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Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world.

And, its tight, ancient, winding streets make it a great walkable city.

Its center, around the Acropolis, Its center, where the majority of the ancient sites are gathered around the Acropolis, is small and easy to navigate on foot.

This post covers the best free, English-language walking tours in Athens, what they cover, and when they take place.

Free Tour Athens

Seasonally dependent, there are 4 types of free tours available at one time or another, history/city centre tours, tours covering street art, food tours, as well as night tours. 


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More Tour Options? More tours are available in the individual tour sections below.

Free walking tours are tours that have no upfront cost and therefore are technically free.

However, these tours are well-understood as pay-what-you-wish tours, meaning that you pay what you think the tour is worth at the end. 

The popularity of the tours means that group sizes are very large, especially during the busy summer season.

For travelers who want to have more interaction with their tour guide with smaller groups of tourists, we recommend paid small-group tours.

These outings sometimes take place on tourist buses, allowing you to save both time and energy!

TIP: If you want a tour of Athens and some surrounding areas combined with convenient transportation, hop-on-hop-off tours are a popular option.

Disclosure: We think you should consider our free tours, but we have also provided other options. While our recommendations are always unbiased, we may receive a small share of sales through some of the links below at no cost to you. See the full text.

Athens History Tours

These are the tours if you’re interested in learning about the birthplace of democracy and its 7000 years of history.

These tours will provide information about some of the most notable architecture in the city and the mythology of ancient Greece, making them perfect for history buffs.

Additionally, most tours will also include tips for sightseeing, activities, and even great places to eat.


Here are some of the most historic sites typically included with these free walking tours:

  • Hadrian’s Library
  • Acropolis of Athens
  • Theatre of Dionysus
  • Temple of Zeus
  • Hadrian’s Arch
  • Syntagma Square
  • And more!

Each of the services listed below is very well-rated and has several positive reviews.

The average rating is either 4 or 5 stars out of 5.

Discover the history behind these sites on one of the following tours.

New Athens Free Tour

This 2 ½ hour walking tour takes place daily at 10:15 am and will take you around the historical center.

Guests report that their tour guide is humorous, informative, and willing to be flexible based on your plans and wishes.

In addition to the free tour, the New Athens Free Tour also offers paid street art and other themed tours.

Check out their tours here.

See Athens Walk

This 3-hour free walking tour covers both the history of the city and details about well-hidden restaurants you may want to visit for a bite to eat.

Reviews suggest that their tour guide is not only very well informed but also that they are quite funny and provide a lot of helpful tips about places to eat or things to see in Athens.

This pay-what-you-wish walking tour is available once a day at 9:30 am and there is a second outing offered on weekends at 17:00 (5 pm).

Street Art / Alternative Tours

If you’re interested in learning about what modern life and culture are like in Athens, these tours will give you a look at another side of the city.

Some alternative tours focus more on the street art scene while others provide information about contemporary life in Greece, including fun things to see and do in Athens.

Navarinou Park

Here are a few of the locations you can expect to visit on these tours:

  • Exarchia Square
  • Popular Cafes
  • Notable Bars
  • Navarinou Park
  • Kallidromiou Street
  • Old Summer Theatre
  • And more!

Most of these tours are very positively reviewed and have a ranking of either 4 or 5 stars out of 5.

Discover these sites and many more by taking one of the pay-what-you-wish walking tours listed below.

New Athens Free Tour

In addition to its history tour, this company also provides a street art and graffiti tour that covers several notable sites in and around Exarchia Square.

Reviews suggest that their guide knows a lot about the neighbourhood as well as why and how the artwork is done.

You can take this 2 ½ hours free walking tour every day except Saturday at 15:30 (3:30 pm).

Book the tour or learn more.


There are a lot of fantastic restaurants, cafes, and bars in Athens where you can enjoy a wide range of delicious Greek foods. 

If you need help finding the best dishes and eateries, consider taking one of these free food tours!

Monastiraki Square

Each of these outings is pay-what-you-wish, but the food won’t always be free. 

What this means is you control how much you’re going to spend and what you choose to eat rather than paying one flat price for everything.

You can expect to visit some of the following sites on these tours:

  • Athens Central Market
  • Evripidou Street Market
  • Monastiraki Square
  • Kydathineon Street
  • Adrianou Street
  • And more!

Each of these outings is well-reviewed and typically has at least 4 or 5 out of 5-star ratings.

If you want to learn more about the best food in Athens, these pay-what-you-wish walking tours are an excellent opportunity.

Take Athens with Sam

This service focuses on the best local restaurants and markets in Athens.

Sam limits the size of his tour groups to just 10 participants.

Reviewers report that the tour is cozy and reveals a lot of great restaurants where you can find reasonably priced and delicious authentic Greek food.

You can take this free walking tour any day of the week at 13:00 (1 pm), which is the perfect time for lunch!

Athens Street Food Tours

If you’re more interested in trying street food than visiting local restaurants, this is an excellent free food tour that will give you a taste of the best dishes you can get from Athenian vendors on the street.

These tours are kept to small groups to ensure a more personalized experience. Did we mention this tour is vegetarian and vegan-friendly?

Check their availability with the link below to see if there are any tour dates during your visit.

This 2 ½ hour tour is available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 18:00 (6 pm) – just in time for dinner!

Athens Bites

This is another option that lasts for approximately 3 hours and is available in either English, Russian, or Greek. 

Sign up for this tour from Monday - Saturday at 11:30 am or on Sundays at 10:45 am.

Learn more or book this tour.

Night Tours & Pub Crawls in Athens

Discover what the city looks like after dark or during sunset on a free night tour in Athens. 

Your knowledgeable guide will show you some of the best, most well-lit, and notable locations in the city.

These are essentially history tours, and one of the services we’ve already listed also counts as at least a sunset tour.

See Athens Walk offers a 5 pm tour with runs until 8 pm.

It’s also worth noting that the Street Art tour offered by the Athenians begins at 6:30 pm and runs until 9 pm. 

The Athens Street Food Tour also starts at 6 pm, making it an excellent option during sundown.

There is also at least one free pub crawl you might want to consider.

Here are just a few of the landmarks you can expect to see:

  • Temple of Zeus
  • Agora of Athens
  • Hadrian’s Library
  • Acropolis of Athens
  • Tower of the Winds
  • Kallimármaro Stadium
  • Panathinaikos Stadium
  • And more!

Free Tour Atenas

This is essentially another Athena history tour, but it’s available at 17:30 (5:30 pm) and lasts for approximately 3 hours until around 8:30 pm. 

Even during the summer months, this should ensure that you can at least enjoy the historic sites and landmarks of the city at sunset.

This tour is limited to just 8 people per group, so you can rest assured that their guide will provide a lot of personal attention and answer any questions you may have.

Offered in both English and Spanish, this free walking tour is provided every day of the week both in the evening and in the morning at 9:30 am.

Into Athens

This company offers a free sunset walk in Athens which takes place as the sun is going down.

You can expect to visit a lot of the same sites you would see on a daytime history tour.

The hour at which this tour begins will depend on the time of year, as it literally takes place at sunset. 

You’ll meet your tour group at the entrance of the National Gardens.

Additional Night Tours/Pub Crawls

If you’re looking for another type of night tour or pub crawl in Athens, there are several other ways to see the city after dark. 

Whether you want to take a tour by segway, by bike, or by foot, there are quite a few options to consider.

Ticket prices range from €35-€80 and tours last between 2-4 hours on average. 

Although these aren’t free Athens walking tours, you may still want to consider taking one of the following night tours or pub crawls.

Check this list of Athens night tours/pub crawls for additional services.

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