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9 septiembre 2022
Where to Store Luggage in DC

In this post, we will try to help you find the best option for where to store luggage in DC, including a new trend in Airbnb-inspired luggage storage. As local tour guides, we are often asked where someone could store luggage, which firstly should be their hotel. But not everyone stays at a hotel, and […]

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2 septiembre 2022
Copenhagen Boat and Canal Tours

This post covers the best boat tours, cruises, and canal tours available in Copenhagen. You’ll find details about when they are available, how long they run, and how to save money on the activity. Copenhagen Canal Cruises There are currently a few different canal cruises available in Copenhagen, and they are each very reasonably priced […]

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1 septiembre 2022
Which Rome Airport is Best?

Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on where your flight is coming from.  If you’re traveling here internationally, chances are the choice will be made for you, because an overwhelming majority of international flights go to Fiumicino Airport. If you’re traveling within Italy or Europe in general, you might want to consider Ciampino Airport […]

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31 agosto 2022
Pompeii Tours | Organized Tours and Day Trips

This post provides information about various guided tours of the Pompeii ruins. We include walking tours, audio tours, day trips from Rome, and combo tours that incorporate outings to other popular sites or tourist attractions in the area. GUIDED TOURS OF POMPEII Even though several companies provide tours in addition to their transportation services, customers […]

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31 agosto 2022
Pompeii Tickets and Discounts

Pompeii is one of the most historic sites in all of Italy, and it makes quite the convenient day trip from cities like Rome, Sorrento, and Naples. Since we lead tours in all three of those cities, tourists are always asking our guides about visiting Pompeii, and they've given us some helpful details to share […]

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30 agosto 2022
Rome to Florence by Train

If you’re planning to take one of our free Florence walking tours and you’re visiting by train, this guide will help you figure out how to get from Rome to the very spot where your tour will begin! We include tips on ticket prices, the duration of the journey, the departure points for these trains, […]

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25 agosto 2022
How to See the Pope When in Rome

Millions of people visit the Vatican every year in hopes of a chance to see the Pope. Our own tour guides in Rome are often asked about this very subject, and they had a lot of helpful advice for us that we wanted to share. In addition to covering all the different ways you can […]

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24 agosto 2022
How to Take a Gondola Ride in Venice

This post will provide helpful information about how to enjoy a gondola ride in Venice.  We include tips on costs, how to get tickets, as well as discounts. Overview Public Gondola Rides Private Gondola Rides Gondola Discounts Venice Walking Tours Overview One of the most common sights in Venice are the gondolas floating down the […]

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19 agosto 2022
Things to See and Do in Sintra Portugal

This post is a visitor's guide to Sintra, Portugal, coverning things to see and do as well as other planning tips. And keep in mind that you can take a free guided tour of Sintra. How to Get Here Plan Your Visit Fast Track Tickets It may be helpful to buy tickets ahead of time […]

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10 agosto 2022
Muir Woods National Monument Visitor's Guide

This post provides details about some of the best things to see and do in Muir Woods, including details about hiking trails, camping, and other activities. It includes directions on how to get there and information about various different forms of transportation you might want to consider. Muir Woods Visitor Center Most people coming to […]

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5 agosto 2022
How Safe Is The Lower East Side

This post answers a question that many visitors to New York City want to know, “Is the Lower East Side safe for tourists?” Our local tour guides are very familiar with the Lower East Side both from giving tours and spending free time there enjoying the neighborhood. Here are their thoughts about what parts of […]

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3 agosto 2022
New York City Souvenirs + Gifts

This post covers some of the best places to find souvenirs in New York that you could bring home from your trip. We include a few locations under each type of souvenir shop, a description of what they focus on, their location, and links to examples of the items they carry. WHAT ARE THE BEST […]

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31 julio 2022
The Edge New York

In diesem Beitrag geht es um Tipps zum Besuch von The Edge, einer Aussichtsplattform in Hudson Yards Manhattan, mit Tipps zu Tickets, Rabatten und zur Planung Ihres Besuchs. TICKETS - EINTRITT Es gibt zwei Arten von Tickets: Allgemeiner Eintritt und Edge Flex Pass. Beide Arten von Tickets beinhalten: Allgemeine Eintrittskarten geben Ihnen ein bestimmtes Datum/Zeitfenster, […]

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28 julio 2022
Central Park Pedicab Tours

There are several different ways to explore the 843 acres of Central Park, and pedicab tours are one of the best opportunities in the area.  This post covers the best tour companies in the park, including information about prices, availability, and other important details. How Much Does a Central Park Pedicab Cost? Scheduled Tours Walk-up […]

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22 julio 2022
How to Get Between London and Canterbury by Train

This post provides information about how to get to and from Canterbury by train, as well as other forms of transportation.  You may also want to consider an organized day trip as an alternative. WHERE IS CANTERBURY? Canterbury is located in Kent, a county in the southwest of England famed for its rich foliage and […]

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20 junio 2022
Self-Guided Walking Tour Athens

This post is a free, self-guided walking tour of Athens's historic centre. You can complete this tour in about 90 minutes, but you may want to take more time to explore the area. Introduction Athens is an ancient city and the modern capital of Greece. This city has a history dating back thousands of years, […]

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