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31 Las Vegas Shows You Can See Today

Updated: April 2, 2024

This post lists many entertaining Las Vegas shows that are offered almost year-round, including theatrical productions, comedy shows, magic acts, concerts, and more.


The following section will cover theatrical productions that are offered frequently in various theaters along the Las Vegas strip.

No matter when you choose to visit, chances are you’ll have an opportunity to see one of these shows!

Cirque du Soleil

This troupe performs several popular shows in Las Vegas pretty much year-round.

Although they may take short breaks on rare occasions, you can usually count on at least one Cirque du Soleil show while visiting this city.

Two of the more popular productions are The Beatles: LOVE and Michael Jackson: ONE.

If you're looking for something fresh, Mad Apple is one of the newest Cirque shows in Las Vegas.

Needless to say, you can expect to hear a lot of wonderful music from each artist during the performance.

Here are a few other shows you may want to consider seeing while you’re in Las Vegas:

Many of these shows are included at no extra cost with Las Vegas tourist passes, allowing you to save money on tickets.

Blue Man Group

If you’re looking for another type of theatrical performance, the Blue Man Group has been putting on a unique family friendly show for decades.

They continue to be a fan favorite around the world.

Blue Man Group

This troupe actually has its own venue in Las Vegas – the Blue Man Theatre at the Luxor – and they perform here pretty much throughout the year.

Purchase Blue Man Group Tickets or learn more.

Admission to Blue Man Group is included with some Las Vegas tourist passes, so if you’re planning to see more than one show while visiting the city, it might be worth using one of these services.

VEGAS! The Show

What better way to learn about the history of Las Vegas than by watching a show named after the city?

This production tells the tale of how this city became a hub of entertainment.

With plenty of wonderful music and incredible dancing, this is one performance you won’t want to miss.

You can catch this show at the Saxe Theater in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

Purchase VEGAS! The Show Tickets or learn more.

Purchase Vegas: The Show tickets.

If you’re planning to use a tourist pass, it’s worth noting that some of them actually include this Las Vegas show at no additional cost.

V – The Ultimate Variety Show

As the name implies, this performance features a variety of different artists including acrobats, musicians, dancers, magic, comedy, and more.

You’ll find this show at the V1 Theater in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

V is the perfect Las Vegas show for anyone who can’t decide which type of entertainment they want to see while visiting because it has a little bit of everything!

Purchase V - The Ultimate Variety Show Tickets or learn more.

Purchase V – The Ultimate Variety Show tickets

As with many other shows, you can actually save money on tickets by using a Las Vegas tourist pass.


This variety show has been described by some as a combination between Cirque du Soleil and The Rocky Horror Picture Show due to its adult themes.

Absinthe actually takes place in a circus tent, but instead of a traditional circus performance, all of the participants put on more of a cabaret show with scantily clad performers and acrobats pulling off incredible feats.

There are two performances of this show almost every day at the Spiegeltent in Caesars Palace.

Purchase Absinthe Tickets or learn more.

Tickets to Absinthe are included with some tourist passes at no extra cost, and these services can save you a lot of money on Las Vegas shows.

Tournament of Kings

If you’ve ever had an interest in Medieval times, this is one show you won’t want to miss.

While dining on a 3-course meal, you’ll see knights in combat against one another.

Tournament of Kings has been held in Las Vegas on an almost nightly basis for several decades at Excalibur Hotel and Casino.

Purchase Tournament of Kings Tickets or learn more.

You can actually get tickets with some tourist passes, which is an excellent way to save money on many of the Las Vegas shows on this post.


This show could almost be described as a musical act, but they also perform a lot of incredible choreography, dancing, and special effects which make the performance a bit more impressive than just another concert.


Jabbawockeez has been described as an excellent, high-energy family and kid friendly show, and they perform at their own theater in MGM Grand almost every day.

Purchase Jabbawockeez Tickets or learn more.

