Sikka Art Festival 2020

Dubai has a thriving art scene which is all because of the passion and support of the city’s residents and the government. Sikka Art Festival is one of the many festivals during the Art Season in Dubai. In this post, we will tell you all about Sikka Art Festival 2018 and why should you visit it.

What is the Sikka Art Festival?

Sikka Art Festival is an initiative by Dubai Culture and part of the multiple events during the Art Season that goes on from March 1 to April 30. The other festivals are Art Dubai, Emirati Lit Festival, Dubai Canvas etc. The festival is proud to encourage local emerging talents and focuses on the work of artists based in UAE and GCC regions. It is a combination of visual arts, performing arts, music and film. This year highlights the eighth edition of the Sikka Art Fair.


What does the word “Sikka” mean?

The word Sikka means alleyways of Bastakiya. The place, Bastakiya is one of the oldest heritage sites in the city. Now known as the Al Fahidi Historical neighborhood, this area dates to the early 1900s.


When is the Sikka Art Festival held?

The ten-day event is held from March 17 to March 26 this year.

What are the timings for Sikka Art Festival?

Saturday, March 17: 6pm-11pm

Sunday, March 18: 6pm-10pm

Monday, March 19: 6pm-10pm

Tuesday, March 20: 6pm-10pm

Wednesday, March 21: 6pm-10pm

Thursday, March 22: 6pm-11pm

Friday, March 23: 5pm-12am

Saturday, March 24: 5pm-12am

Sunday, March 25: 6pm-10pm

Monday, March 26: 6pm-11pm

How do you reach the Sikka Art Festival?

If you plan on visiting by metro, you can get down on the Al Fahidi metro station on the green line. Take Exit 3 and walk straight for about 10 mins. You will reach Bastakiya, the venue for Sikka Art Festival. If you are new to Dubai, your can use this metro guide.

There is parking available behind Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, if you plan on visiting the fair by car.

If cabs are the option for you, you can book cabs through Careem and get 15% off on two rides. You can use the code “SIKKA2018”. This code is only valid through the Sikka Fair dates. Use Pick up/ Drop off point to “Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood”.

What are the different Workshops I can attend during the Sikka Art Festival?

There will be more than 40 free workshops for both kids and adults. You will have a lot of creative choices to choose from. Some of the Workshops are as follows:

The Poetry hood by Dubai Poetics: This workshop gives opportunity to spoken words artists to share their work and receive feedback, moderated by Farah Chamma. Venue House 12

Hedaf Portrait Workshop: Children will use egg cartons to create a painting of themselves in 3D form. Venue: Courtyard C | Booth

Oil Pastel Workshop: This workshop will teach participants to paint a portrait of the city using oil pastels by Ella. Venue: Courtyard C Booth and Open Area

Blind Folded Art Therapy: This event is for both adult and kids. This activity lets emotions flow off by painting to music beats. The activity is held by Sana Shyam.

You can check the Sikka 2018 website for the complete list of workshops and for any workshop registration.

Which events are happening on all ten days of the Sikka Art Festival 2018?

Award winning Emirati photographers Yousef Bin Shakar Alzaabi and Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansoori will present their latest photographic works at #Sikka18 . Yousef and Khalil travel the world to find the perfect shot and send a global message through their photography. There will be Emirati photographer Ahlam AlBannai, whose work shows cultural exchange and knowledge of diverse cultures.  Ahmed Alanzi, an Emirati artist will show his work “The contemporary Bedouin”, to break boundaries between Emirati values and global community and show that Emiratis should weave their own interpretations of local identity.

If you are an avid lover of art, in any form, we would definitely recommend you to attend the Sikka Art Fair and even attend a workshop!