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22 septiembre 2015
Cuál es el mejor tour en autobús de Nueva York

Las excursiones en autobús son una excelente manera de ver la mayor cantidad de  sitios en la menor cantidad de tiempo. Especialmente en una ciudad tan vasta e intimidante como Nueva York, las excursiones en autobús ofrecen a los huéspedes una manera de obtener una muestra de la gran manzana sin tener que lidiar con […]

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20 septiembre 2015
Greektown Food Tour

The first Greeks to inhabit Chicago came by ship in the 1840’s. They worked hard to establish themselves once in Chicago and eventually many of them became restaurant owners. This fledgling community was originally concentrated around Harrison, Blue Island and Halsted. Since the majority of this population was Greek, the area quickly became known as […]

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17 septiembre 2015
Harlem Renaissance and Gospel Music Tour

Harlem is known for its uniquely celebrated culture, its profound history, and its illustrious music scene. When you think of Harlem, the arts are on the forefront of your mind. By taking this tour, you will explore the art of song, dance, literature, architecture and even have a chance to appreciate the culinary arts...dare we […]

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14 septiembre 2015
Chicago Little Italy Food Tour | Self Guided

Little Italy, sometimes called University Village, is a neighborhood on the Near West side of Chicago, just between the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) campus and the Illinois Medical District. Its Italian-American heritage primarily evident in the Italian-American restaurants of Taylor Street. The neighborhood is home to the National Italian American Sports Hall of […]

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10 septiembre 2015
Things to See in Andersonville Chicago | A Food Tour

Andersonville Self Guided Food Tour Andersonville was primarily home to Swedish immigrants but now, the neighborhood is known for it’s diversity with Swedish roots firmly grounded as the Swedish American Museum is a strong piece of the community. In this food tour, you’ll not only get a taste of authentic Swedish eats but also see […]

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6 septiembre 2015
Flatiron District NYC | Things to Do

This Flatiron District walking tour is a self-guided tour of one of New York City's iconic neighborhoods. The Flatiron District gets its name from it's most famous skyscraper residents, the Flatiron Building. However, the neighborhood is home to several iconic NYC skyscrapers as well as one of the city's most visited parks, Madison Square Park, […]

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19 agosto 2015
Tour de High Line por su cuenta y Guía para Visitantes

Esperamos que nos des la oportunidad de mostrarte este inusual y fascinante parque de la ciudad en nuestro Tour a pie por High Line Park. Entendemos que es posible que no ofrezcamos el paseo cuando estas disponible, por lo cual queremos ofrecerte una alternativa para visitar el High Line. También ofrecemos una versión descargable de […]

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17 agosto 2015
Tour Autoguiado a Pie a Greenwich Village

A continuación, realice nuestra visita autoguiada por Greenwich Village o descargue la visita autoguiada en audio. Visita Guiada Nueva York en Español | Tours a Pie Una guía de viaje para Nueva York dentro del presupuesto  A - The Stonewall Inn: Vivir como un hombre o mujer  “gay” en la ciudad de Nueva York era […]

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28 julio 2015
Tours Nocturnos de Nueva York

New York es una ciudad de repleta de rascacielos y no existe mejor momento para apreciar los iconos de Manhattan que después de la puesta del sol y cuando las luces se encienden. Impulsado por la competencia y una pizca de audacia, la ciudad de New York continua regalando a la humanidad uno de los […]

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17 julio 2015
New York Layover Tours

New York City is one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the world. However, because of its location and the many major airports in the surrounding area, it is also a popular place for travelers to have a layover. Thankfully as the city that never sleeps, New York offers visitors boundless activities, regardless […]

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15 julio 2015
Una guía de viaje para Nueva York dentro del presupuesto

Nueva York es una ciudad muy cara, tanto para vivir como para visitar. Pero, no siempre tiene que ser así.  Las excursiones paga-lo-que-quieras de Free Tours by Foot lo comprueban. Sin embargo, hay muchas otras formas de ahorrar en NY que en nuestras excursiones. Aquí hay algunos consejos locales para aprovechar al máximo lo que esta […]

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12 julio 2015
Planifier votre promenade sur le pont de Brooklyn

Le but est de vous aider à planifier votre promenade sur le pont de Brooklyn - comment s’y rendre ?, où commencer ?, où aller ?s, que faire d'autre aux alentours du pont? Pour en savoir plus sur l’histoire de ce pont et decouvrir une des merveilles u monde, vous devez l’arpenter de tout votre Etre ! Une promenade […]

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8 julio 2015
Where did the Beatles Live in London?

Despite the fact they all came from Liverpool, all of the Fab Four have lived in London at one time or another. For die hard Beatles fans, we’ve put together a list that will take you to the houses and homes that the Beatles – and those associated with them - have resided here in […]

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8 julio 2015
Self Guided East London Food Tour

London has long been known for its ethnic and racial diversity, and nowhere is this illustrated more clearly than in the historically impoverished East End. Home to rolling waves of immigration, the East End of the Victorian era was paradoxically known as a place of safe harbor for countless refugees while simultaneously maintaining a reputation […]

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17 junio 2015
Chicago Chinatown Food Tour | Self Guided

Chicago’s Chinatown is considered as one of the largest and most vibrant ethnic communities in North America. The densely populated 30-block commercial area of Chinatown, centering at Wentworth and Cermak, is home to over 10,000 residents and approximately 400 businesses and community institutions. In the broader Chinatown community, there resides an estimated 27,000 Chinese Americans […]

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17 junio 2015
Greenwich Village Pigeon Man

Paul the Greenwich Village Pigeon Man can be seen feeding the pigeons and squirrels in Washington Square Park most weekday afternoons. A regular fixture in the Park, Paul sits west of the fountain on a bench regularly reserved for him. Often, the children in the neighborhood will wait for him, or gather around him.  While some […]

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