If you’re interested in seeing the dance moves that this group can pull off, keep in mind that tickets are included at no additional cost with some Las Vegas tourist passes.


Much like Absinthe and coming from the same creators of that show, Opium is described as an “intergalactic comedy show” with a variety of interesting music, circus acts, and more.

Once again, this is an adults-only show thanks to the level of racy comedy and visuals you’ll see during the performance.

Purchase Tickets for the Opium Las Vegas Show or learn more.

Tickets to this show are included with some tourist passes, which are a great way to save money on a variety of popular activities in Las Vegas.

Atomic Saloon Show

This is another variety show featuring professional dancers, gymnasts, and other performers in western style costumes and outfits.

As the name implies, you can indeed order a cocktail at the saloon while you're waiting for the show to start.

Unlike other theatrical shows in Las Vegas, this one is intended for audiences 18 and older.

Get tickets for the Atomic Saloon Show.

If you're looking for more of a wild west experience while in Vegas, this is the show for you!


If you’re in need of a good laugh, there are plenty of great comedians, comedy clubs, and shows to enjoy in Las Vegas which we will cover in greater detail in this section.

Comedy Cellar

This is yet another excellent comedy club to visit if you want to enjoy a hilarious stand-up performance.

Visitors can expect a variety of great comedians to provide an excellent show.

Purchase Tickets for the Comedy Cellar.

The Comedy Cellar is located at the Rio, and tickets are typically a lot more affordable than other theatrical performances and shows in Las Vegas.

Tape Face

If you’re looking for a different kind of comedy, Tape Face is actually a classically trained mime who – as the name implies – puts tape on his face.

He also uses a lot of other props to tell a story and make the audience laugh with his hilarious facial expressions.

Purchase Tape Face Tickets.

You can see him almost all year at the House of Tape in Harrah's Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Live

This comedy club is one of the most popular venues in Las Vegas, and they offer shows throughout the year with a variety of hilarious comedians on hand to perform.

Located at the V2 Theater in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, this is a great club to visit if you’re in need of a good laugh.

This is also an excellent alternative if you can’t get tickets for another show.

Purchase Las Vegas Live Tickets.

Admission to this comedy club is included with some Las Vegas tourist passes.

If you’re planning to use one of these services, you might want to consider using them for this show as well!

Laugh Factory

Considered by some to be one of the best comedy clubs in Las Vegas, the Laugh Factory is another excellent place to enjoy stand-up comedy.

Purchase Tickets to the Laugh Factory.

This club routinely welcomes some of the more notable comedians in the area, including names like Rich Little, Andrew Dice Clay, Adam Ray, and more.

Carrot Top

This hilarious red-haired comedian performs at the Atrium Showroom in the Luxor almost year-round, so chances are you’ll have an opportunity to see him while you’re in town.

Purchase Carrot Top Tickets.

Although he does have almost daily shows most of the time, there are some months when Carrot Top will take a break for a short period, so make sure to check ahead of time if you’re interested.


Vegas is one of the best places in the world to see magicians create illusions, and there are many famous performers you can see in this city throughout the year which we will cover in this section.

Penn and Teller

These two are probably the most famous magicians in Las Vegas, and they have become so well known and respected that they actually have their own theater at the Rio.

In addition to performing some of the best magic tricks you’ll ever see, these two are also some of the best comedians in the city.

Basically, if you're coming to Vegas, this show is an absolute must-see!

Purchase Penn and Teller Tickets.

Whether you’re in need of a laugh or a mind-bending show, Penn and Teller are sure to please.

Criss Angel

If you’ve ever seen the show Mindfreak, you’re probably familiar with the magic of Criss Angel.

He has become such a famous magician over the years that he also has his own theater at Planet Hollywood.

Although he sometimes goes on tour or takes a short break, Criss Angel typically performs once a day throughout most of the year in Las Vegas.

Purchase Criss Angel Tickets.

