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Garden District

Join Free Tours by Foot on our Garden District Tour as we stroll the leafy, magnolia-shaded streets of the Garden District and a city of the dead, Lafayette Cemetery #1. This walking tour is not just mansions and manicured gardens, but stories of legends, tragedy, epidemics, lost causes, movie stars, celebrity chefs, and haunted spirits.
Schedule: Daily
Start Time: 130pm
Tour Language: English
Duration: 2 Hours
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Garden District Highlights

  • Colonel Short's Villa
  • Briggs-Staub House
  • Commander's Palace Restaurant
  • Toby's Corner
  • Manning House
  • Brevard-Mahat-Rice House
  • Rosegate
  • Payne-Strachan House
  • Lafayette Cemetery*
  • and much more...

French Quarter Food Tour

Attention Foodies: Our French Quarter Food Tour combines sightseeing with food sampling. Learn about New Orleans unique food identity and much more.
Schedule: Wednesdays thru Sundays
Start Time: 2:00 pm
Tour Language: English
Duration: 2 hours
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French Quarter Food Tour Highlights

  • Seafood Gumbo
  • Red Beans &Rice
  • Muffulettas
  • Jambalaya
  • Hot sauces
  • Seasonal Gulf Coast Seafood
  • PoBoys
  • crawfish/seafood boil
  • Pralines
  • Beignets

French Quarter

Visit historic New Orleans on this French Quarter Walking Tour. Tour operates on a pay-what-you-like basis, meaning all can enjoy no matter what one's budget
Schedule: Thurs - Sun
Start Time: 10am
Tour Language: English
Duration: 2 Hours
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French Quarter Highlights

Mardi Gras

On this tour, we combine history and how-to. We’ll share stories of the holiday’s origins, but your guide will also be a seasoned parade veteran who can help you decide which events to attend and how to have a great time. And if you’re not here for parade days, we can help you get a taste of the season anytime.
Schedule: Fri, Sat, Sun
Start Time: 10:30am
Duration: 1.5-2 Hours

French Quarter Ghost Tour

Be prepared to be scared on this New Orleans ghost tour by Free Tours by Foot. The French Quarter has rascals both dead and we'll show you them all.
Schedule: Daily
Start Time: 7:30pm
Tour Language: English
Duration: 1.5 Hours
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French Quarter Ghost Tour Highlights

  • Pirates Alley/Torture
  • The Octoroon Mistress
  • Yellow Fever
  • The Hotel Monteleone
  • Modern True Crime Stories
  • Locations for American Horror Story Coven
  • and much more.

Voodoo Tour

This post provides details for our Voodoo walking tours, including where and when they start, sites that we visit or see, and other related content.
Schedule: Thurs - Mon
Start Time: 10am and 3pm
Tour Language: English
Duration: 1.5 Hours
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Voodoo Tour Highlights

  • Congo Square
  • Slavery and the Code Noir in colonial New Orleans
  • The Haitian Rebellions
  • Marie Laveau, the “Voodoo Queen of New Orleans” *
  • New Orleans Cemeteries and the Spirits of the Dead
  • Voodoo Dolls, Vevers, and Gris-Gris Bags
  • Saint John’s Eve and other Voodoo holidays
  • Depictions of Voodoo in Hollywood popular culture
  • Depictions of Voodoo in New Orleans culture
  • The New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum
  • Madame John’s Legacy
  • Voodoo Authentica and other modern temples
  • And much more.

Welcome to Free Tours by Foot, offering name-your-own-price New Orleans walking tours, including ghost, cemetery, and food tours.

Everyone should be permitted to take a guided tour for a price they feel it was worth or what they could afford - even free! 

And in this time of pandemics, we've also created a slate of free video tours, condensed versions of our live guided tours that you can enjoy anywhere and anytime.

Condensed video tour of the Garden District

Be sure to check out our tour calendar to see which public tours are offered while you are in town or read the walking tour descriptions.

Likewise, we are also offering discounted private tour options. You can contact us for a quote or take a look at our book now page.

Pay-what-you-like tours are tours for every budget.

