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Where to Store Luggage in Berlin

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In this post, we offer several different options for storing luggage during your visit to Berlin, including lockers, left luggage facilities at train stations and airports, and the recent trend, which is Airbnb-style storage locations that allow you to safely leave your bags at certified shops, restaurants, and hotels. Luggage Storage (the Airbnb Method) Storage […]

How is the weather in Berlin in June?

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June in Berlin is pleasantly warm but can be a bit on the wet side. Early in June morning lows are mostly in the low to mid 50s F (11-12C) while afternoons tend to be in the lower 70s F (21-22C).  A couple of the cooler mornings can see temperatures dipping to the mid-40s F […]

Top Things to do in Berlin at Night

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This post lists some of the top things to do in Berlin at night.  Since the fall of the Wall, Berlin has established itself as one of Europe’s cultural and party hotspots. Unsurprisingly, the city lights up at night, with areas like Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Mitte at the center of the busy nightlife. However, Berlin’s […]

Berlin Graffiti and Street Art Tour

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Berlin Street Art

This is a self-guided tour of the varieties of graffiti and street art one can find on the streets of Berlin.  Graffiti and street art is very typical for Berlin and can be found everywhere. The former city mayor described Berlin as “poor and sexy”. Graffiti and street art just fit right into this slogan. While […]

Which Berlin Bike Tours Are Best?

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This post reviews and compares the various different Berlin bike tours available to you.  Believe it or not, there are quite a few guided bike tours in English – not only in the city center, but also in more remote neighborhoods.   Some providers specialize in bike tours, while others offer walking tours as well. […]

Best Berlin Boat Tours in English

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Berlin boat tours

This post compares and reviews many of the Berlin boat tours and cruises available to you in the city. Berlin has about 200 km (125 miles) of waterways – rivers, canals and lakes and 950 bridges. So, visiting Berlin on a ship is a natural way of learning to know the city. We have listed […]

How is the weather in Berlin in March?

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Berlin panorama bershutterstock_113558032

March in Berlin tends to be somewhat cold, however, temperatures do start to warm and the weather dries out a bit near the month’s end. Early in March you will most likely experience morning lows in the mid-30s F (about 1C) with a few of the colder mornings dropping down to 25F (-4C) or below.  […]

How to Avoid Jet Lag

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How to Get from Newark Airport to Manhattan

Many of our tour guests who travel from afar or from overseas have trouble to adjust to the new time difference in their destination city. Here are some tips on how to avoid jet lag. When you travel to another time zone, your internal clock is off – that’s what you call jet lag. Usually getting […]

How is the weather in Berlin in October?

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Brandenburger Gate Berlin

The Weather in Berlin in October – October finds the temperatures falling fairly rapidly in Germany’s Capital City with mostly cloudy skies and fairly frequent rainy days; however, there are still nice days here, especially early in the month. Early October afternoons are fairly mild with high temperatures averaging around 17-18C (the low to mid […]

Best Berlin Flea Markets

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Berlin Market

No visit to Berlin is complete, without exploring the atmosphere of the best Berlin flea markets.  Some markets take place every day.  Others take place on a weekly basis.  Some are dependent on the weather.  If you like to explore the different culinary delights, buy some fresh produce, explore local arts and craft, or just browse, a […]