walking Tours Things to Do in Stockholm Overview Over the course of the tour, we’ll introduce you to the […]

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17 mayo 2022
How Safe is New York for Tourists?

With so many police TV shows taking place in the Big Apple, you are likely asking yourself ahead of your trip, “Is New York City safe?”  We are here to reassure you that NYC is safe, provided you follow some rules along with your common sense. This post covers important information on NYC safety and […]

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4 mayo 2022
Cheap and Affordable Accommodations in New Orleans

This post will provide information about the best ways to save money finding a place to stay while you’re in New Orleans. We include details about hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, airbnb and more. Overview 13 Tips for Cheap Rooms New Orleans Safety Tips Tips to Avoid Tourist Traps Free Things to Do in New […]

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2 mayo 2022
Best Time to Visit New Orleans Explained

This post is a guide to choosing the best time to visit New Orleans. We include when it's cheapest, when to expect the best weather, and a month-by-month comparison. Let's get started! The Quick Answer Cheapest Times to Visit Best Weather Each Month in Perspective THE QUICK ANSWERS The best time to visit New Orleans […]

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20 abril 2022
Highlights of the British Museum

It’s almost impossible to contain all the British Museum Highlights in just one blog post.  In our recent video about What to See in the British Museum, I repeatedly said, “I could spend weeks here,” and I wasn’t kidding! But what if you only have a few hours to explore what’s in the British Museum?  […]

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6 abril 2022
New York TV Show Tickets

This post has everything you need to know about getting free tickets to TV show tapings and live broadcasts of popular shows in NYC. We will show who, where and how to apply for tickets, what to expect on the day of the show as well as information on TV studio tours.Let's dig in! Overview […]

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22 marzo 2022
Tenement Museum in New York City

This post is about how to visit the Tenement Museum in New York City, including getting tickets, directions, what you will see at the museum and analysis of reviews. Plan Your Visit Museum Tours Tickets Reviews Lower East Side Food Tour Other Museums in Manhattan TIP: A great way to complement your visit to the […]

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15 marzo 2022
East River Ferry

This post is about the East River Ferry service including information about tickets, schedules, routes and what there is to see along each route.  Overview East River Route How to Buy Tickets Other Ferry Routes Boat Rides and Cruises in NYC Free Tours By Foot OVERVIEW AND MAP At just $2.75 per ticket, this is […]

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26 enero 2022
Stratford-Upon-Avon Walking Tour

This post provides a self-guided walking tour of Stratford-Upon-Avon with dozens of stops and interesting places to visit.  It includes a map with directions to each location and details about every attraction covered on this outing. Overview Self-Guided Tour Stratford-Upon-Avon Day Trips Shakespeare’s England Explorer Pass Free Tours By Foot Overview Stratford-Upon-Avon is a popular […]

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12 enero 2022
Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle | How to Get Here

This post provides information about how to get from Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle, including directions, how long it takes, and suggestions for the best method of travel. By Bus Tour By Train Where is Neuschwanstein Castle? Other Nearby Destinations Munich Day Trips How to Get to Neuschwanstein Castle by Bus Tour There are multiple tour […]

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30 diciembre 2021
NYC Christmas and Holiday Window Displays

This post lists the best holiday window displays in NYC. While the bedazzling Christmas trees of New York City may be the first stop on your holiday tour, the runner-ups are the decked-out window displays in the city’s department stores.  Below is a list of the best window displays that will delight you this holiday […]

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15 diciembre 2021
St. Augustine Tourist Passes

This post provides details about each of the tourist attraction discount passes available in St. Augustine, Florida. We will also include information about combo packages that you can also use to save money on popular activities in the area. Overview St. Augustine Tour Pass City Pass Adventures Go Pass Combo Packages Overview Tourist passes typically […]

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3 diciembre 2021
24 Hours in Prague Itinerary

If you’re trying to get the most out of your trip to Prague, this post includes an itinerary which will take you to the most significant and historic sites in the city. We will also offer a few breakfast, lunch, and coffee break options along the way! 1-Day Itinerary Self-Guided Prague Tour Free Prague Walking […]

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3 diciembre 2021
Brompton Cemetery in London

This post provides details about how to visit Brompton Cemetery in London, some of the most notable sites, and other information you may want to know before heading to this historic graveyard. Overview Plan Your Visit Cemetery Tours Oldest Burial Site Famous People Buried Here The Magnificent Seven Cemeteries in London How to Visit Highgate […]

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3 diciembre 2021
Where to See the Declaration of Independence

There are a lot of prints of this historical document out there, but there is only one original copy. Where is the Declaration of Independence? We’ll answer that question and many more about visiting the attraction in this post. Where is the Declaration of Independence? Visitor Information Historical Preservation and Protection See the National Archives […]

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