New Orleans Cocktail Tour


You could browse the tours that we have by clicking the links below, by scrolling our public calendar.

Or, you could simply go to our booking page to see what we have available and to book now. 

We have over 4000 reviews with a rating of 5 out of 5 stars

We are so well-reviewed, that TripAdvisor seems to hide us from you (probably because we don't pay commissions). Read the reviews for yourself.  

Free Tours by Foot - New Orleans Walking ToursExcellentFree Tours by Foot - New Orleans Walking Tours4.9 Based on 1957 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onBecky T.Becky T. ★★★★★ Excellent tour of the Garden District with Andrew F. He was smart, engaging and knowledgeable. Not only was he well-versed in local lore, he also gave great recommendations for eateries and happenings around town.T WT W ★★★★★ I watched several of FTBF’s videos on YouTube before my first trip to New Orleans, and it really helped me shape my holiday and made me feel more confident as a single female traveler. I was also impressed that they had tips like tourist traps to avoid - they aren’t afraid to call out places that aren’t great. When I arrived I did one of their audio tours of the Garden District and it was really good, and I was impressed with how the sound linked up to Google Maps etc. Thanks team!Lulu P.Lulu P. ★★★★★ Lisa did an excellent job sharing entertaining stories during the ghost tour. My daughter usually thinks walking tours are boring, but thought this one was super interesting.Daniel did a fabulous job on the Garden District walking tour. It was well paced and he shared relevant information about the area's history.Natalie B.Natalie B. ★★★★★ We absolutely loved our Voodoo tour! Sandy was an amazing and respectful tour guide and we all felt like we left the tour with a better understanding of NOLA history. Everyone on our 9 person bachelorette trip really enjoyed our tour and would highly recommend to any other large groups looking for something fun and historical to do in the cityteresa F.teresa F. ★★★★★ First time to NOLA and took the Voodoo tour with Sandi- so great! She is an astute historian and explained the nuance of this fascinating and confusing religion that is often maligned and misunderstood. I love this city!!!Naf M.Naf M. ★★★★★ I've done multiple free tours by foot, and Robi's voodoo tour, was the absolute BEST tour I've ever had. It was more than just a tour, it was truly a healing experience with an actual Voodoo priest. Get ready to get enlightened, and learn a lot about science, history and religions. Just go with an open mind and be kind to the absolute best guide in the city ❤️ I recommend this tour to everyone !Heather W.Heather W. ★★★★★ LisaLisa ★★★★★ Took a voodoo tour last week with Sandy and it was phenomenal. Starting in Armstrong park with the drum circles in Congo Square where we learned the significance of both voodoo and that space we went through the French quarter and learned much more about voodoo practices. Sandy was extremely knowledgeable, provided lots of information and answered questions along the way. Highly recommended the tour and Sandy!Denise H.Denise H. ★★★★★ We did the Voodoo tour with Sandy and she was great. Very informative and learned so much. Great stops throughout with great historyRita T.Rita T. ★★★★★ Sandy was a wonderfully informative tour guide. I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants an in-depth, historically accurate tour about voodoo and New Orleans cultural history.Cheryl M.Cheryl M. ★★★★★ We did a Friday morning voodoo tour with High Priest Robi, and he was great! So knowledgable, and such a character. Highly recommend you spend time with him if you really want to learn what voodoo is all about, and what it is not.Robert C.Robert C. ★★★★★ Went on the voodoo tour with Sandy. I cannot recommend more. Amazing tour; I learned a lot.Nikita M.Nikita M. ★★★★★ I did the Voodoo tour with high priest Robi and it was incredible! An absolute must do. He's so interesting and dynamic, one of the highlights of our trip.Casey C.Casey C. ★★★★★ We did the Voodoo History tour with Sandy. It was very informative and entertaining. It's definitely worth going on if you're visiting New Orleans.Patrick TPatrick T ★★★★★ Robi is a national treasure.N MN M ★★★★★ Just finished the ghost tour with Lisa! She was amazing!!! So knowledgeable and honestly couldn’t have asked for a better guide! Would have never known half of what I now know!!!Megan S.Megan S. ★★★★★ The voodoo tour by Sandy in the French quarter was great! I learned a lot about the voodoo religion from her and was fascinated to better understand the history, what is myth, and more about the New Orleans history, too. Definitely recommend.Esther Y.Esther Y. ★★★★★ I did the ghost tour with Lisa and had a great time! Lisa took us through a few spots, and it was such a delight to hear the stories accompanying the sites. Lisa made sure we had plenty of opportunities to take the photos we wanted and to answer all the questions we had - highly recommend this if you’re in New Orleans!Melissa B.Melissa B. ★★★★★ This tour was a nice way to understand the history behind the Garden District and to avoid just