Visiting the Air and Space Museum with Kids

Katie Baird from Tips for Family Trips shares her advice for visiting the Air and Space Museum with kids.

After enjoying a tour around the National Mall with Free Tours by Foot, you will have a few hours to explore the mall area. How do you decide which Smithsonian to visit?

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My top three choices for family-friendly museums on the mall would be the Air and Space Museum, the American History museum, and the Natural History museum. Today I want to tell you why you would love visiting the Air and Space Museum with kids.

I took my 3-year-old son to the Air and Space Museum this week. I wanted to visit again to check out the Spirit of St. Louis since I just read Bill Bryson’s “One Summer: America, 1927.” This book shares a lot of background about Charles Lindberg’s historical flight in May 1927 when he flew the Spirit of St. Louis nonstop from New York to Paris. The 33.5-hour solo trip was beyond gutsy.

The Spirit of St. Louis was designed specifically for this flight, and Lindberg did not want to be caught between a tank of gas and the engine in case of an emergency landing. So the plane designed with the gas tank in the front instead of a window. Lindberg flew the 3,600-mile flight with two small side windows and a periscope to see what was in front of him. I had to see this plane for myself, so I visited the Air and Space Museum where Lindberg’s plane is on display.

My son loved the airplanes suspended from the ceiling, the missiles and rockets, and the space ships. I loved how much aviation history I could learn as I wandered through the museum.

When my son got bored with my reading, we headed over to the hands-on “How Things Fly” exhibit. He loved playing with all the science demonstrations that explained thrust, air pressure, aerodynamics and more. Older children would have hands-on opportunities to reinforce their science lessons at the Air and Space Museum.

In the Air and Space Museum, kids can play with a flight simulator and walk through an airplane. If you need to rest, check out the IMAX theater or the Planetarium. Hungry? There is a McDonalds, Boston Market, and Donatos in the food court.

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