The Weather in London in June

Updated: 26 marzo 2023

This post covers the weather in June in London.

We include average temperatures, rainfall, and tips on what to wear and things to do.


Daytime high temperatures start out in the 18-19 C (mid-60s F) early in June but warm into the comfortable 21-22 C (lower 70s F) by month’s end.  

A couple of the warmer days, especially later in the month, will reach temperatures of 26-27 C (near 80 F) while a couple of the cooler afternoons earlier in the month may only get to 14-15 C (upper 50s F).

Late night and early morning low temperatures tend to be 11-12 C (the lower 50s) but warming to 13-14 C (mid to upper 50s F) by month’s end.

A few of the colder nights and mornings, however, might dip down to 8-9 C (the upper 40s).


There is ample daylight this month to explore the city with at least 16 to 16.6 hours available daily throughout this month.

Cloudiness decreases during June with about 14-16 days having either sunny or at least partly sunny skies

About 13 days this month will record some rainfall.

However, only about 7-8 days will record at least 1 mm (0.04 inches) or more rainfall.


Even though the weather is increasingly warmer, you will still need a mix of spring and summer clothes as the weather can be quite changeable.  

What to Wear in June in London

Light summer wear will come in handy during warmer days.

However, evenings and mornings still tend to be cool as will be a few of the colder afternoons so a jacket and a couple of sweaters are a must.

Always remember to bring a pair or two of good walking shoes so you can join us on a walking tour of London!


Below is our top 10 list of things to do in June in London.

Read our full post on things to do this month in London as well as our post on things to do any time in London for more ideas. 

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  1. Witness the Trooping the Colour
  2. Go to a Concert or Music Festival
  3. Be tricked by world-famous magician David Blaine 
  4. Enjoy a musical like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
  5. See the ICC Cricket Match Finals
  6. Take part in London Food Month
  7. Stop and smell the roses at Queen Mary’s Garden
  8. Check out the free Greenwich and Docklands International Fest
  9. Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day at the HMS Belfast and the Churchill War Rooms
  10. Learn more about London and D-Day on our London World War II Tour

If you are coming at the start or end of the month, you may want to read our posts on London weather in May and July.

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Updated: marzo 26th, 2023
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