wandering around and pointing at pretty houses. Our guide was very knowledgeable but sometimes a bit too opinionated- and anyone who can confidently say they're not a Beyoncé fan to a large group is certainly courageous.Daniel J. H.Daniel J. H. ★★★★★ Looking for fun, information-packed walking tours of New Orleans? Sign up to hang out with Andrew F. on one of his Free Tours by Foot. I Iearned a great deal about the history of the French Quarter, the evolution of jazz, how local visual artists rose to prominence and the stories behind some literary greats' connections to New Orleans on Andrew's Music, Arts and More tour. Next time I'm in the Crescent City, I'll be doing another of Andrew's tours.Alicia T.Alicia T. ★★★★★ Great tour. Learned so much!Prem P.Prem P. ★★★★★ We had Kayla, she was super engaging and answered all of the groups numerous questions. Had a great time, laughed a lot, and learned a lot.TC P.TC P. ★★★★★ Loved it and loved Priest Robi.Ghulam M. I.Ghulam M. I. ★★★★★ Very informative walking tour.Margaux V.Margaux V. ★★★★★ Toured with Sandy and it was a blast! Not a boring rehash of history , Sandy made it fun and engaging! Highly recommend!Desiree GDesiree G ★★★★★ Toured with Sandy and she was so great. She is very well informed and is warm and entertaining. Definitely recommend her!Anastasia S.Anastasia S. ★★★★★ We loved our tour of the French Quarter with Sandy! Very funny and informative. Would highly recommend!Julia R.Julia R. ★★★★★ We did the French Quarter tour a few days ago with Shaun (hope that's the way his name is spelled :D) and it was very informative. Shaun told a lot of interesting stories and shared many funny tidbits with us too. His recommendations were good as well. Even though he had problems with his voice, he went through with the tour and we had no problems understanding him or anything. I hope he's fine again. Can totally recommend! 🙂Jack C.Jack C. ★★★★★ Kayla was the best. She is so full of life (and information) that I almost liked the walking. 🙂 We were introduced to various foods and a masters course in the culture and cuisine of New Orleans. Thanks girl!Gabriel J.Gabriel J. ★★★★★ Kayla LeMaire, this tour was very immersive and the food was delicious. It was apparent that lots of thought, time, and care was put into this tour. There were some real “hidden gems” in the tour I would’ve never payed attention to otherwise. Delicious food, very informational with the history of the food and the area, very kind and personable lady.Morgan D.Morgan D. ★★★★★ We took a ghost tour with Lisa and a voodoo tour with Priest Robi! Both were excellent but I adored Priest Robi! They have the most amazing energy and so much information. I would 100% recommend taking the ghost tour with Lisa and I would damn near DEMAND yall take the Priest Robi Voodoo tour! Fantastic individuals and free tours by foot is a great program! Thank you yall!!!!Awilda H.Awilda H. ★★★★★ Signed up for vodoo tour with Robi but Sandy did the tour instead. She was awesome very knowledgeable and funny. Gave us the true history of vodoo and versus the Hollywood version.Melanie L.Melanie L. ★★★★★ Andrew was the best tour guide! He was extremely informative, funny and offered lots of great trivia as well as tips on other great places to see in New Orleans outside the French Quarter. I would highly recommend this tour!Ashley-Rae R.Ashley-Rae R. ★★★★★ I had two tours on the same day, one with Robi and one with Andrew. I cannot say this loudly enough, if you're in New Orleans and you want to book any kind of tour, do it with Free Tours by Foot! Their tour guides are next level!The Voodoo tour with Robi was actually life changing, he was so kind and knowledgeable, and incredibly funny, which made the whole tour an absolute joy to attend. I learnt so much the beautiful teachings of voodoo and the rich history surrounding it and its origins. I felt so at home and Robi was so incredible with the group making everyone feel welcome and included. And thanks to Robi's recommendations we got to see drumming in Congo Square on Sunday and I'm reading a brilliant book on Hatian Vodou that he suggested!The Music, Arts, & More tour with Andrew was just wonderful! We learnt about the origins of Jazz in New Orleans, the evolution of the sound to what we hear today, and the stories of those who perfected it. I had a smile on my face the whole way through this tour. Andrew was so generous with his time and answering questions, and clearly has a real passion for everything he is talking about. I highly suggest jumping on this tour if you can!Free Tours by Foot lived up to every hope I had after finding them on Youtube a few years ago. Their thorough videos also helped me HUGELY in planning when and where I wanted to go in Nola, so much so that when I got here I barely needed a map! Not to mention all the places I got to visit that I would never have found by myself! Their videos will be a lovely source of nostaligia to watch when I get home. They are all beautiful people and some of the most well versed and learned tour guides in the city. It was a genuine pleasure to have had the oppertunity to go on multiple tours, I felt so at home.Thank you Andrew & Robi for an experience I will never forget, and for all of your kind words and recommendations!