Tickets to this show are included with Las Vegas tourist passes, which means you don’t even have to pay full price to see this famous magician perform!

The Mentalist

Known for allegedly being able to control minds, The Mentalist is another famous and well-known magician who routinely performs in Las Vegas.

If you’ve ever been curious about psychic abilities, this is one performance you definitely won’t want to miss!

You can catch it at the V2 Theater in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino almost every day of the week.

Purchase The Mentalist Tickets.

Admission to this magic show is provided by at least one major Las Vegas tourist pass, which could help you save a lot of money on tickets.

David Copperfield

Many people feel that Copperfield is one of the greatest magicians of his generation, and if you’ve ever seen him perform, it’s not difficult to understand why.

Purchase David Copperfield Tickets.

David Copperfield has his own theater at the MGM Grand where he performs often twice a day throughout the year, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to see him no matter when you visit.

Murray The Magician

Murray the Magician

Murray the Magician has performed for Penn & Teller, America’s Got Talent, Reno 911, Last Comic Standing, and many other popular shows.

If you’re looking for another hilarious magician to enjoy, Murray is well known not only as an illusionist but also as a brilliant comedian.

Purchase Tickets to see Murray the Magician.

He performs magic almost every day at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas.

Nathan Burton

This is another excellent example of a magic show that also provides a lot of laughter.

Nathan is known for performing comedy magic, and he is quickly becoming one of the most popular shows in town.

Nathan Burton performs at the Saxe Theater in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on an almost daily basis, and he actually has some of the earlier shows in all of Las Vegas at 4 pm.

Purchase Tickets to see Nathan Burton.

You can get tickets to this show with some Las Vegas tourist passes, which is a great way to save money on not only this, but many other Las Vegas shows.


If you’re looking for a great concert to attend, there are usually several great musicians visiting Las Vegas every month, but some live in the area and perform at a variety of venues all year long.

This section will provide details about some of the best musical acts you can enjoy no matter when you visit Vegas, including a few of the best singers and songwriter who have residencies in this city.

Wayne Newton

Is there any name more synonymous with Las Vegas than Wayne Newton?

This man has been performing some of the best music in the city for decades, and he continues to do so on an almost daily basis. His singing voice is both unmistakable and unforgettable!

Purchase Wayne Newton Tickets.

Fans can catch one of his performances at Cleopatra’s Barge in Caesars Palace pretty much any day of the week.

Boyz II Men

If you grew up in the ’80s or ’90s, chances are you’re quite familiar with this R&B group.

Thankfully, they still perform live concerts to this very day, and many of them are held at Terry Fator Theatre in the Mirage.

Unlike some of the other artists in Las Vegas, Boyz II Men are almost always going on short tours throughout the rest of the country, so they only perform in Sin City once or twice per month.

Purchase Tickets to see Boyz II Men.

That said, if you end up visiting while they’re in town, it’s definitely worth going to one of their concerts!


Much like many other notable artists, Sting also performs in Las Vegas when he has residency.

Like Boyz II Men, this is another case where he only performs for 1-2 months at most in Vegas, and tours other parts of the world during the rest of the year.

When he is in town, you can expect him to be performing at the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace.

Purchase tickets to see Sting live in concert.

You can expect Sting to perform in Vegas during the spring.

Rod Stewart

With classics like Have I Told You Lately, You're in My Heart, and This Old Heart of Mine, who wouldn't want to see Rod Stewart perform live in Las Vegas?

This is another case where the artist only plays in Vegas for around 1-2 months of the year, usually in the spring.

Purchase tickets to see Rod Stewart live in concert.

Like Sting, he will also be performing at the Colosseum in Caesar's Palace.

MJ Live

MJ Live

Although Michael Jackson is no longer with us, his musical legacy lives on in this Las Vegas tribute act who performs a lot of the most popular hits from throughout his career.

Purchase MJ Live Tickets.

