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10 Tipps London bei Nacht

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London Night Tours

London ist eine wunderbare Stadt in der es Tag und Nacht viel zu entdecken gibt. Wenn in London der Tag zu Ende geht, hört der Spass noch lange nicht auf. Hier sind unsere Top 10 Tipps was man in London bei Nacht erleben kann. Im Winter empfehlen wir zudem unseren Blogpost: Wo geht man am […]

London Off the Beaten Track Itinerary

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When it comes to London, everybody knows the main sights: Big Ben, the London Eye, the River Thames, etc. But there is another London that operates right alongside the more commonly known locations. This is London off the beaten track – sites, sights, and locations that will take you away from the crowds and into […]

Best Free Views of London

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Best Views of London…For Free! You may have already seen our guide to fabulous bars and restaurants in London that come with amazing views of the City.  But if you’re looking to take in one of the best free views of London…well, we’ve got a list for you, too! Here is our handy guide on how […]

London Oyster Card or Travel Card

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Oyster Card or Travel Card

When it comes to travelling around London, public transport is the easiest, cheapest, and most authentic way to go. To get the best value for your money when moving through the capital, it’s always worth checking out your options. No matter the length of time you will be in London, whereabouts you want to go, […]

Where is the Best Shopping in London?

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London Piccadilly Circus

London is a top shopping destination for people throughout the world. But whether you’re looking to break the bank, or you’re pinching pennies, there’s a variety of districts in London ready to meet your retail needs! Each shopping districts/streets in London have their own vibe and specialties so read below to see where is the […]

London Bridge vs. Tower Bridge

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London Bridge Tower Bridge

A mistake made the world over, confusing London Bridge and Tower Bridge is easily done. One of these bridges has a name famous across the globe, the other is a stunning symbol of London – but which one is which?! Obviously the best way to find out is to come along on one of our […]

Hampton Court Palace

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Lying on the western banks of the River Thames sits one of the largest and most beautiful palatial residences in the United Kingdom: Hampton Court Palace. Originally built by Cardinal Wolsey in the 16th century, King Henry VIII took over the Palace and it has remained in the hands of the Crown ever since. A […]

Money Matters for London Visitors

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From getting yourself familiar with a new currency, to accessing your money whilst you’re abroad, managing money in London can be a daunting prospect for holiday-makers. Here at Free Tours By Foot we know that money matters to our visitors, so here is our brief guide on how to get to grips with pounds and […]

Barclays Cycle Hire London

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London Bike Share

In London, visitors tend to get around in one of two ways; walking or taking the Tube. But for the past four years there has been another option available to those who want a cheap and easy way to get through the capital!  Barclays Bikes ( or “Borris Bikes” named after London Mayor Boris Johnson […]

How to Get from Stansted to London

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How to get from Stansted to London An International Airport located in the Northeast of London in Essex, Stansted is the hub for Ryanair and is the 4th busiest airport in the country. Getting from Stansted into central London is quite easy and you have three options. National Express ( A coach service that runs […]