- Ashley Rae - United Kingdom xcarly R.carly R. ★★★★★ Had a great voodoo tour with Sandy. Super informative, respectful, and had some top notch dry humor sprinkled in to keep the spirits lightAlexandra B.Alexandra B. ★★★★★ Sandy was amazing ! She was very knowledgeable and entertainingMaya T.Maya T. ★★★★★ Book the Voodoo Tour with High Priest Robi! I have been all over the world, done hundreds of tours. THIS WAS THE BEST ONE. Robi is kind, intentional, thoughtful, knowledgeable, hilarious, and full of love and colour and humanity and ugh I just wanted to stay and hug him forever. Thank you for your special light and insights, I will come back just to see you 🙂 Merci mon frere.Rae S.Rae S. ★★★★★ We have taken all the tours in New Orleans that Free Walking Tours has to offer and loved them all. This last trip with did the Vodoo Tour High Priest Robi and the Treme tour. Both were excellent, I highly recommend and the communication is great.Nina R.Nina R. ★★★★★ Kayla gave an amazing food walking tour with so much great information on the history of the food in New Orleans and Louisiana as well as great recommendations of where to get the best experience with food. I highly recommend her tour. She made the tour so much fun while also getting to try out some of the amazing food in the area. A great big thumbs up!Richa S.Richa S. ★★★★★ We had a great ghost tour with our guide, Lisa! She was an amazing storyteller and we had a blast learning about the history of the city. We’ll be sure to recommend these tours to others.Keisha’sKeisha’s ★★★★★ I recently went on the NOLA food tour with Kayla as our guide, and it was an absolute delight! Kayla was not only extremely friendly, but her knowledge and entertaining personality made the experience even more enjoyable. The team even accommodated me by promptly sending directions to the next stop when my food order at the French Market took longer than expected. However, the highlight of the tour for me was definitely Johnny’s Po’Boy – a must-visit spot!I had such a fantastic experience on my first tour that I couldn't resist booking another one today. Our guide, Robi, led us through the Voodoo tour, and I was blown away by his expertise. He completely shattered all my preconceived notions about the Voodoo religion with his wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend this tour to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of Voodoo.Bryan C.Bryan C. ★★★★★ Kayla did an awesome job explaining the food and culture of New Orleans. We also stopped at places I never would have found on my own without the tour.Natalie Van H.Natalie Van H. ★★★★★ My husband and I did the garden district tour with Sarah and she was fabulous! Funny and knowledgeable, and also honest in her portrayal of the wonderful history and culture of New Orleans along with the realities of enslavement and civil rights history, which is critical to understanding the city of New Orleans. She did a great combination of general history, pop culture history, and architectural history - great tour.Renee CRenee C ★★★★★ It was our first time in NOLA. If you plan to visit the French quarter, we highly recommend Free Tours by Foot.We did 3 tours in total. French Quarter tour and Voodoo tour were both by Sandy, Ghost tour was by Andrew. Some things you can learn online, but it's way better and more fun when you have guides like Sandy and Andrew to interact with and be educated by. It really felt like they were your friends who took the time to tour you around their town.We're happy we did these tours. Had we stayed longer, we probably would have done the other NOLA tours they offered. 😉Julie W.Julie W. ★★★★★ Can’t say enough about this company. Fantastic communication, friendly guides and lots of great information for us first-time visitors. We took the French Quarter tour, Garden District tour, and the Voodoo tour. Kayla, Daniel and Sandy were all terrific. So glad we chose these tours.Katerina K.Katerina K. ★★★★★ we did the voodoo tour with roby and let me tell you he was the kindest, realest and sweetest person i have ever met. He was very wise and i personally learned a lot from this experience!!! Roby truly deserves the world!D GD G ★★★★★ We had such a great time with Kayla LeMaire on 3/15, taking in her French Quarter Food Tour. If you contact Free Tours by Foot and find out what day she's giving the tours she will provide you with so much history and fact about the food culture in the NOLA area. One of the most enjoyable things we did on our vacation.Ravi V.Ravi V. ★★★★★ Great tour! Sandy was a great guide and very informative. Highly recommend!Kayla L.Kayla L. ★★★★★ I did the voodoo tour with Sandy and it was great! She was incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining. I learned a ton and got to see some interesting parts of the city. I highly recommend!Roman L.Roman L. ★★★★★ We did the French Quarter Food Tour and the French Quarter tours with Kayla, and we thoroughly enjoyed both. Kayla was an excellent tour guide, very knowledgeable, and a wonderful storyteller. She also gave us some excellent food and dining recommendations. 👍js_loader

