Free Walking Tours Copenhagen

This post lists the best free walking tours you can take in Copenhagen, including self-guided tours and small group tours.



Free walking tours are technically pay-what-you-like tours. Instead of paying an upfront cost, you can pay the guide what you thought the tour was worth at the end. 

This means these tours are very popular and affordable and attract large crowds.  

So, for travelers who want to ensure an experience with smaller groups of people, we recommend paid small group tours


TIP: Take the popular hop-on-hop-off bus tour through Copenhagen for an easy mode of transportation that can help you cover more ground than you would while walking.


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Here are the two pay-what-you-like walking tours that run in Copenhagen:



Sandemans New Europe Copenhagen

New Europe’s free walking tours are well-known and well-attended across the continent.

You can learn about Copenhagen’s most popular landmarks and attractions on this 2.5-hour walking tour. The tour runs every day in English and Spanish and meets at City Hall Square.

You can get more information here.

Copenhagen Free Walking Tours

Follow a local guide through the center of Copenhagen with these free walking tours.

There are several free options available, including a general city overview, a tour of the Christianshavn neighborhood, a classical tour with a history focus, and food tours.


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Self-guided walking tours are perfect for exploring at your own pace and on your own schedule. 

The Wander Blogger

These travel bloggers have written an ultimate self-guided walking tour of Copenhagen.

This blog lists the writer’s own top 10 list of landmarks and sites to see over a few hours in the city, from sculptures and fountains to historically-important buildings. 

Nomad Epicureans

is great for travelers who are short on time and want to see as much as possible in half a day.

It is written by a local as a great overview of Copenhagen and includes a handy, interactive map, photographic illustrations, and detailed directions.

Frommer’s Self-Guided Tour

This written self-guided tour is estimated to take 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. Frommer’s recommends not taking this walk during rush hours.

It is light on historical and cultural context, but has a good list of popular sites and has worked in a coffee or snack break at a cute cafe.



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