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We are always on the lookout for new partners. We offer 3 ways to collaborate, with full descriptions below. Get started by filling out the form below (or click here).

1. Become a Tour Guide

We are always looking for new tour guides with a passion for their city and experience in the field. If you are interested in working with us, please send an email to the relevant city.

If the city is not listed below, we do not offer our tours in that city, please fill out the Google Form below to partner with us or contact our partner companies listed on the individual city pages.

2. List Your Tours on

Do you offer a free walking tour that you would like to make available for our readers to book on Free Tours by Foot?

While we offer our own tours in 9 cities, there are many cities in the world where our readers are looking for Free Tours by Foot walking tours and we don't have something to offer them.

We may be able to recommend your tours (we have offered free walking tours as well as paid ghost tours, food tours, and pub crawls, for ex). 

Working with us is easy with real-time access to bookings and instant communication. Our arrangements are customizable, but you only pay when referrals from actually show up on a tour (either a flat fee or percent of revenue).

Please use the Google Form Below to start the conversation about partnering!

3. Promote Our Tours On Your Website (become an affiliate)

Do you run a travel blog? Work at a hotel? Give local recommendations?

Then learn how you could earn extra revenue by becoming a Free Tours by Foot partner! When one of your referrals book a tour (even a free tour), you'll get a flat fee or percent of revenue).

We offer high-quality walking tours in dozens of cities worldwide. Promoting our tours is as simple as placing a link. More information is below, or send us an email to learn more.


Who makes a good affiliate partner?

We've partnered with many different types of companies, but here are a few popular ones:

  • Travel companies: Do you provide tours on airplanes, trains, boats, or bicycles? If so, we'd love to partner! 
  • Hotels: Are you a receptionist or hotel concierge and want to earn extra money? Connect your guests with our tours and we'll pay a commission. In addition, we can send brochures & any other informative material to increase your sales.
  • Blogs, travel videos and social networks: Are you a blogger? Social Media Influencer? Instagramer? YouTuber?  Let's talk!
  • Travel agency: Recommend the highest-rated walking tours to your clients, no matter where they're traveling! And earn some commission at the same time.

Why be an affiliate partner with Free Tours by Foot

  • No obligation and totally free: Registration is free and there are no monthly maintenance costs. Period.
  • Added value for your readers or clients: We offer the best free tours throughout the world. If they'd like  in the most visited European cities, in addition to regular tours, private tours, guided tours, mid-day or day trips. We also offer adventure activities, children's activities and tickets for monuments, cruises and shows.
  • Monthly, automated payments
  • Real-time reporting: Check sales and commissions in real time through our dashboard.
  • Completely free tours: They practically sell themselves!
  • Market Leader in free tours: With a 4.9 out of 5 star ranking across all of our cities on TripAdvisor, you know that you're recommending a popular tour your clients will love!

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