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Don't see what you're looking for, or has the tour you're looking for already sold out?

Then consider a private tour with us. We offer reasonably priced private tours, including many of our signature tours and some other specialties as well.

Or take a look at our video and GPS audio tours.


New Orleans is a top destination for ghost and voodoo tours and we are proud to offer the city's highest-rated tours.  

We offer our French Quarter Ghost Tour daily, sometimes 2x every day.  

Hear tales that will send a chill up your spine and find out what really happened when you take one of these awesome ghost tours!

Our Voodoo Tour runs daily (with the exception of Tuesdays) and runs 2x a day several times a week.  

Let us help you uncover the mysteries and secrets of this misunderstood religion and learn about the role that it's played in this city's history.

Check out the calendar above or head to our booking page to see what is available.  

And if our tours are booked out, or if our schedule doesn't work for you, then be sure to take a look at our review of other ghost and voodoo as well as vampire tours available to you.


This city is famous for its cemeteries, which for most visitors to New Orleans are unique and exotic. 

There are over 50 cemeteries in New Orleans that have all or most of the graves above ground, but there is really just a handful that is reasonably reachable for most tourists.

Read our guide to cemetery tours in the city as well as our post on visiting cemeteries on a night tour.

We offer pay-what-you-like tours that visit 3 of them.

Get some background on tomb styles and burial practices with our Guide to New Orleans Cemeteries.  


Unfortunately, it's not possible to offer pay-what-you-like tours of the swamps and plantations surrounding New Orleans.

Believe us, we tried. There are transportation and entry costs that make it impossible.  

However, there are some really excellent and well-reviewed companies offering swamp and plantation tours.

Some offer tickets that combine swamp and plantation as well as bus and boat tours.  

We have put together posts that compare both plantation and swamp tour companies to help you choose the best for you.

New Orleans Tours


There are a lot of ways to explore New Orleans and the surrounding areas - swamp tours to bus tours. Find out about all of them here:

And much, much more

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