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Charles, Prince of Wales

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London Prince Charles

When visiting to London, the royal family is always topic of curiosity. Learn more about Charles, Prince of Wales with Free Tours by Foot. Nowadays, Charles, Prince of Wales is somewhat overshadowed by the extreme popularity of his son, Prince William, and daughter-in-law, Catherine Middleton. However, Charles is the direct heir to the throne of the […]

Top 10 British Foods to Try in London

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Serving London Food Tour

Top 10 Traditional British Foods to Try in London (and our favourite places to get them!) Below is our list of 10 traditional British foods that you need to try when you are in London.  We list our favorite places in London to get them as well as which of our tours that either include […]

Guide to Tipping in London

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Guide for tipping

Should you be tipping in London?  One of the most interesting things about travelling throughout the world is visiting new countries and learning and experiencing their unique customs. Oftentimes, language isn’t the only barrier between a visitor and a local – many times social interaction between the two can lead to awkward and accidental faux pas […]