Free Walker Tours | Walking Tours of Rio de Janeiro

rio-free-walking-tour-of-downtown-and-lapaFor 4 years Free Walker Tours has been offering walking tours, food tours and pubcrawls in different areas of Rio.

Learn more about Rio’s history in our Downtown and Lapa tour or take a tour through the African Heritage in the little explored Docks Area, all in a fun, light-hearted way!

Find out about the curiosities of the famous neighborhoods of Copacabana and Ipanema in a walk by the beach or get to party at night in Ipanema! Experience the best of Brazilian cuisine in our Food Tour in the charming neighborhood of Santa Teresa and have fun in the most bohemian neighborhood of Rio with our pubcrawl in Lapa!

There’s so much to do in Rio that we offer tours every day of the week so you can make the most of your time having a varied experience of our culture!