MJ Live follows in the great tradition of tribute bands and artists who perform the music of famous artists in Las Vegas, so if you miss the King of Pop, this is definitely a show worth seeing.

Legends in Concert

If you can’t pick just one musical artist or show to see, this is one of the best Las Vegas shows available.

Legends in Concert features a plethora of musical genres including rock, pop, country, reggae, and more.

Tribute artists will perform popular songs from notable musicians such as Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Elvis, and more.

This show is held at the Tropicana Hotel on an almost daily basis.

Purchase Tickets to Legends in Concert.

This musical show is included at no additional cost with some Las Vegas tourist passes.

Tenors of Rock

If you’re interested in a different kind of tribute act, the Tenors of Rock are a group of five vocalists/singers who perform several classic rock songs from a variety of notable and historic rock musicians.

Tenors of Rock

This group is well known for singing songs from the Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Guns n’ Roses, AC/DC, and more.

Purchase Tickets for Tenors of Rock.

You can catch this show at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino almost every day.

All Shook Up

Fans of Elvis will jump at the opportunity to see this tribute act performing many of his greatest hits.

You can see this show almost any day of the week at V2 Theater in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

While other tributes will focus only on the music, this one actually takes the tale of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and modernizes it with music from the King.

Purchase Tickets to All Shook Up.

If you’re looking to save money on admission to the show, it’s worth noting that All Shook Up is included with some Las Vegas tourist passes.


This is yet another excellent tribute show in Las Vegas, and as you can probably guess, the members of this band perform a lot of the greatest hits from the Beatles.

Beatleshow is one of the top-rated Beatles tribute bands, and they perform on an almost daily basis at the Saxe Theater in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

Purchase Tickets to Beatleshow.

Admission to this show is included with some Las Vegas tourist passes, and these services are a great way to save money on tickets.


It seems like every few years a new sports team pops up in Las Vegas, and there are already quite a few well-known examples.

If you're interested in seeing a live sporting event, consider one of the following options:

It should also be noted that in November 2024, the city will host the Las Vegas Grand Prix, an awesome Formula 1 race right along the strip.

Fans of motorsports will definitely want to attend that event!


Many of the Las Vegas shows listed on this post are actually included with multiple tourist passes.

And these services are actually one of the best ways to save money on tickets if you’re planning to see multiple shows.

The following list covers each of the shows included with at least one pass:

  • Absinthe | $109
  • Criss Angel | $85-$120
  • Legends in Concert | $85-$130
  • Blue Man Group | $140-$145
  • Vegas: The Show | $115-$120
  • Ka by Cirque du Soleil | $110
  • V – The Ultimate Variety Show | $95
  • Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil | $110
  • The Beatles: LOVE Cirque du Soleil | $170
  • Tournament of Kings | $75-$80
  • Jabbawockeez | $85-$90
  • Las Vegas Live | $60
  • Nathan Burton | $60
  • The Mentalist | $65-$70
  • All Shook Up | $55-65
  • Beatleshow | $70-$75
  • Opium | $109

Some of the tourist passes which include these shows are all-inclusive or flex pass options which allow you to pay one flat price for multiple days or activities.

No matter which one you choose, these services will still save you money on tickets even if you’re only interested in seeing just 2 or 3 of them!

All-inclusive passes start at around $139 for 2 days, and flex passes can be as little as $20-$25 per activity.

Even if all you wanted to see was The Beatles: LOVE by Cirque du Soleil, you’d still save money using this pass instead of purchasing tickets individually.

There is also a build-your-own-pass that lets you save 20% off all your tickets as long as you purchase 2 or more, allowing you to ensure that you save some money no matter what.

Even if you’re not sure about purchasing either an all-inclusive or flex pass, you should definitely consider the build-your-own-pass if you’re interested in at least 2 of the shows available through the service.

For more information about these discount opportunities, please read our post covering Las Vegas tourist passes.

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