About Our New Orleans Tour Guides

Free Tours by Foot – provides a platform for fun-loving freelance New Orleans tour guides to come together for a common cause: To teach history and entertain guests with creative tours of New Orleans. We offer free tours for one very important reason, so that everyone can enjoy a fun, creative and educational walking tour experience at a really great price: even FREE. Our pay-what-you-want model means that our guides have to work extra hard to earn your satisfaction. Our tour guides love what they do and will make sure they provide you with the best sightseeing experience possible.

We are always on the lookout for great talent.  We promote the tours of our independent New Orleans tour guides and allow them to offer up their skills and their experiences to our guests on a pay-what-you-like basis.  Do you have a tour that you would like to promote through Free Tours by Foot?  Then drop us a line and let us know about it.

Meet the Crew:

Sarah NolaSarah:
From Washington State, but her mama was born in Alabama. Needless to say, Sarah knows lots about the South. As a child, her family always took cultural vacations. One year they took a three week train trip with stops in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and New Orleans (Sarah’s first visit to NOLA). She fell in love with New Orleans and all things historic. After college, Sarah did a year of service in AmeriCorps for the Red Cross of New Orleans. This was a life-changer, and she knew she wanted NOLA to be her new home. Her mother was thrilled. Back then Sarah acted like a drama queen about all the museums she had to visit, her mom said that she would thank her later. So true! Sarah is still into drama, history, culture, good food, museums, architecture, music, and NEW ORLEANS!!!!!

New Orleans tour guide Melissa
Melissa: Although not a native, Melissa has lived in New Orleans for over 20 years. During a high school field trip to New Orleans, Melissa knew she was home as soon as her feet hit the ground. She moved to New Orleans in 1991 and considers herself a local ever since. Melissa truly enjoys spreading her love of this city, the history and culture to others who come for a visit. She always warns them that they will find themselves falling in love and wanting to make La Nouvelle-Orléans their home, too. Laissez les bons temp rouler!


New Orleans tour guide Elizabeth
Elizabeth: Born in the bayou country of South Louisiana and raised in the elegant city of New Orleans, Elizabeth Broussard is a true native. Elizabeth is passionate about the history and culture of New Orleans and is hospitable and welcoming to all guests who visit. When she is not hosting a tour, Elizabeth keeps busy with her education, currently working towards a business degree in Restaurant, Hotel and Tourism Management. Join Elizabeth for a stroll through her decadent and opulent home town.



New orleans tour guide Kathy


Kathy:  Kathy has always loved history and her city of New Orleans. She grew up here and studied the history of this amazing city for many years. After her successful career of 25 years at The Times Picayune, she wanted to do something different, something she would enjoy and be good at. Since she has always given tours to out of town guests and family she knew that being a tour guide would satisfy that goal. Come and explore New Orleans with her.


New Orleans tour guide Sean

Sean:  Sean is a New Orleans native, born in Algiers and raised in Gretna, LA. He holds a Master’s Degree in History from Southeastern Louisiana University and has a passion for the past. He has held many jobs: teacher, reporter, waiter, librarian, cook, but his true calling is showing people the sights of his home town, from the famous landmarks to the best place to get a good meal. He loves telling stories about the strange and wonderful people of old New Orleans, from notorious criminals and crooked politicians to wandering artists and colorful eccentrics. In his spare time Sean writes fiction and is a published Civil War historian.


New Orleans tour guide Teri


Teri:  An actor and acting coach, Teri is proud to call New Orleans her “adopted city.” Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Teri moved to “Hollywood South” to work on a film project and never left (she swears there is something in the water…). She loves the history and culture of the Big Easy, and is very passionate about sharing that love with others. Don’t be surprised if she breaks out into song and dance on a tour; it worked for Elvis!






Andrew: Andrew moved to New Orleans from the tiny town of St. Francisville, Louisiana for college in 2004. (He’s one of three FTBF tour guides from St. Francisville – collect all three!) For a long time Andrew didn’t “get” New Orleans, but after Katrina, he returned with the zeal of the convert and now gets to spend his days enumerating his city’s charms. Having a background in performance, linguistics, writing, and uncompensated wordplay, Andrew is proud to be full-time in the Homeric arts. Between tours you are likely to find him making theater happen around town or climbing a tree in Audubon Park.


Robi: Robi moved tIMG_1191o New Orleans in 2015. (He’s one of three FTBF tour guides from St. Francisville, Louisiana – collect all three!) Born and raised in the bayous, he has extensive knowledge of Voodoo tradition, plantation history, south Louisiana culture, and ghost encounters. When he reached adulthood he became a full-fledged priest of Plantation Voodoo and has spent time in the media speaking on the subjects of ghosts, hauntings, spells, and herbal health. With a huge appetite for southern cuisine and a powerful urge to entertain the masses, he will instill knowledge you will remember forever. Between tours you may find him performing African dance in Congo Square or indulging in local cuisine. To him New Orleans has always been “home.”


