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House of Cards Locations in DC

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From our DC Tourism Guide, with budget advice, travel guides, and information about local Washington DC attractions. Very few movies or TV series set in Washington, DC are actually filmed in the city. The cost of shooting in such an expensive area, combined with the prospect of facing loads of red tape and security protocol, […]

How historically accurate is Spielberg’s Lincoln?

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We love history and we love movies, but as historians in the capital city focusing on American history from all angles – we are horrible people to watch history movies with! We have no qualms leaning over and whispering – “that’s not true!” And our applause is the loudest when Hollywood gets it right. Have […]

Montgomery Meigs: Visionary and Patron of Arlington National Cemetery

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The founding of Arlington National Cemetery followed a tumultuous four years as the country was embroiled in civil war. While many people and events helped to establish Arlington, none were more influential in the effort than Brigadier General Montgomery Meigs. During the Civil War, Meigs served as the Quartermaster General for the Union Army. He […]

Homes of the Rich & Famous Residents of Georgetown

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Georgetown Canal

Georgetown has a reputation today for being the home of celebrities. These aren’t the folks you’ll see on the cover of People and US Weekly, but politicians, artists, and multimillionaires. A multifaceted group of well known men and women make up the famous residents of Georgetown. It’s also the home to thousands of university students, […]