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Things To Do & Weather By Month

There is enough to do in Paris that it would take months, if not years, to see it all. Assuming you don’t have that many vacation days, we have our top 10 activities in Paris, but for a more detailed guide, read our full blog post, Top Things To Do in Paris.

  1. Go a Sightseeing Tour
  2. Visit the Louvre Museum
  3. See the Eiffel Tower
  4. Explore a Parisian Park or Cemetery
  5. Visit the Palace of Versailles
  6. See the Moulin Rouge and wander Montmartre
  7. Taste some Parisian Food and enjoy wine at a sidewalk cafe
  8. Take a cruise down the Seine
  9. Venture into the Paris Catacombs
  10. Window Shop down the Champs Elysee

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When to visit Paris?

Is it cliche to talk about Paris in the springtime?

Like many cities, Paris is great April – June and October – November to take advantage of mild weather and fewer tourists.

Keep in mind that a lot of Parisians leave in August, so many smaller restaurants and cafes may be closed.

Use our monthly guide of things to do, and separate guide to the weather that month to plan your trip.

Bus, Boat, Bike, Walking Tours

There are a number of ways to explore Paris. You can see a lot of the main attractions in various ways.

Attractions & Museums

Use our attraction guides for money saving tips and how to avoid crowds, as well as the highlights and directions.

Knowing more about a specific attraction will help you plan to get the most out of your trip.

Neighborhood & Local Guides

Public Transport & How to Get Around

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Paris can be an expensive city to visit but there are many ways to save. We have a few blog posts on discounts and free things to do, but a few money saving tips for Paris:

  1. Save money on food: Ask for tap water, it’s free. Look for pre-fixe meals for lunch, where you’ll have a set menu but save money and enjoy authentic French cuisine. Eat like a Parisian and buy bread, cheese, pate and have a picnic.
  2. Save money on transportation: Walking is a great and free way to get around but Paris is very large so its not always practical. Buy a pack of tickets (carnet) at once to save money. Also, look into discount passes which may include transportation as an option.
  3. Save money on attractions. Museums often have free days. They are more crowded on those days, however.


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Paris Travel Resources

Whether you’re planning a trip to Paris in the future or reading this on a plane heading there now, we have a few Paris travel resources to recommend.


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