How to Take the Train From Rome to Naples

Updated: 13 octubre 2023

This post provides information about how to take the train from Rome to Naples, including ticket prices and what the trains have to offer.

Taking the train from Rome to Naples is quick and easy. Below we’ve provided more information on this trip.

How Far is Naples from Rome?

Naples is located roughly 140 miles (225 km) from Rome.

Close to 100 trains leave Rome Termini Station in the heart of Rome each day, heading towards Napoli Centrale Station.  Both of these stations are the main train stations in their respective cities.

Because there are so many options, there’s usually no “best time” to take the trains, although you will find fewer people late at night.

There are high-speed options that get you to your destination quickly, as well as slower trains that can double or triple the time it takes.

Below, we cover a description of the trains themselves, an idea as to travel times, give you an idea as to fares, and provide information on how to book train tickets.

We also provide trips that will hopefully made your train ride easier.


There are a few train companies to choose from in your journey from Rome to Naples.

There are two options for high-speed trains which make the fastest journey time and tend to provide the most comfort: NTV and Tranitalia.

  • NTV is a private company that runs Italio trains.
  • Trenitalia is Italy’s national rail service. They run the Frecciarossa trains.

Both run along the same tracks.

There are also slower InterCity trains and Regionale trains.

Option 1 - NTV's Italio

The Italio runs from either Roma Termini or Roma Triburtina stations to Napoli Centrale station, with at least two going out each hour.

Depending on the model, this high-speed train could reach speeds of up to 186 MPH /300 km/h.

The trip takes about an hour and 10 minutes.

Description of Italio Trains

The Italotreno (Italio trains) are modern high-speed trains, with four passenger seat-class options to choose from.

These trains have reclining leather seats, footrests, lots of legroom, and no limitations on luggage. 

They also have onboard vending machines and snacks. A trolley service may also come through at some point in the journey.

And they have wi-fi, power outlets, and Italo Live which provides free movies, music, games, and more.

Italio Fares

With Italio trains, the ticket prices are impacted by the class of service you choose. The options are Smart, Prima, Club Executive, Salotto/Lounge.

There’s also the type of ticket that impacts whether you can make changes to the tickets. These are Flex, Economy, Low Cost, eXtra MAGIC).

Note that there is discount pricing for children (ages 3-13), young (ages 14-29), and seniors (60+). 

Below are some general ideas as to fares:

  • Flex: €40 – €110 per person
  • Economy: €20 – €46 per person
  • Low Cost: €18 – €25 per person
  • eXtra MAGIC (Non-Refundable): €11 – €16 per person
  • Click here to purchase tickets

As with all tickets, travel dates and travel times will impact the price of the ticket.

Booking Italio Tickets

Tickets can be purchased online or at the station. The ticket machines at the station have options for multiple languages.

Note that reservations are required so you must pick a set date and time.

Italio says they release tickets up to 120 days out, though we’ve at times only been able to book 60 days out.

As expected, tickets are booked quickly in the high season, so you’ll want to make your reservations as soon as you can.

In fact, you might find the ticket price increase 4 times higher if you wait until the last minute to book.

Italio Tips:

Eurail and InterRail passes are not valid on Italio trains.

If you buy your tickets ahead of time online, or at a ticket machine, you can skip the long slow-moving lines at the counter.

The board listing departure times won't show your trip until just about 20 minutes before the train leaves, so no need to turn up too early. 30 minutes should be enough.

The high speed train is quick enough that you can consider a round-trip day trip to either Rome or Naples.

Option 2 - Trenitalia's Frecciarossa

Trenitalia's high-speed Frecciarossa trains also leave from Roma Termini station and run to Napoli Centrale, on the same tracks as the Ialio.

It also takes about an hour and 14 minutes for the trip.

Description of Frecciarossa Trains

These high-speed trains have been recently refurbished, although they are not quite as “luxurious” at Italio.

However, the seating layout is better in Frecciarossa than in Italio.

Announcements are made in both Italian and English, and there are information screens that let you know about the next stops.

They offer a fully staffed cafe/bar rather than vending machines, and in Business Class, a tray meal can be ordered.

Executive Class seats include a cold meal with the price of the ticket.

Seats are automatically assigned; however, for a few extra euros, you can choose specific seats.

Frecciarossa Fares

The Frecciarossa has a number of classes of service: Standard/2nd class, Premium/better 2nd class, Business/1st class, and Executive/Premium 1st class.

They also have categories that limit or allow for changes to the tickets, such as Basic, Economy, Super Economy, and Senior.

The time of day matters to the ticket price, with early morning and late night tickets sometimes costing less. Weekend and holiday schedules may also offer fewer trips.

Below are some general ideas as to fares:

  • Standard: €15 – €48  per person
  • Premium: €18 - €58 per person
  • Business or Business Quiet: €20 - €65 per person
  • Business Lounge: €33 - 72 per person
  • Executive Premium: €85 - €130  per person
  • Click here to purchase tickets

Booking FrecciarossaTickets

Tickets can be purchased online through Trenitalia, other online sites such as Omio, Trainline, or Rail Ninja, or at the station.

