What is the Weather like in January in Lisbon?

Updated: 22 diciembre 2023

This post is an overview of the Lisbon weather in January, including temperatures and rain forecasts, as well as things to do.


The weather in Lisbon during January features cool afternoons and cold nights with plenty of good weather days to explore this great city.

Afternoon high temperatures tend to be near 15C/59F during January with a few of the warmer afternoons getting up to near 18 C.64 F.

The record high temperature in Lisbon during January is 20.6 C/69.1F.

Average Temperatures in Lisbon in January

Late night and early morning low temperatures tend to be near 8 C /46 F with a few of the colder
mornings dipping down near 4 C/40 F.

The record low temperature in Lisbon during January is
0.4 C/32.7F.


During January, you should expect 16 to 17 days with sunny, or at least partly sunny skies in Lisbon allowing ample opportunity to explore this great city.

Some rainfall can be expected on 13 days this month, however, only 7-8 days record at 1 mm/0.04 inches or more rainfall and only 3-4 days will have significant rainfalls of at least 10 mm/0.4 inches or more.

Weather Calendar Lisbon January

You can expect daylight hours to increase throughout January from about 9.5 hours on New Year’s Day to just over 10 hours by month’s end.

The wind in Lisbon during January is mostly light to moderate at 11-24 kph (7-15 mph) but occasionally can be fresh at 31-34 kph (19-21 mph).


The weather in January tends to be cool to cold so best to bring at least one medium-weight jacket or coat and a couple of sweaters.

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A scarf & hat and perhaps a pair of gloves will come in handy on those colder and windy days and especially for early morning activities.

Wear sensible walking shoes and an umbrella will also come in handy during those wet days.

We use these from Agloves because they have gripper dots on the palm to help hold things!

gloves for december in lisbon


Wear sensible shoes as the cobblestone streets can be slippery when wet.

An umbrella will also come in handy during those wet days. We recommend a pocket umbrella, like this one.

pocket umbrella for december in lisbon


With moderate weather, most of the year-round activities can be enjoyed in January. Some things to do this month are:

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Updated: diciembre 22nd, 2023
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