Looking for the best lobster, lobster roll, or seafood places in Boston? Well, you are in the right place. 

This post will provide suggestions for the best locations in Beantown that serve Lobster and Lobster roll.

Let's take a bite!

Best Lobster Places in Boston

Who has the best lobster in Boston?  Well, that depends on what type of lobster you want.

Best Lobster in Boston

Steamed Lobster

If you want a steamed or boiled lobster, go with a place that has the most inexpensive ones.

There are many pubs you will spot in Boston with specials like a twin lobster with a pint of beer for $12.99 or so.  Go there. 

A steamed or boiled lobster is not exactly the fine art of cooking. Even Tour Guide Brian’s seven-year-old niece can cook you up a great steamed lobster.

All you are doing is dropping the poor guy in a pot of water for about ten minutes and that is it.  It doesn't really matter where you get it if you just want it steamed or boiled.

Lobster Rolls in Boston

If you are looking for Lobster roll, that’s a whole another story.  There are many places that sell lobster rolls and a few that are great. 

Most places will give you a hot dog roll with more lettuce than lobster, so here is where you want to pay attention.  

Here are a few of the great places near or along the Freedom Trail that you may want to try after taking our Freedom Trail Tour:

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Pauli's (at 65 Salem St. in our Northend/Little Italy neighborhood): 

You must get the large one. For $30 it will feed two people; it’s a sub roll loaded with lobster meat.

James Hook & Company (for real that is the guy's name) located at 15 Northern Ave (right on the waterfront): 

For $14 they give you a lobster roll on the classic hot dog bun. This one, while not as large as the one from Pauli's is loaded with lobster and is good for one person.

Neptune Oyster located at 63 Salem Street (right next to Pauli's).

Neptune Oyster has a great Lobster roll on a toasted roll for $27 and it is also offered without the roll. 

A great place but usually there is a wait for a table as they are very popular.

The Daily Catch  located in the heart of our Little Italy Neighborhood at 323 Hanover St. and also at 2 Northern Ave. in the Seaport District.

They have a lobster/crab roll that is quite good and priced to market so watch the price.

The Barking Crab at 88 Sleeper St. 

It's a bit off of the Freedom Trail but on the Harbor Walk which runs along the Harbor in Boston's Seaport District will give you a great lobster roll for $23. 

Loaded with lobster and another great place for a Lobster roll.

Yankee Lobster 300 located at Northern Ave and a short walk from the Freedom Trail.

Yankee Lobster's $18.99 lobster roll is wrapped in pita bread with French fries. The dining area is small as they also a market for both retail and wholesale. 

They have been featured on the Food Network in early May.

Why is Boston One of the Best Cities for Lobster?

It's actually one of the most common questions we get from guests visiting our great city.

There are many great places to get lobster and lobster roll in Boston, but few that are great.

What you want to look for is the price for lobster and size (how much lobster there is) in the lobster roll.

Best Lobster in Boston

Lobsters can be quite expensive nowadays, which has not always been the case. Prior to the mid-19th century, eating lobster was considered a sign of poverty. 

The lobster was served to servants, prisoners, and was used as fertilizer.

It wasn't until the mid-20th century that it was thought of as anything but cheap canned food, but that’s another story…

Bostonians are proud of their lobsters. In fact, many believe that the place to have a lobster is in New England. 

The reason why lobster tastes better in the Northeast areas like in Boston or Maine rather than Los Angles or Nebraska is because of their shells.

The lobster normally sheds its shell in the Spring and Fall, and the most flavorful tasting ones are the new shell lobsters.  

Due to their softer shell, they are not suited for shipping, because they die quickly while being shipped.

As a result, the ones that are shipped around the country are the hard shell lobsters.

Hardshell lobsters have older shells and are therefore easily shipped (and more expensive because of this), though the meat is not as sweet. 

So the best place to eat lobster is in New England. 

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