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Updated: Mai 30, 2023

This post will provide useful information about Fenway Park tours, including reviews and tour highlights.

We also provide tips on discount admission and the best way to reach Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox.

Disclosure: While our recommendations are always unbiased, we may receive a small share of sales through some of the links below at no cost to you. See the full text.


There are two different types of tours available at Fenway Park: daily tours and pre-game tours.

This section covers admission prices, availability, and what reviews say about tours of a location often described as America's Most Beloved Ballpark to help you pick your preferred tour.

Each tour is led by professional tour guides and includes stops at several notable attractions at the stadium and provides a lot of interesting information about the history of Fenway Park.

This is the home of Red Sox greats such as Ted Williams, Carlton Fisk, Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz (Big Papi), Wade Boggs, Johnny Pesky, Carl Yastrzemski (Yaz), Jim Rice, Luis Tiant, and many other notable legends.

If you're a fan of these baseball stars, this is one of the best ways to get a closer look at the ballpark where they made history.

Public Tours

This 1-hour tour is perfect for anyone who may or may not be familiar with the Boston Red Sox. 

It provides an insider look and a lot of information about the team, their historic ballpark, and some of the most famous baseball stars who have ever played in Fenway.

Guests can expect to see historic sites such as the 37-foot tall (11-meter) Green Monster, Pesky's Pole, and even the Fenway Park Living Museum which houses an extensive collection of exhibits, including several notable stadium artifacts and historic photographs.

It is available year-round, during both the regular season and the off-season.

At the time of booking, you can select when you want to take the tour: either 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, or 5 pm.

Reviewers seem to be very happy with this activity (read reviews here).

Even visitors who didn’t know much about baseball enjoyed their experience during a tour of Fenway. This tour was described as fun, insightful, and very informative.

Visitors who didn’t enjoy the other tours recommend taking this one instead to save money and get more bang for your buck.

If you plan on taking this tour during a game day, reviewers recommend getting there as early as possible and preparing for large crowds.

Fenway in Fifteen

Fenway also offers a quick 15-minute tour for those on a budget or time constraints.

This option includes a look at the Nation’s Archives at the Royal Rooters Club and a visit to the Right Field Roof Deck. 

Fenway Park Tours

At the end of your short journey through Red Sox history, you’ll be treated to a wonderful panoramic view of both the ballpark and the Boston skyline.

This tour is only available on game days and weekends from 12 pm – 3 pm.

  • Prices: $15 for Adults | $15 for Children
  • Availability: Daily
  • Duration: 15 minutes

This is an excellent option if it is on a game day and you don’t have a lot of time before the game.

The Rooters Club includes a lot of wonderful memorabilia and it’s a great place for sports history buffs to visit. 

Sadly, some guests indicate that you might not see much more on this tour than you would during the average game at Fenway Park. 

Some visitors feel that the panoramic view is nice, but other reviewers say it is no better than any view you will experience while at a game.


Even if you decide to come on a game day, there are still tours available at Fenway Park.

In this section, we will describe each tour option and include details such as admission prices & availability.

On game days, the last tour they offer will depart 3 hours before game time.

NOTE: The public tour listed above is also available on game days.

Pre-Game Tour

This experience allows guests into the park before the general public and opens with a trip to the warning track where you can walk in the footsteps of Red Sox legends such as Johnny Damon and Ted Williams. 

The Pregame Tour ends with a visit to the Monster Seats on top of the Green Monster where you will have a great chance of grabbing a fly ball off the bats of players who are warming up.

Admission for this tour is only available at the park on game days approximately 3 hours before the game begins.

  • Prices: $40 for Adults | $40 for Children
  • Availability: Only on game days
  • Duration: 45-60 minutes

This tour is popular among die-hard fans who are familiar with the history of Fenway and want to enjoy the opportunity to explore areas that are typically off-limits to visitors. 

Red Sox fans tend to appreciate the chance to sit in seats that are usually reserved and visit the Green Monster.

Unfortunately, this tour is not always as informative as the public tour, but it’s still valuable for fans of the team.

Several guests note that batting practice is free to watch if you arrive early, so you don’t need to pay extra to see it on this tour.

Premium Day Game Tour

If you’re looking for a more family-friendly tour of Fenway Park, this is going to be your best option. 

Fenway Park Game-day Tours

Not only will you have the opportunity to meet Wally the Green Monster, but you’ll also have the chance to take a photo on the warning track.

Additionally, you will learn a lot about the history of Fenway and the Boston Red Sox.

This tour is only available for afternoon games before 3 pm. You may be asked to pay an extra fee for your picture.

  • Prices: $40 for Adults | $40 for Children
  • Availability: Only on afternoon game days
  • Duration: 45-60 minutes

Much like the pregame tour, this option is particularly popular among Red Sox fans who want the opportunity to meet their favorite mascot and get a photo at Fenway. 

