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Free Walking Tours in Dubrovnik


Whether you want to learn about the history of the city or how it inspired Game of Thrones, there are pay-what-you-wish walking tours of Dubrovnik you might want to consider.

This post provides details about the best free walking tours, including information about when they are available and how to book your spot.

Overview and Schedule

There are currently a handful of free walking tours in Dubrovnik that cover various aspects of the history of this city. 

Currently, the most common and popular free tours in Dubrovnik focus either on its history, the walls surrounding the city, or the filming locations used in the hit television show Game of Thrones.

The tour listed below is operated through us. The calendar below lists additional options.

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Additional Tour Options

These outings are pay-what-you-wish, which means you get to decide how much you think the tour is worth after it’s finished.

Most guests will choose to tip €5-€10 if they enjoyed their experience.

There are also a number of interesting paid walking tours in Dubrovnik that are reasonably priced between €15-€20, and you might want to consider these options if you can’t manage to book one of the free services.

All of the walking tours listed below must be booked ahead of time in order to secure your spot. 

City History Tours

This section will detail each of the pay-what-you-wish walking tours that focus on the history of Dubrovnik, including stops at a variety of notable locations within the city walls.

There’s a lot to see and do here, and these outings will give you a great idea of where to start.

Here are some of the most common sites included on these tours:

  • Lovrijenac Fortress
  • Minčeta Fortress
  • Saint Savior Church
  • Onofrio Fountains
  • Revelin Fortress
  • Orlando Column 
  • Sponza Palace
  • Minor Brothers Church
  • And more!

If you want to learn more about these locations, consider one of the following free walking tours of Dubrovnik.

Free Spirit Old Town Tour

Depending on the time of year, choose between 10:00, 11:00, 17:00 (5 pm), 18:00 (6 pm), and 19:00 (7 pm).

A 1.5-hour special introduction to the city of Dubrovnik. 

The tour covers all the Old Town main sights including St. Blaise Church, Stradun (main street), Large Onofrio's fountain, Ivan Gundulić Square, Jesuit monastery stairs, Dubrovnik Cathedral, Rector's Palace, Sponza Palace, Revelin Fortress and many more.

Find out more about the history and culture as well as the modern everyday life of Dubrovnik.

This tour can be booked from our calendar above.

Marco’s Tours

Much like their competitors, this licensed tour guide also provides a service that covers some of the most notable locations in Dubrovnik.

In addition to seeing the major site, you’ll also learn about some of the legends and historical facts about this city.

This tour is only 1 hour and 45 minutes long, so it’s considerably shorter than some of the other outings on our list.

You can take this tour daily at 10 am, 12:00 pm, and 18:00 (6 pm). In order to take this tour, you’ll need to make a booking ahead of time.

Book this tour or learn more.

City Walls Tours

These pay-what-you-wish walking tours cover the historic walls of Dubrovnik.

Rather than take you around the city to all its notable attractions, you’ll learn about the history of all these sites from the perspective of their most recognizable feature.

While walking around the city and viewing from afar, you can expect to see some of the following locations:

  • Old City Harbour
  • The Island of Lokrum
  • St. John's Fortress
  • Onofrio’s Fountains
  • The Tower of Minčeta
  • The Fortress of St. Lawrence
  • And more!

If you’re interested in experiencing Dubrovnik from this point of view, consider one of the following pay-what-you-wish walking tours.

Vlaho’s Tours

In addition to their traditional tour of the city, this guide also provides a tour of Dubrovnik from its walls.

As you walk along the ramparts, you’ll learn all about the history of this city and see some of its most notable landmarks and attractions.

Starting in March 2022, this pay-what-you-want walking tour will be available daily at 14:00 (2 pm).

You can expect the outing to run for approximately 2 hours. Bookings must be made in advance.

Book this tour or learn more.

Paid Dubrovnik Wall Tours

If you’re looking for other walking tours that will take you along the walls of Dubrovnik, there are several paid options that you might want to consider.

Most of them are very reasonably priced, so they’re great alternatives if you can’t manage to book one of the other options on our list.

Find paid tours of Dubrovnik’s City Walls.

Game of Thrones Tours

Fans of this hit television show will know that the city of King’s Landing was actually based in Dubrovnik.

In addition to learning something about the history of the city, you’ll also see some of the most notable filming locations from Game of Thrones.

Here are a few of the more noteworthy stops you can expect to make:

  • Kolorina Cove (Blackwater Bay) 
  • Jesuit Stairs (Walk of Shame stairs) 
  • The Cathedral (without entering) 
  • Rector's Palace (without entering)
  • Large Onofrio's Fountain
  • Orlando’s Column
  • And more!

If you’re interested in seeing and learning about these locations, consider taking one of the following pay-what-you-wish walking tours.

Viktor’s Tours

This outing is a combination of a service covering the history of Dubrovnik and a Game of Thrones tour.

In addition to seeing some of the most notable landmarks in the city, you’ll also see popular filming locations from throughout the television series.

You can take this 2-hour and 30-minute tour Monday through Friday at 16:15 (4:15 pm).

Alternatively, this pay-what-you-want walking tour is also offered Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 am and 15:00 (3 pm). Bookings are required in advance.

Book this tour or learn more.

Paid Game of Thrones Tours

In addition to the free option we have listed above, there are also a lot of great paid walking tours covering the filming locations of Game of Thrones.

If you can’t manage to book the pay-what-you-wish service, many of these outings are reasonably priced and worth taking.

Find paid Game of Thrones walking tours in Dubrovnik.

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