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This post covers some of the best free walking tours available in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

We include information about how these services work and what you can expect to see on each outing.

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Want to discover Zagreb? You can with a free walking tour! These tours guide you through the city's Old Town, offering insight into Zagreb's historical journey.

You can join a friendly group, meet a knowledgeable guide, and explore great sites. Listen to fascinating stories from yesteryears shared by a local tour guide.

The tours listed below are operated through us. The section below lists additional options.

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Most of these Zagreb free walking tours are pay-what-you-wish, which means that they are tip-based and you can decide what the tour was worth at the conclusion of your outing.

Guests typically offer a tip of €10 - €15 depending on the quality of information and helpfulness provided by the local guide.

At present, free food tours aren't available.

However, consider opting for a paid food tour if your taste buds are keen on local delicacies. So, lace up, and embark on a unique adventure through Zagreb!

Old Town Zagreb Tours

The Old Town Zagreb free walking tours are perfect for visitors who have a curious mind and love discovering hidden gems.

These tours help you to learn about the city's deep history.

You'll visit noteworthy locations and soak up the stories that bring Zagreb's history to life.

A unique and picturesque view of Zagreb Cathedral. Image source: Pixabay user mtomicphotography.
A unique and picturesque view of Zagreb Cathedral. Image source: Pixabay user mtomicphotography.

Here is a quick preview of some places you'll go:

  • Zagreb Cathedral
  • Stone Gate
  • Dolac Farmer's Market
  • Ban Jelacic Square
  • Lotrscak Tower
  • St. Mark's Church
  • Museum of Broken Relationships
  • Zrinjevac Park

Free Spirit Tours

The Zagreb Free Spirit Tours are ideal for you if you want to familiarize yourself with the area.

This special trip shows you the city's significant sights and some secret places that most people miss. 

As you wander, you'll hear captivating tales, some well-known and others shared only by locals.

This tour doesn't include a meal, but you'll be treated to a rich menu of stories and sights. You might even uncover some hidden gems, making your trip all the more memorable. 

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Constant Availability
  • Time to Begin: 5:00 PM

Learn more or book this tour in the calendar above.

Robert’s Tours

Prepare yourself for Robert's Tours' unique fusion of mystery and history.

This isn't your average city tour; it's a unique journey that will introduce you to Zagreb's urban legends and love stories. These aren't just tales; they're an integral part of the city's charm.

You'll see Zagreb's Main Square, Cathedral, Dolac Open Market, and more. The trip ends at the magical Stone Gates. 

You won't taste any local dishes on this tour, but the captivating tales will surely leave a lasting impression on your heart.

You can pay what you think it's worth on this memorable trip. Booking is free; if you decide not to go, you can cancel without cost.

Mirjana’s Tours

Let Mirjana Tours lead you through Zagreb's old Upper Town, where each stone has a tale to tell.

Over the course of about two hours, you'll traverse the quaint streets of this area, drowning in its rich history and the legends that bring it to life.

St. Mark's Church is just one of many notable sites you can expect to see on these Free Zagreb walking tours. Image source: Pixabay user GoranH.
St. Mark's Church is just one of many notable sites you can expect to see on these Free Zagreb walking tours. Image source: Pixabay user GoranH.

Mirjana will highlight the architectural highlights, share enchanting tales, and provide insights only a local could know.

Even though you won't taste any food on this trip, you'll still enjoy it. When you return home, you'll learn about Zagreb's culture and history and have many stories to tell.

Marina’s Tours

Join Marina's Tours for an adventure through Zagreb's history.

This tour will take you from the medieval roots of the city in the Upper Town to the modern vibes of the Lower Town.

You can navigate the city's evolution over time thanks to Marina's skilled storytelling, which will bring history to life.

This tour offers you a unique way to understand Zagreb, making it more than just a visit - it's a journey through time.

Discover Zagreb in a new way with this daily tour, but remember to check on-site availability for this fantastic experience.

Zagreb Food Tours

You'll learn about the city's charm through its culinary offerings on the Zagreb Food Tours.

These tours, guided by a local expert, allow you to experience the authentic taste of Croatia. 

This outing takes about 3.5 hours. During this time, you'll taste up to six dishes from different parts of Croatia and try some local wine.

The Zagreb food tour is more than just about food, though.

As you check out different places to eat, your guide will make the tour more fun by sharing stories about local customs and Zagreb's past. 

So, come along on this food-filled adventure. It's a chance to try all sorts of food from Zagreb and feel more connected to this lively city.

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