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Andrew Jackson's Hermitage Tickets and Discounts

Updated: February 19, 2024

You can find all the information you need to visit Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage below, including how to find discounts on tickets.


Adult admission is between $19 and $50, depending on which ticket package you purchase.

Tip: If you want to purchase a city pass that will give you a bulk discount on multiple attractions, the Nashville Sightseeing Pass includes general admission entry to Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage.

Hermitage Grounds Pass Pricing

Includes access to the plantation, the garden, field quarters, historical markers, historic buildings, hiking trails, and more.

NOTE: This does not include access to the Hermitage Mansion.

Mansion Tour Pricing

Includes Grounds Pass access plus an interpreter-led tour of the mansion and an upgraded self-guided device with images.

  • $26 Adult
  • $17 Youth (Ages 5-12)
  • $23 Senior (Ages 62+)
  • $23 Veterans & Military
  • Free for Kids 4 and Under
  • $80 Family Pass (2 adults and 2 children/youth)
  • Purchase tickets or learn more.

VIP Upgrade

Includes a General Admission ticket, plus a 1.5-hour VIP guided tour in a small group with access to the mansion’s balcony.

  • $65 All Ages/Guests
  • To learn more, click here.

In Their Footsteps: Lives of the Hermitage Enslaved Tour

This is a specialized tour that focuses on the lives of the enslaved men and women who lived at Andrew Jackson's Hermitage.

Tours are currently offered at 1 pm Thursday - Monday.

  • $50 per person
  • Includes access to the mansion
  • To learn more, click here.

Wagon Tour

For an additional $15 per person (Ages 5 and under Free), you can tour the grounds by Wagon.

There is a lot to cover on the plantation and this guided 30-minute horse-drawn carriage is a unique way to do it.

Wagon tour of the Hermitage

Tours begin behind the house.

Note that there is no cover from rain or sun and you do not leave the wagon at any point on the tour.

Wagon operates from Thursday - Tuesday from 9 am to 6 pm with the last entry at 5 pm.

To know more about wagon tours, click here.


This section will cover all the best ways to save money on tickets to Andrew Jackson's Hermitage.

We will also include details about discounts that might not currently be available but could be added in the near future.

1. Use a Tourist Pass

If you’re considering purchasing a tourist pass, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage General Admission entry is included with the Nashville Sightseeing Pass.

This pass includes access to dozens of popular attractions in Nashville.

If you're planning on visiting multiple locations, a tourist pass is a great way to save money on tickets.

2. Senior Discount

If you're over the age of 62, you are eligible for the senior discount of $3 off the Mansion Tour.

3. Veteran and Military Discounts

Both Active Duty Military and Veterans are eligible for a discount of $3 off the Mansion Tour.

4. Discount Sites

There are several coupon sites like Groupon that often provide discounted tickets to historic and popular attractions such as Andrew Jackson's Hermitage.

These sites also frequently offer coupon codes on local activities for an extra 10% - 20% off.

5. Family Pass

If you're visiting with your family, this ticket option will allow you to save some money.

The Family Pass includes admission to the Mansion Tour for 2 adults and 2 youths. 

The price is $80, which is $6 off the general admission prices.

6. Natchez Hill Winery Discount

Every ticket includes a discounted wine tasting at the Natchez Hills Winery at Andrew Jackson's Hermitage.

This activity is of course only offered to visitors who are over the age of 21.

7. Group Discount

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage provides a group discount for groups of 15 or more visitors.

If you're visiting with a large group, this could be a good way to save money.

Find more about group discounts here.

8. Education Group Discount

If you're planning a field trip to Andrew Jackson's Hermitage for a class of students, there are discounted prices for students, chaperones, and drivers/escorts.

High School and College Students will pay $13 for tickets, while students K-8 will pay $10.

Chaperones, Drivers, and Escorts will receive free admission.

Groups must include 15 or more visitors.

9. AAA Discount

This insurance company frequently offers discounts on popular and historic attractions such as Andrew Jackson's Hermitage.

While they might not always offer a lower price, we recommend checking before you purchase a ticket to see if you can save some money on admission.


This section will outline what you can expect at The Hermitage, hours of operation, exhibits, and how to get there.

What to Expect

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is where the 7th United States President lived with his wife and family along with nine slaves.

While living on the property in a log cabin, Andrew Jackson had the mansion built in 1821, and it has been renovated and rebuilt a few times since then.

Hermitage House Nashville

It has now been restored to its 1837 condition and is now one of the most accurately-preserved presidential residences in the United States.

