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DC By Foot is a group of young (and young at heart), fun-loving guides who have come together for a common cause: To teach history and entertain guests with creative tours of Washington D.C. If you’re interested in how we got started, read About DC By Foot.

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Like many in D.C., Steve was drawn to the city due to his keen interest in national politics.  After a few stints in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, Steve found a more humble calling.   Though admittedly born a Jersey Boy, Steve is a Washingtonian at heart. Steve is a graduate of history from Rutgers University and International Affairs from Kassel University in Kassel, Germany. He’s been around the world and has taken the long way home. He’s been professionally leading tours of D.C. and NYC for almost 10 years. When not leading tours, Steve can be found searching for German tourists to wow (or confuse) them with his German language mastery!


Canden earned a BA in History from Elon University and Masters in History from University College London. She’s originally from North Carolina, but has been guiding in Washington, DC for nearly 9 years. Canden entered the real world as a teacher but left the profession for tour guiding. She is currently training her son to lead tours (he’s only 1.5 years old so it might be a while before you see him.) When not guiding, she can probably be found travelling herself or writing books about DC History!


Cecilia hails from Wisconsin, the land flowing with beer and cheese. She made her way to D.C. by way of Hawaii and New Jersey to put her International Relations background to good use. When she is not giving tours Cecilia enjoys excursions into the wilderness, singing in elevators, experimental cooking and looking for and sharing fun facts of a variety of different topics!

DanDan King

Dan grew up minutes away from important Civil War battlefields like Antietam and Harpers Ferry, fostering in him a lifelong love of American history.  He took that love to Dartmouth College and graduated with a degree in History and Moral Philosophy.  He then went on down to Georgia, where he taught high school US History.  He decided he needed to move a bit closer to home, settled in DC in 2005, and soon started teaching history, civics, and journalism at a local school.  He then took on a position at a national civics education organization, helping teachers from all over the country use the sites and resources of Washington, DC in their classrooms back home.  When he isn’t rooting for the Washington Nationals (he lives 2 blocks from the stadium!), he’s usually exploring the many awesome food options in the city, perfecting his “low and slow” brisket, or coming up with new and creative things to dip in batter and deep fry.




Becca is a native Texan whose annual childhood treks to D.C.to visit family resulted in a lifelong love of our nation’s capital. After graduating from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College with a degree in American Culture and History, she worked in museum education and development, but is thrilled to now have the opportunity to take her love of sharing American history out of the museum and onto the sites where history was made. When not touring, you can find Becca at Nationals Park or RFK Stadium, rooting on her adopted D.C. teams or dressing up like Teddy Roosevelt.

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BoglarkaAfter living for over a decade in Texas, Boglarka made her way back to the East coast. She doesn’t miss the hot weather and instead relishes the breeze, the trees, and weather perfect for sipping teas. A rabbit enthusiast and thrift store roamer, Boglarka also spends her time hunting for creaky bookstores and discovering historic dive bars when she’s not busy leading friendly folks around lovely D.C.. She often said if she could walk for a living, she would.  Always ready to discuss food and all things eating related, touring became the perfect profession after a summer at Philmont, a few years in retail, getting a college degree, and a brief appearance at a desk job. Cheers!



Whether it happened a few hours ago or it happened a few decades ago, Colin loves to tell an audience a good history-making story.  Two outlets give him the chance to do this.  Colin has one job producing T.V. news and another guiding tours.  For a history loving political junkie like him, this life in D.C. is like living the dream.  But his journey started a few hours north in the Garden State.  He is a proud New Jersey native and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Rowan University in Radio, T.V. and Film.



Why is this native left coaster so drawn to Civil War history? Max has been soaking up the stories, the battlefields, and the legendary sites of the Civil War ever since he came to DC. Although Max moved to the capital city to work on environmental policy, he’s had a hard time suppressing his love of the region’s history. In 2016, Max combined his passion for biking and Lincoln history by taking his two wheels on the same route where John Wilkes Booth fled after the assassination. Within DC, Max’s favorite spot to bike is to the old Civil War forts that lie on the perimeter of the city. 


Chelsea moved to DC intending to stay for 1 year . . . that was 3 years ago.  She originally hails from the far away land of Iowa, where she studied nineteenth century history and worked at a historical farm.   More recently she graduated with a Masters in History from Georgetown, focuses on social/cultural history.  While not working, she enjoys attending and listening to local history lectures, going on runs along the Potomac, and visiting every brewery in the DMV area.  Her favorite fact about DC is that the Washington Nationals baseball team used to play at Swampoodle Grounds, named for the sadly now lost neighborhood of Swampoodle. 


Kailey grew up in a small town in Connecticut, moved to NYC for college and grad school, then continued south to DC in 2015. She became a tour guide with DC by Foot in 2016 based on a friend’s observation that she likes to talk, likes to walk, and has a “weird” knack for remembering facts. While not working, you can find Kailey travelling, exploring the DC food scene or enjoying her neighborhood of Capitol Hill and the beautiful dogs that reside there. 



Ingeborg was born and raised in Washington, DC and has a diverse professional background, with a BA in Economics from the University of Delaware and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. After spending years as a Finance professional, she decided to pursue a career more aligned with her interests. She is a published author of “Gudrun’s Kitchen: Recipes from a Norwegian Family” (Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2010), and two self-published books of poetry (“Slave Revolt,” 2012 and “Daughter of the District,” 2013 ). Ingeborg has been a licensed professional DC Tour Guide for three years, and she loves nothing more than constantly learning about and exploring her beloved hometown and sharing that knowledge and passion with people from all over the world. She wants every visitor to love this place as much as she does.