Several customers have been unhappy about paying extra to receive the photo which is taken either in front of home plate or on the warning track. 

This opportunity may not be worth the extra cost for visitors who are more interested in learning about the park and its history.

Click here for more information on tours of Fenway Park.


If you’re looking for a good deal on one of the tours at Fenway Park, there are a few options to consider.

The following section will provide details about all of the different ways you can save money on this activity.

1. Go City Boston Pass

This is going to be the best way to save money on the Fenway Park tour. The Go City Boston Pass has 2 options and each includes the Public Fenway Park Tour.

If you get the Go City Boston Explorer Pass, you can save up to 50% off your choice of 2, 3, 4, or 5 activities in Beantown.

Travelers considering this card can choose from 20 additional attractions in order to get the most out of the Explorer Pass.

Alternatively, you can also get the All-Inclusive Pass which includes the Fenway Park tour and 38 additional attractions for one flat price.

Here are just a handful of the additional activities and locations included with the cost of this pass:

  • Boston Children's Museum
  • New England Aquarium
  • Franklin Park Zoo
  • Museum of Science
  • And more!

If you're interested in even a few of these attractions, you could save a lot of money with this service.

The Fenway tour is available with the 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7-day passes.

2. Military Discounts

Guests who have either served or are currently serving in the military are eligible for a $4 discount on admission for the main tour of Fenway.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you must purchase admission directly from Fenway Park and provide your military identification.

3. Discount Sites

In addition to the opportunities listed above, you can also save some money on the Fenway Park tour by using services such as Groupon and Living Social.

In the past, these websites have sold admission to Fenway Park tours, and there is a chance they will offer discounts on these services again in the future.

Both of these sites offer additional coupon codes every now and then to sweeten the deal, helping you to save an extra 20% off or more on local activities.

Make sure to check both the top and bottom of the discount site for banners with coupons that you can use for additional savings.

4. Children's Discount

Admission for kids between the ages of 3-12 are eligible for a discount of $6 off the general admission price.

This is a great way to save money on admission if you're coming with your family.

5. Senior Discount

Fenway Park does not currently advertise any discounts for senior citizens.

Even so, we recommend reaching out to them ahead of time to see if they offer any unadvertised discounts for seniors.

6. Student Discount

There currently are not any advertised discounts on Fenway Park tours for students.

Consider reaching out to them ahead of time to find out if they have any unadvertised deals students might be eligible for.

7. AAA Discount

Although AAA offers a lot of discounts for their members, they currently are not offering any special deals on Fenway Park Tours.

This may change in the future, and you should check your account to see if there are any discounts available when you plan to take the tour.

8. Group Discounts

While Fenway Park does offer group tours, they consider this a private tour, and prices are actually a bit more expensive than the typical public tour.

If you are interested, here are the prices for Group tours of 12 or more guests:

  • $22/Adults
  • $20/Children (3-12)


There are a few different ways to get admission for Red Sox games.

In addition to single-game ticket options, you can also purchase a package for multiple games which is typically available at a discount. 

Depending on where your seat is located, you can expect prices to range from $20 for the upper bleachers to $150+ for the field boxes.

Get Tickets Online

If you’re looking to order online, you can do so directly from the MLB.com website.

However, you might find even better discounts and prices by using StubHub instead.

This is an online marketplace for people who have purchased tickets to events that they can no longer attend. 

If you buy them well in advance, you can even save money over the normal price.

Get a Ticket at the Park

Needless to say, you can purchase game day admission directly at the park if they are available.

Boston Travel Tips and Hacks

Popular game days may be sold out when you arrive, so it’s probably a better idea to purchase admission online ahead of time.


This section will provide details to help you plan a trip to Fenway Park, whether for a tour or a baseball game.

We will include information about how to get there, parking, tour hours, and more.

Fenway Park is located in Back Bay. We have a guide for restaurants and places to visit in the Back Bay.

How to Get to Fenway

Fenway Park is located at 4 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA 02215.

Regardless of which way you choose to get here, we recommend using this Google Maps link for directions to the stadium.

How to Get to Fenway Park

There are several different options for traveling to Fenway, but we recommend the following forms of transportation for their ease of use and affordability.


There are 3 train stations you can stop at which will get you close to Fenway Park:

  • Fenway Station D/Green Line
  • Kenmore Station D/Green Line
  • Yawkey Station

For help navigating the trains, make sure to read our post about mastering the Boston subway system.

Hop-on-Hop-Off Bus

Some of the hop-on-hop-off trolleys and bus tours offered in Boston make a stop at Fenway Park.

If you’re already intending to use these services while on vacation, this could be a quick and easy way to save money on your trip to this historic stadium.

For more information, visit our post comparing the various bus and trolley tours in the area.


If you’re planning to drive, there are a few parking options you may want to consider.