Frecciarossa Tips

Be sure to check the train car number on your ticket. There are overhead displays that show you where your train car will stop on the platform.

The Frecciarossa is one of a few varieties of Trenitalia trains they call Le Frecce (The Arrows). Other trains include the Frecciargento and Frecciabiana. Neither of these runs the Rome to Naples route directly, but can be used to reach other parts of the country

Option 3 - Trenitalia's InterCity 

After high-speed, InterCity trains, run by Trenitalia, are your next fastest way to travel from Rome to Naples. These reach speeds up to around 125 MPH /200 km/h.

They are usually a cheaper option than a high-speed train, partly because they make frequent stops along the way.

The InterCity can take up to 2 hours for the trip.

Description of Intercity Trains

These trains are pretty basic, although they do have first- and second-class seats. However, specific seats cannot be reserved.

The first-class seats offer more legroom and power sockets for your electronics.

The second-class seats sometimes have power sockets. There is space for your luggage on racks near the doors.

As far as amenities go, you may find air-conditioned cars on the Intercity, but Wi-Fi is usually not available.

They often have a bistro car on board that sells snacks as well as hot and cold drinks. Note that you are also allowed to bring your own food aboard these trains.

InterCity Fares

Below are the general prices, although if you’d like to add a ticket that allows for changes, they offer Basic, Economy, and Super Economy pricing.

Each of these can make the tickets more expensive.

However, keep an eye out for special pricing for kids and seniors.

Booking Intercity Tickets

InterCity tickets can be booked up to 180 days in advance.

Reservations are required and the tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable.

The cheapest tickets sell out early so it's recommended that you book as early as possible.

Be sure to pay attention to the stations listed if you just enter Rome to Naples in your search as they stop at more than one station in each city.

Intercity Tips

These trains have a family area with a kid-friendly design on their trains. Seating in this car can be selected at the time of booking.

Option 4 - Regionale

These are the slowest trains on the Rome to Naples route, taking somewhere around 3 - 3.5 hours for the trip because of frequent stops.

They are often older trains as well. Both of these are the reasons why tickets tend to be budget-friendly.

Description of Regionale Trains

These trains are rather hit-or-miss. Some are quite good and others are a bit run-down.

They usually only offer second-class seats.

There is no air conditioning, no Wi-Fi, and seats can’t be reserved.

Regionale Fares

Regionale tickets are often the cheapest way to get from Rome to Naples.

There are, however, limitations on refunds and changes.

Below are some general ideas as to fares:

Booking Regionale Tickets

You can buy the tickets online or at train station ticket machines or ticket offices. It's important to know that in some cases, a ticket machine will not accept a foreign credit card.

IMPORTANT: Regionale tickets need to be validated before boarding if you have purchased them using a ticket machine or ticket counter.

It does not have a date or time stamp on it the way a ticket purchased online ticket does. Once it's validated, it's good for 4 hours.

Look for the blue-green machine that says "Validate Your Ticket" on the front. If you miss this step, you may have to pay a small fine on the train.

Regionale Tips:

Look for the R on your tickets to ensure it's Regionale.

If you see a "1 change" on the ticket, it means you'll need to change trains somewhere along the trip.


We have a few recommendations for you that could help make your trip a bit easier.

Booking Your Tickets Online

At times, it can be hard to navigate the Italio and Trenitalia websites.

Entering “Rome” or “Naples” may bring up no options when Roma or Napoli might.

Many travelers recommend using the Omio website, which is in English.

It compares all options for travel from Rome to Naples and the pricing is usually very close to what you’ll find on the direct websites.

It’s also easier to find the InterCity and Regionale tickets on their website. Click here to book with Omio.

Getting to Rome's Termini Station

The train station is the second largest in Europe. Because it's in the city center, it can often take a while to get through traffic to get there.

If you are taking a bus or a taxi, you'll want to give yourself plenty of time. And if you arrive early, know that there's plenty to do at the station.

Note that if you are arriving at Rome Fiumicino airport and need to get to Termini, the easiest way is to take the Leonardo Express train.

Most folks don't recommend the FL1 train because it goes to another station that you then have to transfer from.

You can also take a taxi or the Alibus airport shuttle.

Leaving Napoli Centrale Station

This station is connected to Napoli Pizaaza Garibaldi, an underground subway station that serves both subway lines and Circumvesuviana trains (that go to Pompeii).

Napoli Centrale is also the main hub for local and regional buses. You

And on the platform level, you'll find everything you could need: tourist information, currency exchange, restaurants, shops, and more.

As this is a massive station, it's important to keep your eyes open to pickpockets and thieves. Don't get distracted by aggressive folks either, be they vendors, men who want to carry your luggage, or beggars.

Tours in Naples

Check out tour free walking tours in Naples or check out the main tours below. We also have tours in Rome.

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