Best Coffee in London – Where to Find It

We all know Londoners love a good pint. But what about those of us who prefer a caffeine hit to help us make it through the day? London has you covered, too! Keen to catch a coffee in the capital? Crave a cappuccino or long for a latte? Then check out our list of some places to settle down with a nice cup of the black stuff, the best coffee in London.

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monmouth 1

1. Monmouth Coffee: Considered by many to be the best coffee in London, and with over 30 years experience to back this up, Monmouth now boasts three locations within the capital. Monmouth takes their coffee (they roast their own beans) and their milk (no semi-skimmed in sight) very seriously and employs only those who know and love coffee themselves. You may find that a queue awaits you when you arrive, but with some of the best coffee in town setting you back only £2.25 you’ll find it’s worth the wait.

2. The National Portrait Gallery: At £2.25 for a latte, the Portrait Gallery Cafe’ definitely won’t break the bank. But the truly amazing reason for visiting the Cafe’ is the sweeping view over Trafalgar Square and Whitehall. Thursdays the Cafe’ is open until 8pm, which means you can watch Nelson’s Column light up in the Square, sync your watch to Big Ben, and sip on a hot chocolate all whilst relaxing in one of the hidden oases of London.

3. Prufrock Coffee: Originally opened by the 2009 World Barista champion and a member of the Board of Directors of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, Prufrock knows good coffee. Prufrock is located on Leather Lane, a bustling location during the week but a pleasantly empty oasis on the weekends. Feel free to sit at one of London’s only ‘brew bars’ or even book the downstairs space for a private lesson on how to make excellent coffee yourself! With a wide arrange of seasonal and featured beans, Prufrock is the epitome of quality coffee.

Attendant4. Flat White: Widely regarded as the best coffee in Soho, Flat White is a small simple space, originally run by Aussies and Kiwis with the aim to provide the same artisan coffee that is prevalent in the southern hemisphere to those of us here in London. A hot spot for locals, the cafe can be cramped at times but in terms of coffee to go, you won’t get any better than Flat White in this area of the capital. And at £3.00 for a large mocha, the price is definitely right.


5. Attendant: Easily the most unique location on the list, Attendant is located in a 19th century gentleman’s toilet. Rest assured, it’s been cleaned many times since then and has been ‘lovingly transformed’ into a modern London coffee house. Location aside, freshly roasted beans and milk only from jersey come together to make one fine cup of joe. Fabulous coffee is accompanied by arguably some of the best New York deli style sandwiches in London as well as delightful desserts that give an entirely new meaning to ‘urinal cake.’


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