The most popular choice is a garage right across the street, but it fills up fast. Here are a few alternatives:

Prudential Center

  • 10-15 minute walk
  • $18 Red Sox parking
  • Only available for night games/weekends

Hynes Auditorium

  • 5-10 minute walk
  • $19 Red Sox parking
  • Only available on weekends

Street Parking

  • Check Boylston St, Brookline Ave, Yawkey Way
  • A cheaper option if you’re taking the tour

Fenway Park Tour Hours

During the Season:

  • 9 am – 5 pm
  • The last tour departs at 5 pm on non-game days.
  • On game days, the last tour departs 3 hours before the first pitch.

During the Offseason:

  • 10 am – 5 pm
  • November 1st – March 31st

Tours depart at the top of every hour.

Self-Guided Fenway Park Tour

If you’re heading to Fenway Park to take in a game, make sure you see a few things while you’re there.

Also, brush up on the words to Sweet Caroline.  Some of the listed items below are covered on the paid Fenway Park tours.


This is a section of center field created by seating with a far-right corner which is 420′ from home plate.

Can you imagine hitting a ball that far?! Or even worse, hitting a ball 357′ (all it would take for a homer in Philly) and not getting a home run! 

Of course, hit it to the left or right, and you’re golden. Fenway has the shortest distance to either side in MLB (310 and 302′).

Make no mistake: despite the triangle, this is one of the best hitters parks in the game of baseball.


Built in the 1940s, the bullpen was extended along the right-center field bleachers to decrease the distance needed for a home run by 23′ (for the benefit of left-handed hitter Ted Williams, hence the nickname!)


Most seats in the right field section of Fenway are green with the exception of just one. This single red seat marks the distance of the longest home run.

Hit in 1946 by Ted Williams, the seat in Section 42, Row 37, Seat 21 was occupied by a gentleman who was hit in the head! 

Ted Williams Red Seat Fenway Park

After the event, he said “How far away must one sit to be safe in this park? I didn’t even get the ball.

They say it bounced a dozen rows higher, but after it hit my head, I was no longer interested.”

What makes that story even better – the guy was a Yankees fan. I don’t need to tell you about the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, right?

(Babe Ruth is said to have likely hit a home run farther, but it was before these seats were built here – and it’s Babe Ruth, so it’s a given, right?)


The most notable feature of Fenway is the famous Green Monster. It’s a 37′ (11 m) tall green wall in left field that steals home runs from many line-drive hitters, leading to a whole lot of doubles at Fenway.

It’s the highest wall in the MLB.

The Green Monster Fenway Park

For most of its history, it was just called “The Wall” – but then Pink Floyd came around.

The Green Monster is now also the Red Sox mascot, an actual green furry monster named Wally. They are so clever!

Located on the wall is the scoreboard which is still updated by hand.


Probably the most known fact about the Red Sox is their drought of championships – well, that and their rivalry with the Red Sox.

In 1903, the Red Sox won their first World Series. They won again in 1912, 1915, 1916, and 1918…. and then experienced an 84-year drought.

Babe Ruth Red Sox

That’s right, it wasn’t until 2004 that they won another World Series Championship. So what happened?

Many say, in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way, that it was the Curse of the Bambino. In 1920, the Red Sox sold the rights to Babe Ruth to their rivals, the Yankees. 

Why one may ask? Well, some say it was to finance a Broadway play, of course. Ever heard of My Lady Friends? (Me either, so one may wonder if it was a wise choice!)

And since the sale of Babe Ruth, the Red Sox would not win another World Series Championship until 2004.

They went to the World Series 4 times in those 84 years, losing twice to the Cardinals – and in 2004, they won against the Cardinals. 

Not only did they win, but they also swept the Cardinals, never falling behind once.

As if that weren’t good enough, they had to beat the Yankees in order to get to the World Series.

Fenway Park Living Museum

You will need to take a Fenway Park tour to get admission to this museum, but it is absolutely worth it if you're a fan of the Boston Red Sox.

Visitors can expect to see more than 170,000 artifacts, including 24,000 3-D artifacts, a variety of memorabilia, dozens of World Series team-signed baseballs and game-used baseball bats, and more in the Fenway Park collection.

They also have 17 different displays covering the history of both the Red Sox and Fenway; 8 in the Nation's Archives at the Royal Rooter's Club and 8 in the Fenway Park concourses.

This variety of historical displays includes information about Fenway's early years, notable moments to remember from the 1930s, 1940s-1980s, 1990s-2008, the 2013 World Series display, historic Fenway Park lockers, and more.

They even have separate World Series baseball bat display areas from 2004, 2007, and 2013. They also have a World Series baseball display!

Learn all about the most renowned moments in the history of this team while taking a look at their extensive collection of Red Sox memorabilia and learning about the careers of team legends.

Fenway is home to more than 100 years of baseball history and has been the site of some of the best moments in the game.


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