You’ll have access to the grounds, gardens, Mansion, and slave quarters, as well as a Visitor Center Museum.

How to Get Here

The Hermitage is located a 20-minute drive from downtown Nashville.

We recommend driving or taking a taxi or rideshare for convenience.

If you are driving, use this Google link to get directions from your specific starting location.

4580 Rachel’s Lane

Hermitage, TN 37076

Note: There is free parking at the Visitor Center.

Tour Routes and Public Transportation

There are two ways to get to the Hermitage other than by car.


There is one tour that makes a stop at The Hermitage:

  • Gray Line Nashville’s Historic Nashville Bus Tour
  • Includes admission to the Tennessee State Museum
  • Includes visit to Mount Olivet Cemetery

Public Transportation

There are a few bus stops close to the Hermitage if you’re using buses 34 and 56. We recommend double-checking your directions with Google maps.

  • Hermitage Nb - 6-minute walk
  • Hermitage Sb - 6-minute walk
  • Old Hickory Boulevard & 2nd Street - 11-minute walk

Hours of Operation

  • Thursday to Tuesday from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm with the last entry at 5 pm

The Hermitage is closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, with limited hours on the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

Is photography allowed?

While outside the Mansion and on the grounds, take as many pictures as you’d like. Inside the Hermitage, however, no photography is allowed.

Are bags, backpacks, strollers, or food allowed inside?

Carry-on bags, suitcases, and large backpacks are not allowed inside the Mansion. There is a place for you to set bags while touring inside the Mansion.

It is just a chair in the lobby (remember to pick it up before you exit the house) so it is not particularly secure.

Food and beverages are also prohibited.  

The grounds are stroller-friendly, but you won't be able to bring them into the house.


What will you see at the Hermitage and Mansion?

Hermitage Museum Nashville

Visitor Center

In the Visitor Center, you’ll find artifacts and documents about Andrew Jackson’s life and journey from orphan to president.

Your self-guided audio tour begins here.

Hermitage Visitor Center Nashville


Guided tours are offered of the Hermitage mansion. You’ll see inside the rooms, which have been restored to their 1837 condition.

It takes about 30 minutes to complete the guided tour. Tours of the mansion run throughout the day every 5 minutes.

There is no ticketed time, so arrive at the entrance whenever you'd like to tour. There is likely to be a line but it does move fast.

Tours are small, about 10-12 people and you'll walk throughout the house meeting different docents in each room.

There are stairs and you will be able to tour the second floor if you're able.

Touring the Hermitage Nashville

Slave Quarters

Slavery was the source of Andrew Jackson’s wealth, and the enslaved persons who lived there - men, women, and children - kept the plantation running.

The locations of their living quarters and some discarded artifacts can be found on the grounds.

Hermitage Slave Cabin Alfred Nashville

Alfred's Cabin (pictured above) is mostly original but it is restored to how it would have looked while he lived and worked at The Hermitage after slavery ended, when he was the first tour guide of the house!

You can also pay your respects to him, as he is buried in the garden next to the Jacksons.

The Hermitage has also published a list of the enslaved community found from letters and shared that information with the public as well as descendants of the slaves from this and other nearby plantations.

Rachel's Garden

The Garden at the Hermitage is beautiful and for nature lovers, they do offer special Garden guided tours.

The one-acre plot is full of flora and was known to be a special place to both Andrew Jackson and his wife, Rachel.

It is immediately adjacent to the house so can be visited before or after a mansion tour.

Garden tours are included with admission but only run seasonally on weekends.

Hermitage Garden Tour Nashville

Graves of Andrew Jackson & Family

Within the garden, you will find the final resting place of Andrew Jackson, as well as his wife Rachel, extended family, and Alfred, an enslaved man who remained here after freedom.

Andrew Jackson Grave Hermitage Nashville

Original Hermitage

Jackson and his wife lived in a log cabin while the Hermitage as we know it today was being built.

Though altered, the original Hermitage remains standing today on the grounds.

Hermitage Original Cabins Nashville


If you’d rather have transportation to and from Nashville sorted for you by a tour company, Gray Line Nashville has a Historic Nashville Bus Tour that will take you to Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage and the Tennessee State Museum.

Entrance fees to both locations are included, but lunch at the Hermitage’s restaurant is not.

The tour includes pickup at central Nashville hotels (if tickets are purchased more than 24 hours in advance) and lasts approximately 7 hours from pickup to drop off.


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