New Orleans tour guide Matthew

Matthew: Matthew grew up in li’l ol’ St. Francisville, Louisiana (along with fellow guides Andrew and Robi), but since his grandparents lived in New Orleans, the city found its way into his life early on. After some extensive traveling, he came to the logical conclusion that there’s no better place to live than New Orleans and consequently made it his home. Since then, he’s immersed himself in the city’s complex and puzzling history, in particular the delightful curiosities that history books often overlook. He is a chronic storyteller, and in addition to giving tours, he also writes fiction, plays, and comics and occasionally makes films.




New Orleans Tour Guide Renee.

Reneé: New Orleans is known as a cultural melting pot, a gumbo, and that’s what you might describe our local tour guide Renée. With a first name of Renée and a last name of Whitecloud – she’s a well-blended New Orleanian. Where else could you go to find a Cajun Chippewa? Over thirty years ago the travel bug bit Renée while backpacking throughout Europe and Australia/New Zealand. Returning to NOLA to graduate from Tulane University, Renée pursued a career as an international tour manager. Having spent the last twenty years “on the road” visiting the 7 continents, she’s happy to be back in the Crescent City! After seeing much of the world, she is eager to share her love of New Orleans in an easy hospitable manner to visitors from around the globe.


New Orleans tour guide Mikko

Mikko: Since the 1980s, Mikko has been sharing the joys of New Orleans with his tour guests. As an award winning author, Mikko has penned over a dozen books, articles and travel guides for the area, including ‘Napoleon House,’ Independent Publisher “IPPY” winner about the best bar on the planet. Mikko also portrays the great New Orleans personalities including Andrew Jackson, Jean Lafitte, and Mark Twain.




New Orleans tour guide Stacey

Stacey: Stacey grew up in Kentucky in a very close knit and musical family. This instilled a great love of music and the arts. After college, Stacey started traveling. Eventually visiting 46 states and Europe. It was this love of art and adventure that would bring Stacey to New Orleans.  While traveling, selling her art at music festivals, she visited New Orleans for Halloween. Like so many other transplants, who have adopted New Orleans as their home, she fell in love with the city and never left. Stacey has a passion for New Orleans unique culture, architecture, music, and cuisine; as well as, all the colorful characters who make up the city’s vibrant history.  She is proud to be an ambassador to the city and share its rich cultural heritage with our visitors.


New Orleans tour guide Kyle

Kyle: Kyle started as a tour guide in a different way than most. Originally from Minneapolis, Kyle worked in haunted houses around the country for over seven years. One night in the French Quarter, he saw a few groups of ghost tours and thought it’d be fun to add another way to scare people in his repertoire. He read history books about New Orleans to prepare and fell in love with telling people stories about the history of the city as well. After having been a tour guide in New Orleans for several years, now he can’t imagine doing anything else.



New Orleans tour guide Daniel

Daniel: Daniel is a New Orleans native, born in Algiers and raised in Gretna. He loves history and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Penn State University. Sean is a great story-teller and loves to open people’s eyes to the beauties of history and its meaning. In his spare time, he paints figures and miniatures and enjoys watching bad movies. Ask him about his favorite podcast.




New Orleans tour guide Sandy

Sandy: Sandy was born in Georgia but moved to New Orleans in 1995. She holds a Master’s degree in history from Valdosta State University. Sandy is an artist and writer, who likes to spin a good yarn in the beloved tradition of southern storytelling. Sandy meant New Orleans to be a stop-over but twenty plus years later, the romance continues.




New Orleans tour guide Kayla
Kayla: Born and raised in the heart of Cajun Country, Kayla has had a life-long love affair with the Crescent City. Life on the Louisiana bayous was slow and it looked nothing like life on TV, so at the age of 23, Kayla ran off to the West Coast in search of brighter opportunities. Needless to say, the transition was quite a shock. No crawfish? No gumbo? No Mardi Gras? Suddenly the slow but celebratory life of Louisiana began to look better and better. In 2004, Kayla returned to her bayou home, and hasn’t looked back since. She moved to New Orleans in 2013, because frankly, she wasn’t getting any younger and the silent but persistent call of Lady Nola would not let her go. Hailing from a long line of Cajun storytellers, she holds a Bachelor of Theatre Arts from Northwestern State University of Louisiana, and is thrilled to be able to share the unique beauty, cuisine, history, and culture of New Orleans with visitors from around the world.


Joanne with Free Tours by Foot
Joanne: A native of Australia, Joanne first fell in love with New Orleans 13 years ago while traveling around the world. She now resides in her much loved adopted city after marrying a local and has a passion for the rich and unique history of New Orleans, especially the French Quarter. Studying Tourism with a focus on International destinations and tour guiding, Joanne has been a tour guide for over 12 years. Join Joanne in the French Quarter for a fun and entertaining tour of what the Big Easy has to offer and discover the history of the Vieux Carre.



Natalie: Natalie first discovered New Orleans during Mardi Gras over a decade ago, and immediately fell under it’s spell. With her twin sister, Joanne already living in the vibrant city, Natalie returned many, many times before permanently adopting it as her new home. Today, she lives in the Garden District with her husband (a New Orleans native) and their 13lb Shih Tzu. Natalie enjoys sharing the rich history and unique charm of New Orleans with it’s many visitors, and loves offering great tips on how to get a true local experience, by suggesting great restaurants, bars and other attractions that make her beloved city so enchanting.