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New Orleans Jazz Museum | A Musical Trip Through History

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This post will help you plan a trip to the New Orleans Jazz Museum. In addition to details such as open hours and ticket prices, we also discuss the best times to visit, what to expect when you arrive, and some of the exhibits you’ll find at this historic location. Plan Your Visit Ticket Information […]

Tips for Live Music in New Orleans

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New Orleans Music, Arts and More Tour

This article provides ten ways to get the best musical experience out of your time in New Orleans, including free options. We cover ways to find the best music in and out of the French Quarter, indoor and outdoor, recorded and live, traditional and innovative.  Live Music Calendars Music, Arts, and More Tour Music Venues […]

Bourbon Street in New Orleans

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Bourbon Street, one of the thoroughfares to not miss in the United States.  Many people wouldn’t realize it is not named after the whiskey, but after the royal french house, because so much of that liquor is consumed on this infamous 13 block long street. There is more to do than just consume alcohol on […]