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This post lists the best free walking tours you can take in Budapest, including free walks with bus tours, self-guided tours, and small group tours.


These walking tours are called 'free tours' but are commonly understood to run on a name-your-own-price model or what's called a 'tips-only-basis'.

There is no cost to take a tour, and sometimes no booking is even required.

After taking the tour, you get to decide how much you thought it was worth or what you could afford, even nothing.

According to reviews on Google and TripAdvisor, past participants seem to leave between €5-€20 per adult.

And while free walking tours are generally limited to a city centre, in Budapest there are free themed tours, such as those focused on communism or the city's Jewish Quarter.


Below is a calendar of some of the great free walking tours available in Budapest. Click on the entry below to expand the listing for more details.

Many people are drawn to these tours because they are convenient, affordable, and entertaining. Their popularity, however, also means that group sizes can get quite large.

If you want to ensure a smaller group setting to give you more time to interact with your tour guide, we suggest checking out paid small group tours.

Alternatively, you could try one of the available self-guided tours, which are completely free. 


There are a few companies offering pay-what-you-wish tours in the city centre of Budapest.

We list them in the order that we find their online ratings to score.

Luna Tours

Luna Tours is a professional tour guide outfit in Budapest offering two tours in Budapest.

Theri main outing covers Downtown Pest, including landmarks like the Parliament, the Basilica, and riverbank views.

This tour is available daily at 11 am and it lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. Reserve your spot.

Trip to Budapest

Trip to Budapest provides English and Spanish-speaking visitors with entertaining tours in Budapest.

A daily 2.5-hour tour will take you through the city’s - and Hungary’s - history as well as the current culture and attractions.

They also offer a free tour that covers the city's history of communism as well as a tour of the Jewish Quarter.

The company has also paid tours to specific locations and with themes such as food or street art on a weekly basis.


In addition to tours of the city centre, there are also companies offering free or pay-what-you-wish walking tours around Buda Castle.

If you want to learn more about the castle, these are great and affordable opportunities you won't want to miss.

Klaudia's Tours

In addition to her city centre tour, Klaudia also offers a daily tour of the Buda Castle district which includes stops at the Royal Palace and Fisherman's Bastion.

This tour lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Reserve your spot.


It’s easy to customize your own experience and be in charge of your explorations through Budapest with a self-guided or audio tour.

Start when you want, and take as much or little time as you can - it’s up to you.

Budapest by Locals

This blog offers multiple tips on what to see and do in Budapest, including this walking tour itinerary.

The walking tour comes with an interactive map on their site and has several route options, including downtown, Buda Castle, and other specific neighborhoods.

Art and History Audio Guide

This free audio guide takes you through the streets of Budapest to find street art, memorials, sculptures, and landmarks that are important to today’s culture.

If you’re interested in listening to a guide - but have the ability to pause and investigate some stops further - this audio tour is a good way to go.

Self-Guided Haunted City Game

This is an interesting alternative to the traditional walking tour, as it allows you to explore the city in search of clues to solve a puzzle while you learn about the haunted history of Budapest.

Although it's not technically a tour and it isn't free to take, this self-guided city exploration game is only €10, which is about what most people would tip their guide for a pay-what-you-wish walking tour.

Learn more or download this game.


If you are considering purchasing a hop-on-hop-off ticket while in Budapest, do note that both Big Bus as well as CitySightseeing both offer free walking tours with each ticket (no pay-what-you-wish).

Likewise, if you are considering purchasing the Budapest Card, then note that it too includes free walking tours (no pay-what-you-wish).

The Budapest Card

This tourist pass includes access to two free walking tours every day offered by CITYRAMA.

The first tour starts at 10 am, and it covers some of the most notable areas in Pest. The second tour starts at 2 pm, and it's all about Buda.

The Budapest Card also includes discounts on bike rentals, bike tours, sightseeing cruises, hop-on hop-off bus tours, and tuk tuk tours.

Read more about this service on our post covering Budapest tourist passes.

Explore Budapest Pass

This company also includes free tours of Budapest with their tourist pass.

The main outing they offer is the Budapest Absolute All-in-One Walking Tour. This tour attempts to cover as many bases as possible including both the city centre and Buda Castle.

There is also a free tour of Budapest Coffee Houses, which is a perfect option for any coffee lovers visiting this city.

Alternatively, you can also take the Budapest Dark History tour for free and learn about some of the more disturbing things that have happened in this city.

This pass also includes alternative Budapest tours, pub crawls, a tour of the Royal Palace of Sisi, and more.

Check our post about Budapest tourist passes for more details.

Big Bus Tours

The Premium and Deluxe tickets offered by this hop-on hop-off bus tour company include free walking tours of the Pest area in the city.

Each of these tickets also includes a free cruise as well. For the price of one ticket, you can see Budapest by foot, by bus, and by boat!

Read more about this combo package.

City Sightseeing

This hop-on hop-off bus tour company also offers tickets which include admission to a free walking tour of Budapest.

Unlike Big Bus, they include not only a free cruise, but also a free bike tour as well. In this case, you can see Budapest by foot, by bike, by bus, and by boat -- all with one ticket!

Find out more about this combo package.

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